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  1. George Webb on YT exposing cabal trail on Covid.
    Amazing Polly YT exposing WHO boss, Event 201, Bill Gates.

    This is global folks, not just UK. UN Agenda 2030.

  2. Define Nazi. As soon as I here that convenient word to bring a doom message, I just turn off the message. Hitler’s Germany Third Reich did not use that technique you are referring to in the beginning of your video. That technique belong to Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill. So please define Nazi.

      • Manu, Whose facts?? Define Nazi. You can’t. It was a term created in the 1920’s intended to aggravate & demean patriotic Germans. It was used to disparage the Germans & incite hatred against them, as always based on Lies

        • “The National Socialists did not call themselves ‘Nazis’. The term ‘Nazi’, along with ‘Nazism’, is a political epithet invented in the 1920s by Konrad Heiden as propaganda against the NSDAP and national socialism. Konrad Heiden was a Jewish journalist, and a member of the competing party Social Democratic Party.

          The term was a variant of the nickname for members of the Social Democratic Party, which at that time used to be called “Zuzi”, abbreviation of ‘Zuzialiste’. ‘Nazi’ was a political pun based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for ‘simpleton’, or ‘country-bumpkin’, and derived from the fairly common name ‘Ignaz’. It would be like saying ‘Nazi’.

          Hence, there were no ‘Nazis’, there were ‘National Socialists’.”


      • ‘A’ Please read more on the propaganda against Germany in the 1930’s coming out of Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill whom made it a habit to hang with communist Stalin, Critical thinking here.

        • Victoria Valdez. I believe we’re right now living in a time where those of us who express their opinions often identify with them, feeling responsible and obliged to defend them as absolute factual truths. It’s becoming hilarious in a way if it wasn’t so damaging to open communication.

          Why can’t we leave permission to hold an open space for others to express freely what we long to express in freedom as well?

          Nowadays, often, our opinions seem to have grown on us as part of the sense of Self, as part of the personality, therefore, defended with vehemence. In a black-and-white manner, one could say that a different opinion is nowadays often taken as an offense, therefore the need to make the other party wrong. It seems to happen in a survival mode.

          It seems that this is a result of the way we communicate in the virtual world, without the company of the other person expressing his or her views while present with us in the room. In a way, this condition enforces the sense of “me, me, it’s all about me”. The human factor dissolves largely, in the virtual world, and it’s one of the first steps toward transhumanism, as I perceive it.

          Isn’t it almost an impossible task to make oneself heard and understood without the physical presence of another person? After all, we’re sitting alone in front of our screen. Some of us are bored, incapable of feeling engagement with enthusiasm. We separate ourselves from our Being.

          For the experience of enthusiasm we need to feel the connection with our Divine aspects, our soul qualities, our freedom of expression, in sync with a living human or animal companionship around us, and the presence of a community, living and loving, from head to toes, in blood, sweat, and tears, living a practical life.

          As I try to put this to practice all of my life, that lifestyle creates a sense of self-reflection by means of mirrors shown to us by others living and working with us, in freedom of expression. All these aspects can create a sense of belonging, wholesomeness too.

          Isn’t it true that many of us find ourselves alone, at times without a clue about the real-life out there, when we isolate ourselves out of disdain, deep hurting, disgruntled-ness and holding on to grudges?

          To me, the real pandemic is humanity’s isolation from a life that is created and enjoyed in a conscious welcome and appreciation. All attempts to compensate and sublimate are futile as far as I’ve experienced.

          How high our expectations fly when only the virtual world is what remains for us to create a sense of belonging and fulfillment. It’ll never work, you see? Hence the vehemence rooted in dissatisfaction and frustration, so often expressed in insults, anger, and righteousness toward others discussing and commenting, in the virtual world.

          I’m not an exception, for I’m triggered all of the time. My righteousness and impatient Mother Superior skills are staring me in the face these days. This comment is far more than a response to your comment.

          In a funny way, for it’s as if my words are in need of bursting from a container inside, a fountain as it were, this thought stream sprang to life in sparks while dawn breaks and a new day arrives. I can see the blossom of the cherry tree from my window in the living room, nature is calling me.


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