In prophecy, the Knowledge Keepers of the First Peoples of Turtle Island foretold of a time when people from the four directions of the world would come together. This is the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. The Eagle represents the people of the northern hemisphere, and the Condor the people of the southern hemisphere. In June this prophecy will be fulfilled at the Onjisay Aki International Climate Summit, as Indigenous peoples unite the human family at the center of the continent of Turtle Island.

Everything begins with spirit you overstep that you’re going to fall short .

In prophecy, the Knowledge Keepers of our Nation foretold of a time when people from the four directions of the word come together.

This is the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor

The Eagle represents the people of the northern hemisphere, and the Condor the people of the southern hemisphere.

The true leaders of our homeland is our people the original people, I am talking about a leadership you know that reflects moral ethical behavior you know that is really inspired from the heart itself .

Led by the spirit of the Eagle and the condor, Indigenous peoples will unite the human family.

 For us , as in indigenous in not coincidence for us everything has a purpose reason together people uniting hurts uniting the love race envelop of humanity of our sacred mother earth the universe the light shine a single day what we call   in a language the same of pachakute  our transformation

Indigenous Knowledge Keepers will come together with leaders from around the world to define a path of healing for all people and our Mother Earth .


The Eagle and the Condor, is a magical encounter that represents the total enlightenment of humanity. This union brings with it the birth of a unified humanity in harmony.

“At first the God of Time created the Sun and the Moon, with them the peoples of the Eagle and the Condor were born, forming a single group. After time this group divided.The people of the condor, of the heart, of the senses, of a deep connection with the natural world, developed their intuitive abilities, they will live in harmony with Mother Earth.The people of the eagle, of science, of reason, developed their cognitive abilities. They would reach the zenith in technological and scientific knowledge.

These achievements would generate immense material wealth for the leaders of your group. The eagle will expand its territories eager for wealth and power. The condor will not want to submit to the pressure of the eagle, but it will feel a frank disadvantage and its way of life will be in danger.In this third millennium, neither the eagles nor the condors will be able to live alone, the alchemy of mutual collaboration is necessary.

The Union of the Eagle and the Condor represent the achievement of Humanity and the return to nature.

There’s a lot of gathering all over the country talking about climate change.

Climate changes is really because of you know human behavior and what we’re talking about is spiritual behavior you know change will never happen by people suddenly waking up tomorrow morning and realizing the they need to change, it has to begin by a few individuals which is a reflection of the prophecy of our prophets you know that  for told of this time and the prophecy was that it would be here that the truth would be revealed at the center of the continent that we referred to as Turtle Island but we would call upon our bothers and sisters from other parts of the world and it’s going to be the spirit of the  condor and the eagle that’s going to help us get there .

In June what is gong to happen is already the manifestation is this broken sea so we are at least I am already happy kind of honored to be here in this part of the world and to share with you my bothers from North, the land of the eagle, and the condor and anyway we will bring us together again like before .

Climate change requires a change of heart

And what you are saying as the original people’s  is that there has to be a change of heart and I challenge people out they are you a person of the heart if  so that come and join us you know as we celebrate  you know that relationship that we have with the land. Come and love the land the way we love it, that’s all you got to do , you know and we are prepared to offer our heart that carries the knowledge and the remembrance of what it means to be a human being .

Onjisay-Aki Internation

Climate Summit

Turtle Lodge

Sagkeeng. MB


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  1. In 2021 several red tailed hawks, and twice as many condors, were circling above my home for several minutes, before gradually moving the circle towards the east. I never saw the circle break. Several day’s later they appeared again and moved the circle towards the west. The red tailed hawk made contact with me about a year before. Landing on a low lying branch on a trail where I was hiking and then came to my house the following morning, with his mate, flying low between the houses, screeching then soared up above my house. I ran out back and looked above the house and there were four of them circling my house.

  2. I enjoyed this story but one problem that I find with groups trying to focus on climate change is that they are small in number and very sincere humans trying to battle something that is the larger and real reason for climate problems and that is the Deep State. We must focus on that group for I believe they are the ones geoengineering the weather and using toxic manufacturing methods. We become divided when the average citizen is made to feel responsible and guilty for the climate changes when it is the whole picture that must be considered. Let’s stay focused in unity on that larger view.

    • Yes, yes, dear Alice Let,s stay focused in unity on thet larger view. Like the profecy said: Only the people of the North America AGUILA , and the people of the Suth America Condor in union and with the people of the other cardinals point of the world, can change the situation which we are living now.


    • Hello AliceinW, I agree with your comment. When we stay focused in unity on the larger picture/view, we also need to take into account that our entire solar system is changing, with planets showing climate change, planet Earth included. This development will cause panic in the circles of wealthy materialists, knowing only of saving their skin and trinkets. Flight and fight are futile in this case, for we’re all in the same boat, isn’t it?

      As I perceive it, there are a series of levels from which we can look, react and respond to that condition of climate change in our solar system. It seems that the slogan of Richard Hoagland, the Scottish chief who studied the “Face on Mars” (since the ’70s) “The lie is different on every level” applies to some of the designs, made to secure survival for those materialists, who may feel like rats running around on a sinking ship.

      I believe that the owners of cartels on our planet, plundering resources and destroying the rainforests at a fast pace, have infiltrated the UN before Agenda 21 and the Climate Change Report were presented. An example of that possibility is presented in the research done by Eric Karlstrom:

      Eric Karlstrom found many facts related to the Tavistock Institute and its branches, grown into a large tree, since WW2. From a person whose name I can’t disclose, I’ve learned that the Tavistock Institute in Britain is a spider in the web of mind-control, designed for the masses and for individuals, using methods to alter the human brain function, by means of hallucinogenic substances and torture.

      A most revealing document, explaining the connection between psychological warfare and mind control on the battlefield or in public spaces and private homes is “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. Written in May 1979.

      I think it’s clear by now, that I’m fond of comparing many notes, in an attempt to find the bigger picture as much as the details in it. And the context in which such a picture shows up.

  3. Yes! But the Spirit of Humanity is a enlightenment of the path by Nation Leadership. We must have a NEW Philosophy of Nation Leadership, whereby he define Philadelphia! Good article!

    • Thank you Brenda for your nice comment, yes the Spirit of Humanity is Light. We as people of the Eagle land and the people of the Condor land needs to be in completelly UNION with Harmony and Love as the prophecy said; that,s means without ego, other wise Humanity never can goback to the Nature. I am sure, we can get there very soon, if we continious bringing more light to the Planet.



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