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  1. The Illuminatti are going to deceive the world with the next big lie, all these who wear the mask now will accept the lie of the antichrist.When Jesus raptures the church they will bring in their ufo technology, they will use their false reality to much the Christians and say the Bible is of no value.People who have received the DARPA gel you people think is a vaccine will be under mind control because of the new 5g networks connectivity to that nanotechnology ,they are installing now on the blind.Satan and his lunatics control the entire earth.Covid (Certification of Vacunacion ID) is Santa Claus it does not exist…Santa rearrangement of the name satan …the prince of this weak and blind world.This reality is a lie controlled by demon possesed secret society members.When they deceive with their ufos you have 7 years til the end of the tribulation as mentioned in the scriptures.Right now there is massive filtration of reality by Facebook, twitter, all media YouTube even forum online.The conspiracy is all the system.I dare you to type Covid does not exist on face and see what happens, because its a fight against humans by demons who are using their human hosts who only want financial pleasure and will sell out the whole race for it , those who follow the system will die physically and spiritually.Let the true natural selection take place

  2. Freudian slip at 4:47….Politicians are really trying their hardest to do what is in their PERSONAL interest…
    Great interview BTW!

  3. “The feeling of security is dependent on the direct proportion as to how much of the INFINITE we can embody in our mind and heart. We must be ready to perceive the unexpected and miraculous. We are in the midst of the biosphere-noosphere transition. All aspects of our lives are accelerating rapidly. To change the planetary script requires us to make conscious that which has been unconscious. This is our awakening.

    We are called upon to have courage in facing a planetary dark night of the soul, but with the certainty of a New Dawn”.

    The text above and the following charter, is included in a post of Stephanie South, who represents the work of Jose Arguelles, who has passed on in 2011. We now witness that he was an early messenger whose words are like seeds waiting to germinate in fertile soil. The seeds seem to come to life now. The link to Stephanie South’s 1320frequencyshift website is present at the end of this comment. Here’s a declaration of love and a revelation of conditions in Italy, related to COVID-19:


    I, (name and surname, place and date of birth),
    being of legal age, sound mind and in full possession of my psychophysical faculties, without constraint or quarantine, in my capacity as an inhabitant of Planet Earth, member of the Italian people, according to the will of the Founding Fathers, in the name of the Italian people (art. 1 of the Italian Constitution), I commit myself to lead a Healthy Lifestyle in harmony with Natural Cycles, contributing in every way possible to keep the Planet clean.

    1) that during the winter of 2019/2020 it was suggested I live in isolation due to the alarm generated by the British Imperial College report on a possible pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus;

    Testimony 1
    Testimony 2;

    2) that official documents on the progress of the worsening state of health and annual deaths due to the cause of flu viruses from 1918 onwards attest that the number of Italian deaths in 2020 is the lowest in the last seven years (ISTAT);

    3) that Dr Neil Ferguson, director of the infectious disease department of Imperial College (UK), on whose epidemiological model the COVID-19 Prime Ministerial decree was based, declares that his team has had to re-evaluate the mortality estimates of COVID-19 and expressly says that: “asymptomatic infections have greatly increased and the percentage of lethality has drastically decreased, while mortality is lower than for any seasonal influenza”;

    4) that the same conclusions as in point 3) were also reached by:
    • the National Virus Surveillance Institute;
    • the World Health Organization (WHO): “…evidence shows that limiting the movement of people and goods during public health emergencies is ineffective in most situations and can divert resources for other interventions.”;
    • PubMed;
    • Columbia University;
    • NIH Human Microbiome Project;
    • Human Gut Microbiome;
    • Leaky Gut Syndrome;

    5) that from my research I learned that the COVID-19 virus has been lethal inside hospitals, for patients who:
    • were already suffering from various pre-existing pathologies;
    • usually took indefinite quantities and types of pharmaceutical drugs;

    • had been vaccinated against the flu;

    • had been subjected to 5G radiation;
    while it is harmless to everyone else (Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai)

    6) that 5G technology is harmful to living creatures:

    Italian Appellate Court judgment of January 13, 2020;
    Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage;
    Electromagnetic Biological Medicine;
    Biological effects of electromagnetic fields;
    NIH: National Institute of Health;

    Effect of radiofrequency radiation on reproductive health–Indian Journal of Medicine;
    Cognitive impairment and neurogenotoxic effects in rats exposed to low-intensity microwave radiation–International Journal of Toxicology;
    Clear Evidence of Cancer – US National Toxicology Program;
    Biological Effects of millimetric radio waves – USSR Science and Technology BiomedicalSciences;
    Class Action Lawsuit against the deployment of 5G in the US against the FCC by municipalities across the USA (;

    1. the free movement of both adults and children in the open air, the reopening of parks and beaches, respecting a correct lifestyle in harmony with nature, continuing to work as much as possible from home using as little as possible internal combustion-powered means of transport;
    2. the IMMEDIATE suspension of the felling of trees for the installation of 5G masts;
    3. the IMMEDIATE suspension of the installation of 5G antennas and the IMMEDIATE removal of those already installed;
    4. that all alleged debts borne by each citizen (Art. 23 Italian Constitution) be annulled, giving concrete effect to the AMNESTIES approved by the Extraterritorial Monetary Body GST Virtual Bank:

    • First amnesty (one hundred billion euros to balance alleged debts to the revenue- collection agency),• Second amnesty (three hundred billion euro to be credited towards the revenue agency and banks);
    • Third amnesty (three thousand billion euros to balance the national debt and to demand compensation for damages suffered by the economic collapse generated by the measures deriving from the COVID-19 Prime Ministerial decree);5. that, after the first amnesty referred to above, the Revenue Collection Agency and all other similar organizations be abolished;6. that the use of scriptural currency is accepted as regulated by the gstvt-002-2018 Act of October 9, 2018, of the GST Virtual Bank – Extraterritorial Monetary Body, object of petitions now under discussion by the finance commissions of both the House of Representatives and Senate;

    Testimony 1,
    Testimony 2,
    Testimony 3;

    7. that law enforcement personnel respect their oath to be faithful to the Republic and to observe its Constitution (Art. 52 and 54 of the Italian Constitution);

    8. that the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) and any other negotiations aimed at affecting the economy of the Italian people be disavowed, unless the people themselves are the first to benefit;

    according to the principles enshrined in the following documents:

    1) the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Paris 10 December 1948 – UN)
    2) the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MOTHER EARTH (Project: February 2010) which recognizes the Earth as a living organism to be respected and protected 3) the CONSTITUTION OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC
    4) the Roerich Pact – INTERNATIONAL TREATY OF PEACE of 1935
    5) the model of the VIRTUOUS 13:20 MUNICIPALITIES approved on June 22, 2012,
    n. 116 with a Resolution by the City Council of Ceglie Messapica, Italy;
    6) and with unconditional respect for the planet Earth both as a unified biospheric system and Noosphere;
    7) respecting the freedom to choose various forms of health treatment and therapeutic integration of complementary and traditional medicines according to the free circulation of scientific information.


    • respecting all living beings by cultivating Art, Science and Spirituality for a Culture of Peace;
    • promoting and implementing the Roerich Pact, for the protection of cultural and artistic values;
    • ensuring that scientific research is promoted in respect for and protection of environmental ecology;
    • promoting Spirituality and communion between peoples and religious exchange between different spiritual beliefs;
    • committing myself to ensure that the aforementioned principles are promoted in schools with an educational orientation representative of a new cultural paradigm and are disseminated throughout national media;
    • promoting support for agriculture, local crafts, tourism, the arts and talents through cultural exchanges between regions and foreign countries.

    The LOVE CHARTER OF THE ITALIAN PEOPLE must be faithfully observed as a fundamental law of the Republic by all citizens and governmental bodies.

    Suggested Reading

    Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg.
    Emerging Viruses by Leonard Horowitz
    Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovitz
    Under an Ionized sky by Elana Freeland



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