“It’s Already Happening To You” – Elon Musk DIRE WARNING (2021)

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  1. Thank you for publishing this video, it's not for the faint hearted and cave dwellers, treehut builders, and anarchists who live by kicking against almost everything solid enough, when they see an opportunity. Lately, I've made jokes, about mobile phones attached by an umbilical cord to the user, also saying "Nowadays, babies are born with a mobile phone in their hands", which causes the listener to smile and nod.

    This explanation from Elon Musk shows me how the movie Metropolis is a warning in disguise, if you know what I mean. When I watched that movie, I could see how the consciousness and behaviour changed in the leading actress, who began to act in a different way. The choreopgraphy and script are designed in such a way that the creator must've had a clear sense of what it means to become and exist as a cyborg.

    As soon as I could read books from the library in our village, I chose SciFi stories often, starting my first reading in English. In a boring, for the spirit a not so lively environment with strict control on behaviour when the church still placed a stamp on how people lived, these stories were an escape and source of pondering the possibility of other worlds, other ways of perception.

    I remember reading Rudolph Steiners views on the impact of electricity on the human brain, the nervous system. I've shared the large archive with his lectures and books, including many of them presented as audio books as well. www.rsarchive.org

    Here's a link with more present day explanations regarding Steiner's views, or visions, on the impact of electromagnetic frequencies, part of digital technology.


    The television series StarTrek next generation with captain Picard are showing similar scenes, with those creatures from a huge cube-formed world in space, with creatures turned into Cyborgs, who repeated their slogan, monotoneous "Resistance is futile". This is another warning of what's planned for humanity, for those who are able, and willing to see it and act on it.

    There's another, and I'm sure there are more, in the Lord of the Ring books by J.R. Tolkien. With Sauron, building a huge empire with underground factories for the breeding of creatures with fighting skills, beasts and those beings capable of turning a train compartment to icy conditions, freezing the passengers into fear. Saruman's meeting with Gandalf, ending on the roof of that tower, the battle with powers between two magicians, it's all education for understanding the battle between Light and Dark on our planet, isn't it?

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