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  2. Excellent comments Justin Wilton. Perfect description of herd immunity. Keep us posted about the tribunals please. Do you think the media and public will be informed of these crimes? I think Fauci should be first in line and Gates second.

  3. Anyone considering taking the so-called “Covid vaccine” should be required to watch this video first.
    The good news is that the liability protections guaranteed by congress to the “vaccine” manufacturers strictly depends upon the morally bankrupt individuals love that that congress remaining in control…
    just to dispel any rumors:
    Under the current situation in the United States of America a civilian could be apprehended by federal military forces, flown to The Camp Justice Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay and in as little as 48 hours that individual could be hearing the tribunal staff render a verdict & determine a sentence. With that in mind…
    I have it on a very reliable authority that mid & senior level executives from the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies and the majority of congress will soon be facing military tribunal at Gitmo.
    In most cases those who conspired together to commit a crime, Also get to stand trial together.
    Military tribunals are notoriously fast as they don’t permit the typical courtroom antics that the corrupt civilian legal system allows.
    Within a matter of days the case will be proven to the panel. The verdict will be decided in minutes and the sentencing will be pronounced Immediately.
    So far the current Tribunal courts have favored hanging over firing squad by 3 to1 odds.
    and nearly all of the sentences have been carried out within 30 hours of the verdict being passed.

  4. Still waiting for any kind of answer from anyone. So far all I get is dumbfounded looks as people search their brains for an answer before dismissing me as…one of those conspiracy people.
    Herd immunity is the "big words" floating around now. Need 70% of people jabbed for herd immunity(least that's the figure that was floating around my state on the news 2 weeks back) and us to "get back to normal".
    So, if the virus is not in the jab, the jab does not cause you to get the virus, the jab does not prevent you from getting the virus, then how do you achieve herd immunity through the jab?

    • You make an excellent point Chris.
      Any “Vaccine Defense” argument can the settled with one question based on an undeniable fact!
      Herd Immunity has existed for as long as life has existed on earth!
      We had herd immunity long before we had vaccines!!

      Q: Why the hell would 70% of the population need a vaccine before herd immunity can be obtained?

      A: We Don’t need anyone to get the jab For the population to develop herd immunity.

      Q: Then why are the elites pushing us to take the vaccine?
      A: 5 Steps to Reality…

      1. United Nations Agenda 21
      2. Global Population Reduction Phase:
      3. Covid 19 is a Bioweapon designed to kill you.
      3. The Jab is Covid 19
      4. Read line 1 again…
      5. Guess What, it’s 2021. Want some kool-Aid?

      (The Faucian Zealots just pissed their pants)

  5. Can you please provide the Rumble link address for this video.

    ps in general, when you post a video, can you please also include the original video link…. thanks….


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