By Catherine J. Frompovich

Remember all the hoopla about the documentary VAXXED, From Cover-up to Catastrophe?

That factual, videographic, movie portrayal of the U.S. CDC epidemiologist-turned-whistleblower, William Thompson, PhD, divulging in his own recorded telephone conversations with the father of an autistic son, Brian Hooker, PhD, literally turned the tide regarding the once-held secrecy of how the CDC manipulates, controls, eliminates and fraudulently produces vaccine study research and published papers, especially regarding vaccines as not being implicated in the cause of Autism.

The brouhaha that swirled around VAXXED being shown at film festivals and then strategically being banned from playing on community big-screen theaters, only made the film, as they say, “grow legs.”

It took off like gangbusters with crowds lined up around movie theaters incredibly anxious to see it, some even bringing their pediatricians with them, from what I’ve heard.

Numerous allopathic medical doctors, who promoted the false paradigm of vaccine safety and efficacy, but sat through the movie screening, never were the same after leaving the theater!  They, literally, had to change their thinking and even their medical practices because they no longer could believe the toxic pseudoscience being force-fed to them by the U.S. HHS/CDC/FDA, Big Pharma and its reps!

That overwhelming reception encouraged Polly Tommey to produce an on-the-road bus trip, which documented first-hand horror stories of vaccine-injured children, even deaths.  The stories parents told were heart wrenching, to say the least.

The VAXXED bus became an icon of sorts since its exterior was covered with stories, names and remembrances of those who had become Big Pharma vaccine victims at the behest of mandatory vaccinations.

As a result of those moving stories—apparently thousands upon thousands—a new project has come into being for release in 2019, produced by Tommey Burrowes Productions; it’s called VAXXED II, The People’s Truth.

Below is some information about its production, promo items and the official trailer, which should help you understand how serious vaccine fraud and harms really are.

The Story About Vaxxed II — Trailer
2:45 minutes

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger on Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth
1:43 minutes

Mike Adams comments on Vaxxed II

Let’s make VAXXED II, The People’s Truth, even more popular than the original VAXXED!

VAXXED II, The People’s Truth, Coming In 2019

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    • Where is Vaxxed 2 in Chicagoland?

      Thank you for doing this! I’ll promote this. Although people shut me down some listen. This is very important work.

      Thank you!!!!!

  1. Let us not beat about the bush. Let is call a spade a showel. Vaccines are to cull the population from 8-9 billion to 2 billion, which is 6000million dead. This is most likely comes from the Eviluminati, which already proved their aims in wars. They tried various ways and eventually settled on the pharmafia for vaccines and the communicamafia for 5G, which are the quickest killers. In other words these two industries are making huge amounts of money from silent murder and buy the media, politicians the goon-onements. Wars, GMOs etc. just did not work fast enough. There is one solution. Get the armies out and get rid of the Eliminatis (which swould also solve the world’s financial system) get rid of a large proportion of the pharmafia to get rid of poisons. The next step is to allocate to every woman a maximum of non transferable 2 children. After that goon-onements, have to become governments and concentrate on health and living a less nature destroying life. Current school education is rubbish, it is easier to herd sheep than lions. Mixing the population does not work, but as it has been done, it needs to be addressed, by bringing in all races into one society in a country. I am not sure how much China is involved in the reducing of their population as they keep very quiet, apart from making murder vaccines. The EU is an outpost of the Eliminatis and it has no function.


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