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  1. Hello everyone looking for a better world. I just started doing research into the new earth project the other day after watching all the zietgiest movies, and my heart is greatly lifted at the thought of this monumental community. I’ve signed up on their website and hope to join one of their communities in the near future. I haven’t heard back from anyone yet and was wondering if there was other ways to get info on joining. I’ve spent my whole life (even as a 8 yo) knowing that there was something wrong with the way the world worked, and wishing for something just like this. I feel like theres hope again for me and our world. Thanks for everything and to everyone for listening

  2. 開場14周年キャンペーンなど多種多彩なイベントを行いまし たこ の 結 果 、量が多いので要注意。次のように語っています?

    • Thanks Jeremy, if you ever need to contact the New Earth Project Team you can do so here (facebook):

      All the best to you and your project 😉

  3. Estoy interesada en ser voluntaria y ayudar pero me gustaría que explicasen más a los que no sabemos tanto.Por ejemplo,¿quién nos ayuda desde el otro lado, por qué lo saben, cuál es el EVENTO a qué se refieren y más o menos cuándo está previsto?.¿Qué es lo que puede pasar?Dicen que informemos para que no haya alarma pero si nosotros no sabemos antes no podremos informar. En el día del evento los voluntarios podríamos estar en contacto entre nosotros para ayudar o seríamos guiados en esa labor o estaríamos solos?. No entiendo lo de formar grupos si no les puedo explicar bien el motivo.Muchas gracias por todo.

  4. Dear Mike,
    I love the video! My guides gave me a vision for a self-sufficient community layout 35 year ago, using dome buildings in a sacred geometrical layout and I really look forward to seeing it become a reality. It also included, a healing center, green energy and waste systems and a school ( The Indigo School for Creative Life Development)

    • Great news Jean. Obviously your vision has started to manifest already in this world. Very soon it will be our everyday blissful reality.

      Blessings from Greece Jean.* 😉

  5. Hi dear friends,

    I am so much part of your ideas and projects and enjoying your uplifting comments and videos….
    I will join the nearest community here in Guenzach, Bavaria.

    Thanks for all you do and have done…
    love and light


    • Hello Rita and thanks for your positive feedback. We are really glad that this site works as a hub for like minded people. There is Strength in Numbers… especially in AWAKENED ones… 😉

      If you feel like to go one step further you can also create a Support Group in your region regarding the EVENT.

      In order to do that please fill in the form below with the Location you are in and your facebook account and we will create that record in the table you see above the form.

      Thanks for being here…!

    • Hello Pat. They definitely will. Either directly by sharing some pretty cool technology with us, or indirectly by inspire many of us to build and live in such communities. For more information about these communities please check:

      The New Earth Project Site

      The New Earth Project in Facebook

      Shine Bright.* 😉


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