Chemtrails Exposed: The Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Origins of the New Manhattan Project

By Peter A. Kirby, Recently uncovered evidence indicates that the New Manhattan Project – otherwise known as ‘geoengineering’ – goes back further than previously thought. As the name ‘New Manhattan Project’ implies, the author was previously under the impression that this ultra-massive, super-secret scientific project (the biggest of all time, in fact) only went back … Read more

NASA Accidentally Shows Evidence of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation In Satellite Photos

  From the website Humans Are Free:     (Hurricane Matthew was in 2016 and Hurricane Irma was in 2017) Hurricane Matthew and its successor Irma have turned weather into a dominant theme in the forefront of the public’s mind. From extreme flooding to widespread debris damage, people have witnessed the incredible power of mother nature — … Read more

Those 11,000 “scientists” warning about an impending “climate emergency” are just “11,000 random people,” investigation reveals

By Ethan Huff, Scientific “consensus” is a popular buzzword commonly used by climate fanatics to “prove” that man-made climate change is a real thing. But is there really even a consensus as these hysterics claim? Not even close. As it turns out, the climate lobby loves to pull its “facts” right out of thin air, including … Read more

Solutions on How to Stop Biodiversity Loss

By Guest Writer Kenny Gill, Before delving into the threats and solutions to biodiversity, we first need to understand what biodiversity is. So, what is biodiversity? This is the pillar, which permits or sanctions the functioning of ecosystems and thriving of human beings. Without biodiversity, human beings, plants, as well as animals, would not be … Read more

Coca-Cola Named Worst Plastic Polluter in the World for Second Year in a Row

Coca-Cola is responsible for more plastic trash than the next top three polluters combined. By Elias Marat, Coca-Cola has been found to be the top polluter in a global audit of plastic waste released by the Break Free From Plastic NGO. The report, released Wednesday, shows that the transnational soft drink conglomerate is responsible for … Read more

IMF: The World Needs Massive Carbon Tax to Limit Climate Change

The international organization suggests a cost of $75 per ton by 2030. By Chris Mooney and Andrew Freedman, A global agreement to make fossil fuel burning more expensive is urgent and the most efficient way of fighting climate change, an International Monetary Fund study found on Thursday. The group found that a global tax of … Read more

‘Propaganda’: Top MIT Climate Scientist Trashes ‘97% Consensus’ Claim

By Michael Bastasch, Dr. Richard Lindzen is sick and tired of the media repeating the so-called “97 percent consensus” statistic to show just how strong the global warming agreement is among climate scientists. It’s purely “propaganda,” argues Lindzen. “It was the narrative from the beginning,” Lindzen, a climatologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), … Read more

Cobra Update: Silver Trigger Update

As we are approaching the critical point of November 11th, there are deep underlying structural changes in the global financial system. The Jesuit plan for financial crash that would then lead to a global cryptocurrency similar to Libra has collapsed. First, Libra project was ditched: Second, Chinese plan to launch its own competing … Read more

“Chemtrail Cough” is Sweeping the Nation Death by Respiratory Disease Has Skyrocketed

By Scott C’one,   Have you noticed that everyone around you is congested and coughing? I am calling this new syndrome “chemtrail cough.” My wife is coughing, I am coughing and now even our dogs are coughing. In just four years death by respiratory disease has skyrocketed from 8th in the world to 3rd and possibly even … Read more