We do not know the hour or the day, yet it is now truly the time to be ready in every respect of the word for the day of The Event. There are so many ways that we can prepare for change right now. Any preparation that we can make at present adds to our determination to proceed correctly when the time is right. Each of us knows/feels what we as individuals will most likely be able to contribute at the time. Each of us has unique talents and resources that will be useful. We must at that time strive to act independently. We can know and trust right now that our intuition – if we listen to that inner voice – will guide us to the exact right action that will need to be taken on that day and the ensuing days of that first week. Some people will receive exact instructions from the Resistance Movement as to which action they can take if they choose to. There need be no doubt that you have absolute free will and its fine to step down if some action asked for seems overwhelming. Many will be feeling overwhelmed when this day arrives.

Not everyone will receive direct instructions on that day. Many will feel intuitively both led to action and supported in action that they might take at this time. Remember that the entire Company of Heaven and uncountable numbers of Angels will be there actively assisting at this time. The same goes for the Galactic Confederation and all of its allies. Of course we will also be receiving assistance from the RM below surface as also the Agarthan society. Most likely after the Event Flash / Pulse goes out there will be information available through the regular media TV/Radio as soon as possible but this might take 2-3 hours and that interim is valuable time that can be used to connect with others when you have confirmed yourself that ‘it’s time – it’s happening’. Many among you will already have contacted certain people in your community or at least know who you plan to contact on the day. You will have the copies of the Community Leader’s Brief ready by now and may even have provided certain people with copies already. I recently felt guided to approach someone, a very reliable down to earth person to provide them with some information about the upcoming worldwide changes. I told them that I would not be surprised if they considered me to be a bit of a ‘nutcase’ who had seen too many space movies and low and behold they did not think that at all, in fact they too had interests and knowledge that surprised me. So listen to that inner voice if it urges you to connect with someone right now.

Being connected to Source is a prerequisite for being prepared for The Event. When you connect to Source on awakening each day and bring in that Pillar of Light and protective shield then you are ready for anything and you have that important intuitive connection at all times. Each of us have different approaches to feeling ‘prepared’, and when we have done what we feel that we need to we can then relax and calmly, confidently wait knowing that we are as ready as we can be for change. Remember do not dismiss even the slightest ‘idea’ that might pop into your mind as being unimportant right now. Know that you are being led by your Guides at all times.

Yes we are all curious to know if there has been a new important update of one kind or another. Having a basic understanding of where we are in this Breakthrough phase does help us in being prepared, but being prepared in the way I have attempted to describe above is of great importance too. When we are one with Source and have our roots grounded in Beloved Gaia then we are not so easily swept here and there by sometimes overly exaggerated reporting that may be based on speculation rather than fact. When we keep ourselves grounded we can react more appropriately in all situations.

Our patience is truly being tried at this time! We sometimes feel that this is taking way too long and that we have all been waiting far too long for this change, yet we know that every single being whether they be Archangels, Galactic relatives, Resistance Movement operatives or someone putting the final polishing details to the New Financial System is doing their utmost right now to bring the situation to the point where Source will make that final decision to start the Event process. Have you heard the expression Divine Order? We are in ‘divine order’ when we choose the most necessary action – right now – in our life. When we place our energetic needs first in our days activities there will always be a greater sense of ‘flow’ – of things being ‘magically done’ quicker and with less effort. If we do not rectify past mistakes of putting others demands before our needs then we become tired and things take longer. It is crucial more than ever at this time to hold to the value of extreme self-respect.

Here some advice for the day of The Event that I wrote on my blog 5-6 days ago;

When the Breakthrough happens you will know. You won’t really need any blogs to verify the fact. When the Event Flash is sent from Source events will start to take place within 20 minutes. We will all feel it in our bodies on some level. We may feel slightly disorientated for a while. Enjoy that! It is merely a very strong experience of Pure Love flowing through – pervading our being. There will be {are now} millions of Angels watching over us. The entire Company of Heaven and the entire Galactic Federation along with the Agarthans and the unified Light Resistance Movement will be aligned and working with us on the surface to see that things run as smoothly as possible everywhere on this planet.


Do not be impetuous or impatient to try to solve all kinds of things in one go. Relax! Anchor yourself – you will be bathing in Spirit – but allow your roots to connect with Gaia for balance.

Take ONE STEP AT A TIME! By being overzealous you can create difficulties.

Others will be looking to you for calmness. So your most important job is to be that Pillar of Calm.

The best thing that we can do is to place our talents/resources at the disposal of a reliable leader.

We should also delegate where necessary.

Because we can expect a certain amount of chaos, any kind of forced action or controlling attitude will only increase that chaos so let’s truly attempt to be those calm pillars of Light and follow the flow. We do this by holding focus on each situation in hand so that we are fully focused and concentrated on the task and the nature of that particular situation.


Remember HARMONY spreads HARMONY!

If something does not feel comfortable for you – SAY SO! By helping in the way that brings you most satisfaction you will be adding to the harmony of the whole. There has been way too much martyrdom on this planet – it is truly time to let this attitude fade away altogether.

The practical details of WHATEVER situations we find ourselves in will take care of themselves all the easier if we remain those calm peaceful pillars.

PS: Cobra has informed us that “it is of the utmost importance for as many people a possible to join our Weekly Liberation Meditation each Sunday. This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of compression breakthrough. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event.

We are always doing this meditation at 7 pm GMT each Sunday, regardless of winter / summer time. You can convert 7 pm GMT to your local time zone here:”


So let’s make a decision here! Let’s approach the coming Sunday night {Sweden 8pm} Liberation Meditation as if it is the FINAL ONE, – we are close to the final one – before The Event. IF it turns out not to be then we REPEAT this process of taking part with increased vigour one week later until we reach the final one.

In Light and Love

Therese Zumi



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  1. I’ve stuff about being prepared for the event, like this post, hoping it happens soon, but in the meantime I really have to start working to make myself better :/, im too lazy

    • You can start by participating in the Weekly Liberation Meditations on Sundays. Instructions and audio version is on this website. See my article….a re-post of Cobra’s update of Feb 16th.

      Angel Eyes ~**~


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