There is significant progress and if all goes according to the plan, I will be able to release new update about the status of Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation in about a week.

An important communication channel between the Resistance and the surface population has been opened:

The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined.

For this reason, they have prepared a few instructions that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.

First, the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant. Primary implant is the implant that we have all received upon our entrance in the quarantine Earth area many thousands years ago. This implant is positioned in the frontal lobe of the brain on the plasma and etheric plane, is filled with charged rotating anomalous plasma and has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone.

Those implants were created by the Chimera group millions of years ago and were reinforced by the Chimera in the Great Forgetting of 1996 in order to prevent planetary Ascension. When a critical mass of those implants is dissolved, the whole reality construct of duality / evil / suffering will collapse and the Light will return.

On an individual and collective scale, the key to resolve this situation is primarily for us to be aware of the existence of those implants. Mere awareness of the implant and the mind program associated with it will speed up its dissolution. Then the Light forces will be able to intervene in our lives more directly and requests and prayers like this one will be more easily answered:

The easiest and most effective way to dissolve this (and in fact any) mind program is the Clearing technique brought to humanity by Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni):

To summarize, we can dissolve this mind program by disassociating our Self from the program. This can be done by putting our mind alternatively into the state associated with the program (I am separated from the Source) and its opposite (I am one with the Source). If you alternatively write down these polar affirmations (perhaps 10 minutes each day), your mind will disassociate from both polar mental states (separate from the Source / one with the Source) and the mental program will start falling apart, the rotating plasma will dissipate, the implant will start dissolving and your connection with the Source / Love / Light will be naturally reinstated.

You need to be aware that also the positive dual polarity of the program in your mind (I am one with the Source) will dissipate and will be replaced with genuine connection with the Source. There is a huge difference between a mental belief in the connection with the Source and the real connection itself.

The Resistance have also communicated that in order to decrease suffering, you need to create positive moments every day. Simple methods to do that include 1) spending time in nature, 2) focusing on beautiful and inspiring, 3) pursuing a hobby, 4) decreasing your exposure to electronic media, which includes less exposure to alternative truther websites, 5) listening to music, 6) spending quality time with other people.

The Resistance is also aware of difficult financial situation of many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. For this reason they have asked me to dedicate a big part of my Ascension conference to give tools for manifesting abundance. I did that in Taiwan this year in March, and if anyone has notes from the second day of that conference, please send them to [email protected] and I will publish them in my blog. These tools alone are enough to resolve your financial situation if you will take time and effort to implement them.

The Resistance is aware of the amount of attacks that Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are experiencing. Some useful guidance for that situation is posted here:

The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:

Victory of the Light!


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  1. About the mass meditations:


    As cobra said, We have to invite people WITHIN spiritual groups. This will be much more effective than to simply randomly invite people who doens’t even know what a meditation is (of course we can also invite those people, to increase the number of participants even more. Actually, we should.)

    Therefore, we need to invite the followers of other light workers, and followers of other spiritual comunity people.
    For example, we need to invite: The project camelot’s followers, David Icke’s followers, Alex Collier’s followers, Buddist monks, oriental martial arts pratictioners, people from spiritualistic religions, Alexandra meadors’ followers, Benjamin Fulford’s followers, people from the Raves, native indigenous people, shamans, etc.

    We could use their websites, in the area for the comments and foruns, to make a SHORT and WELL MADE invitation, providing links and a few information about the IMPORTANCE of the meditation.

    EVERYONE MUST DO THEIR PART. Don’t say you won’t do it because someone else will, if everybody thinks this way, we won’t reach the critical mass!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The invitation could be something like this maybe:

    Hello everybody, I’d like to invite you all to participate on a important mass meditation for the peace of our planet and final defeat of darkness. We need to do it ourselves, nobody is going to save us if we don’t do our part.

    Please, join us in this collective effort. With our minds we can create a fair and beautiful world for every living being. Thank you very much.


  2. I posted this to the RM yesterday because what is going to happen when the dark focuses on the air we breath? They already got to the water.

    Okay RM, so y’all don’t quite understand just how bad it is on the surface of this planet. Well, aside from all of the in fighting and drama laden alternative info did you know that our life’s blood, or our WATER has been hijacked by the dark. Most of our water systems, food containing water, and drink containing water has been contaminated, on purpose with fluoride and other harmful additives. This info is well known in the awakening communities for some time now. I understand that source is the collective and will not free us until we collective agree to it, yet fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, or third eye, which is a very important physical aspect of awakening the rest of humanity. So you see, the rest of humanity is in a rather big pickle when it comes to awakening. Wouldn’t you agree that the dark has definitely broken many rules here. Some would say that humanity allowed this to happen, well I sure don’t remember anything negative about fluoride until after I luckily started awakening. The rest of humanity has been told by very truth worthy institutions, such as dentist and doctors that fluoride fights cavities and adding to our food and drinks is a good thing. Now, would you say that the collective part of source here on earth is trapped within their cells, or selves due to the dark breaking all of the rules governing the universe? Enough is enough and it’s time to get it done. You may ask why we need your help, well that is because we have been programmed far worse than you have. Sure, we will be liberated one day, yet the pain and suffering will continue until that day.
    Love and gratitude ❤️!

  3. Dearest RM
    Cobra reports RM does not understand why light workers sometimes attack each other. Maybe you do but we need to suggest a solution ourselves. Cobra is a pretty smart and talented human. Here are my ideas.

    1. Without full disclosure and activation of our full DNA, we are left to our own imperfect discernment in seeking the truth. We stick to our own belief systems without solid evidence as to the actual truth based on our experiences and knowledge base. Decisions and behavior then happen with differing perspectives and abilities, even if we all want the same outcome. The path to the outcome than differs. Also there are usually multiple ways and components towards achieving a goal. As an example there is even a lack of agreement on how to proceed by the various galactic forces according to Corey and others Compartmentalization of Intel makes this worse of course.

    2. In the meantime we all need to survive. Methods of other light workers may seem threatening to our security and livelihood, triggering fear-based reactions. It is vital that everyone learn not to be provoked into violence and lashing out that betrays our oneness with the source. This is not meant to exclude necessary defenses and actions to stop the dark forces, primary anomaly, enslavement of humanity, and spread of evil throughout the galaxy.

    3. Humans and probably most beings as well need leadership so all the efforts are on the same path and effective. We don’t need the control, secrecy, lies, withholding of technology, depression, slavery and wars offered by the New World order and current politicians. Without appropriate and loving leadership, individuals sit around ready to help but not knowing what to do. This is reflected in all the newsletter requests for guidance and contact.

    Hope this helps

    • Thank you, Elaine, I’ve enjoyed reading your comment here. I’m not one of the RM, as you may discern. My comment is below yours. This last sentence (in your comment)
      “Without appropriate and loving leadership, individuals sit around ready to help but not knowing what to do. This is reflected in all the newsletter requests for guidance and contact”
      sparked the following in me
      “Without appropriate and loving leadership we’re forced to become leaders ourselves. First in our own lives and than stepping up to humanity’s leadership if so geared in acceptance of that mission. I know we can, it’s mainly dormant in us, due to the long submission to external leaders who didn’t always have our wellbeing at heart.

      “Nature chooses the one to lead who serves all the others”.

      Lately I’ve found that great motto by the man in this video.That’s about leadership new style anno 2017:
      The RM readers may smile in optimism, when they look into it 😉

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  4. Thank you, Colaborama, for a beautiful article and report/feedback from the RM (Resistance Movement). That rabbit is awesome, I’ve never seen such a funny and simple example of abundance lol. Reading the last part with the invitation to share our perspective on the surface, on the RM’s question “Why Lightworkers, moving on the same path to enlightenment and liberation, are attacking each other?”
    Is there no member of the RM that has memories of an Ear(th)lier existence?

    What comes to mind, is that a number of Lightworkers, those attacking each other, seem to linger in the twilight zone between clarity with discernment (autonomous) and the old paradigm of conflicting beliefs that use fanatism in order to survive. A fanatism of making one’s point, in fear of one’s belief toppling over, proven wrong.

    That’s the game of the human ego, obviously, in an illusionary stance that the truth needs defense and protection, as if it can be taken away (again). That type of truth is the identity of the person in that stance.
    Naturally, that person defends his belief and sense of identity at all costs, for one’s belief is all one is in that condition.

    I strongly feel, I guess it’s my experience once upon a time, that the trauma of being disappointed, hurt and damaged, due to abuse of trust and innocence, is holding on to the extreme balance of being at a loss, without trust and feeling bereft on one side and the determination to not having to experience it again. The duality of judging in wrong and right accompanies Lightworkers who think they’re on the path of Service to Others.

    Here’s where this sentence in the article jumps out at me “There is a huge difference between a mental belief in the connection with the Source and the real connection itself”. To some Lightworkers, the real connection seems to be on the other side of a bridge too far. But there’s always hope and energy in motion, that awareness grows with discernment, in honesty to one’s Lower Self and ultimately to one’s Higher Self as well. In a way they’re a duo reflecting each other, like the Yin and Yang fishes, reflecting the color of “the other” in each other’s eyes. Once a Lightworker really means it when he/she says In L’akech, which means “I am another you” a robust bridge ensures a safe passing.

    In a peculiar cosmic humour, which is possibly only understood while on planet Earth, the fear for being hurt and wronged, makes one choose a belief in a forceful way, a battle almost: “It is mine… mine..”
    The fear is entwined with the longing to belong, be safe in the arms of a savior, or force. A force that is the source of the belief, but not meant to be the sublimation of humanity’s troubles and tribulations.
    Aren’t we all now trying our best, to find out how unity in variety may work alright, on planet Earth?

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  5. Hi RM I believe the reason you see attacks between groups that want a simular outcome is because of slight indifferences. For instance I observe many groups wanting the same outcome but sometimes they disagree on the method. I notice a negative tone with some because it comes from a place of anger and frustration and when you’re trying to resonate with something on a positive level that tone can be off putting.
    There’s also that level of trust. I was affected by a group posing to be doing good but were really part of a new campaign to negatively target lightworkers and starseeds. I was lucky to notice it straight away and warn others but I didn’t leave unscathed. There was heavy mind control involved that I’m not sure if I’ve totally rid myself of yet.
    This comes down to what resonates with you. The idea the group had resonated with me but the ppl involved had sinister energy that I was wary of. So because it didn’t resonate on that pure level I get with my guides, I didn’t trust them. Rightfully so.
    On the other hand PFP does resonate with me especially Cobra, so I have no problems trusting.
    Oh and don’t forget the human ego. I am better, I know best, they chose me sort of thing im seeing everywhere.
    Logic – emotion are like oil – water
    Humans are full of emotions that cloud logic and vice versa

  6. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

    …and I needed to read some of those letters.
    My commitment is renewed and ever more focused.

    … and I have never understood the infighting … of any enlightened being …. at this moment in time.
    All it must be is fuel being thrown by the desperate darkness. Take it as such and move on.
    Stop all foolish infighting … period.
    LET IT GO.
    Stay focused on task.

    I love you

  7. Q: why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal’.
    I do the same, although not in an active way. I catch myself on thoughts that are not in advance of anybody or any situation. I think it’s the last bits of narcissism that was thaught to me in my youth or life I faught it actively (thank God not in a mental hospital) for a year where I only got off my chair to roll over the floor by pain, so to speak. It took me some 60 years to find out about my mother’s narcisissm that was huge. I can say from experience that narcisissum is the evil of humanity, destroying the personal inside and outside all that surrounds it. The pain of pains, the selfishness of selfishnesses, the lonelyness of lonelynesses. It is evil. The opposite of God. And I did not even see it. Because my mother was a God, I was a God, in a bad world.


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