And yet another change in the story:

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  1. There seems to be a constant and that’s the changing narrative from the start, of all organisations and agencies that are involved in this worldwide scam with disastrous consequences. And all this without a virus causing the damage. It’s utter madness and yet, when one step shows results that are disappointing, or not entirely what was hoped for, a next step is chosen with new shoes. A new scenario from psychological warfare tactics.

    The goal remains constant: kill as many people as possible, especially the elderly. Keep their immune system weak by locking them up. A friend of mine in the UK suffers from depression and physical issues, locked up in her house. She’s probably one of the early patients catching the virus, in November 2019.

    She suffered from what she called “a nasty bug”, it took a long time before she recovered and she admits that it’s likely that she’s been through that virus-attack. I suggested she buys a test, but she told me that tests are hard to come by and that they’re very expensive. What? Having to pay for a test? Free tests are a great help to determine what needs to be done, with peace of mind in tow, at least clarity about where one is with oneself.

    She could’ve been excluded from quarantine in her home! That is when antibodies are present as proof of having fought the virus. In the Dutch paper of today, a vaccine seems to be produced at Oxford UK, that is now being tested on patients. The first results seem very promising, the article said. In that article was also talk about presence of antibodies.

    Now, each person in Britain must wear a facemask when going outdoors. That will help to finish those off that barely escaped contamination, by means of lack of oxygen, causing those who may leave the house to suffer from disorientation due to a brain-fog, at risk to cross the street without watching out for the car approaching. Or a fainting spell, while waiting in the queue outside the shop, or at the till.

    With vaccination mandatory, around the start of autumn, in Britain, conditions won’t improve soon, it seems. While the British depression is on its lowest almost, with Boris Johnson changing his tune to harmonize with what the Tavistock Institute and its offspring tell him to inform the public. He’s no fool and I expect that he with others who are no fools either, is forced to play the game and keep the truth locked up with the many elderlies.

  2. Right! – They all ‘retracted’ this claim!!!!

    Should we still believe in anything that they’re saying? B*ll G@tes, fauci (and what-have-yous) spent billions on this virus.

    WHO, CDC … all the ‘croonies’ lumped together … they all gave disinformation to the governments worldwide – to encourage global population to wear masks and practise social distancing.

    Now they’re saying … it’s not contagious (and then they ‘retracted’ this video) …. so …. why make it mandatory for the general population to wear masks and practise social distancing????????????

    All the states in USA (Singapore too) who are making it mandatory to wear masks, close down businesses etc etc … a lot of chaos and emotional abuse (it is emotional abuse because we aren’t allowed to be with our loved ones) ….. not ‘allowed’ to work … loss of jobs and income, loss of self worth, etc etc … this is totally draconian and abusive acts done towards Humanity as One.

    **** IMPORTANT

    WHO/CDC (and all those involved who orchestrated this great upheavel, chaos and disruptions to Humanity’s Divine Soul evolution) – needs to BE the ones to call off the social distancing and to call off mandatory mask wearing, apologise to the global population, countries, nations etc – for giving out disinformation!!!

    We need to get our global economy up and running for the rejuvenation of Humanity’s everyday living and putting everything back in natural and divine perspectives.

    Dear Father Mother God and AA Michael – please intervene. Thank you.

    WHO/CDC all those who enforced these inhumane acts towards Humanity need to own up in being irresponsible and to make good, repair and compensate all the damages done to global chaos and abuse to Humanity.

    Will the Alcyone High Council please … read this and bring Humanity back to our divine and natural course of Soul evolution? Thank you.


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