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There is a great project with the purpose of bringing free energy devices to the people, created by Hope Girl and Fix the World organization. You might want to read more about it here: Finally! We Have Found the Perfect Way to Release Free Energy Technology to the People!

And participate in the project here: Home Quantum Energy Generator.

There are similar projects taking place behind the scenes and I might soon be able to report about one such project, involving the White Dragons Society, as it gets declassified.

Also, I will post a detailed intel report about the planetary situation tomorrow.

Total victory of the Light is near!

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  1. I have picks disease , it’s frontotemporal lobar degeneration , can any help me with my disease ?
    My email is [email protected] thank you. I love this site, I always had dreams about UFO’s. Thank for listening to my problem.

  2. Michael,
    Sorry for taking so long to come back to you, we started harvesting potatoes on Wednesday for the nex 3 to 4 weeks. If you can get your hands on a pipe 1in diameter and about 9in to 12in in length this one is the (+ positive ) and a rod about 4 or 5mm, 11in to 14in long this ( – negative ) , put the rod inside the pipe, use rubber washersor something like that, put in to a container of water then connect to a 12v battery, then watch the hydrogen and Oxygen com up the pipe.

  3. hi George Smith,
    glad to hear that you managed to build the water fuel machine.
    in Malaysia our Electricity and Petrol are increasing, we have a lot of poor people here.
    i do looking for the alternative but fail. since you have the technology, would you be able to share so that we can help out the people in my country too.

    god bless you.
    thank you
    i love you

  4. I do agree with you Rose Van Guilder, my fingers are crossed . Then i will be in a position to share the technology that I had to build , it is an anti gravity devices.

  5. Rose Van Guilder
    I have been asked 3 weeks ago by our star brothers and sisters to save our plastic milk containers now but don’t fill them with water until the war in Syria starts . I now have three 1L containers and three 2L water containers. I am happy to share more if you want. It is not for me to tell people what to do, but what do you feel in your hart, it will guide you. Remember we have John Sarel on our side.

    • Why would they ask you to save milk jugs full of water?And what does that have to do with Syria?

      Are you telling me they are talking about world war 3?

      COBRA and a lot of other people claim World War 3 will not be allowed.There are lying entities out there talking to people.I would hope that COBRA’s sources are the truthful ones though.

      • Ritchie,
        They ask me to save my plastic milk cartons, and at the start of the Syrian war I have to fill them with water just incase the cabal try to disrupted the water supply, COBRA is right, and follow what COBRA has to say they are hare to help you prepare for the weeks and months ahead. If the war in Syria dose not start that will be good for everyone and the planet , and my milk cartons will not be needed.

        • @ George Smith

          So from what I can understand the aliens won’t allow a war to start,but they are still telling you to stock up on water?

          So do they not really know if they will be able to stop the war or not?Otherwise whats the point of the water?Did they not want you to stock up on food too?

          Did they tell you that if the war starts they will intervene and stop it?

          • Richie,

            How to prepare for the Event is well-covered on this site. See the section on the EVENT, or press on Start Here. Stocking up on food and water are among those preparations.

            Cobra’s recent blogs reveal the emergence of the Resistance Movement working in conjunction with the positive military in Syria and in Egypt. WWIII will not occur.

            A tremendous shift occurred after Obama was prevented from bombing Syria, where it was clear that the American people did not at all support such military action, and the UK Parliament had already passed on such action.

            In general, listen to your heart more and not to the chatter and disinformation on the media outlets and the trolls who are trying to spread fear and confusion.

      • I am pleased that there will not be an attack
        on Syria and no war will start.

        There will not be a need to save the milk containers any longer.

        This is a wonderful thing that the world came together on Syria and that there is an Agreement between the countries regarding
        chemical weapons.

        Hopefully the Civil War will end soon also.

        Rose Van Guilder

        • Thats just my point.
          If there will be no war,why are some ET’s telling people like George to stock up on things like water?

          Some ET’s even say there will be mass destruction before the new age.How do we know who to trust if any at all?

          Georges ET’s seem to be warning him to stock up for the war,no mention of a financial reset etc.

          • Ritchie,

            Thanks for your comments and participation on the site!

            You may want to join a local Event Support Group in order to learn more about what to expect at the Event, and what resources will be available to you and others near you. Here is a link to plenty of information about the transition.

            Technology in the form of Free Energy will be available soon after the Event, which will be a stabilizing, comforting part of the new financial system and the New Society. Nobody should have to slave their life away due to the high cost of energy, which has been built into the high cost of most food and services. This section of the Prepare For Change site is dedicated to the new technologies. You may also want to explore the Financial and Leadership sections of the site.

          • Free energy is always nice.
            But how long until the prosperity packs come out afterward?I’ve got some rather sick relatives that I’m ready to take the big pharma poison away from them post event,and start administering natural cures.

            But all the things I’m going to do require money,which I do not have at the time.

            BTW I’m sure your resistance knows that keeping power running where it’s needed is one of the most important needs of the event.Power is essential to everything,plus they say that is our nuclear power plants are deprived of power too long they will melt down.This is a serious matter here in the south where there are tons of nuclear power plants.

  6. I am extremely excited to learn about new
    devices that will provide free energy.

    I am an activist in this field and I am aware of corruptions, scandals in this field.

    I am currently working with the Long Island Power Authority and NYS Government to lower the electric bills.. However, the government
    just passed a new bill, LIPA LAW, which is not for the good of the Ratepayers. I have contacted the I.R.S. to get a copy of the Ruling letter for PSE&G who is scheduled to
    run LIPA. This is a violation of the IRS
    Law since PSE&G is a private corporation.

    I was instrumental in getting the Electric bill lowered by 16% in April 2013.

    I have a meeting with the C.O.O. of LIPA on
    10/3/13. I will try to not get the two electric increases go into effect.

    Any information you can provide me or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Rose Van Guilder

    • Rose, thanks for responding and thanks for your efforts to raise awareness about the unnecessary cost of energy and to lower the electric bills in NY! Awareness is key.

      Did you know that in 1904 Nicola Tesla built a wireless free energy system called Wardenclyffe Tower ( on Long Island, NY for financier J.P. Morgan, but Morgan had the project shut down when he learned there was no way to charge for it, no meters could be used?

      I can’t help but notice the irony of the situation with J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM) being embroiled in financial scandals over the past few years, even an Energy scandal in 2008.

      So, take heart because changes are taking place now that will clear the way for large-scale deployment of free energy in the near future. First I would recommend reading about Cobra on the Event ( After the Event, there will be funding available for new energy projects, and large-scale changes will then take place.

      Prepare For Change has been getting requests for participation in the distribution of Free Energy systems, and will be working to create a conduit for Free Energy and other technologies, so make sure to check back here for new developments. This site is in it early phases, but expect great things!

      In the meantime, you can click on the links in the article and participate in those projects which are outside the scope of this site right now.

      • Hello my story is very long, when I was a child I would see UFO’s but dack in the 80’s / 90’s I was working at useing water as the fuel to run an engine, I got that to work , with help from our star brothers and sisters. The freemassons were not happy, they told me I had to work in a lab in Aberdeen university and they would put £10, 000 into a safe deposit box every month, I said no. About 5 years ago, one if the times I was taken onboard the UFO I was showing technology and was asked to build it , this is for the people once the arrests of the freemassons and dishonest police have taking place.

        • Thank you for this valuable information. I am still pursuing efforts to lower the electric costs of 3 million people on Long Island & Rockaway. Our electric cost is the highest in the Nation. We are suffering terribly.

          Can you disclose how long it will be till this
          technology is available.

          Should I keep pursuing my efforts? Or am I wasting my time?

          I want to get the Keystone XL Pipeline approved by Washington. Again, should I pursue these efforts or let thins work themselves out. I was going to go to Alberta Canada and do a study/report for
          Senators and Pres. Obama. Is this a worthwhile effort?

          I would deeply appreciate a response to these questions.

          Thanking you for your attention to this matter.

          Rose Van Guilder


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