5 thoughts on “Example of “preparing humanity for the future”. 1981”

  1. Please, Danell, could you present this video without me having to log in, in Facebook, in order to be able to share it? I don’t choose to read that book, see? Thanks a bunch!

    • It may be that you’re younger than I am, linda donahue. Facebook isn’t an inspiring social network for me.
      Many virtual wanderers live with Facebook as the provider of an identity, or at least a sense of having one, when on a page of that book. Besides, Facebook is a manipulator and pretends to be what it is not.

  2. The Cabal is an enemy to animals, the plant kingdom, Father sky and Mother Earth as well. It would be very fitting if they lived in FEMA camps as they have no soul….. I think they call that Karma ! .

    • I truly recommend not to define what’s karma for others, Bruce Conde. We can’t ever be sure and know why others do the way they do and I see a much better goal to focus on and that’s our own karma. It’s a slippery slope to judge it in others, risking arrogance. I’m very sure that no soul is lost, only delayed or possibly recycled for a new chance to create a reality. Not as punishment, but as an obeying to natural laws of the Universe.

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