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This guy has a nice way to present things that might be easily shared with those still on the fence.

Various world leaders, mainstream press outlets, and pharma companies are working hard to whip up fear and anxiety about omicron. Are those negative emotions deserved? No, not in the slightest. Omicron spells the end of the Covid misadventure. At least that’s what the data suggests at this time. That’s great news. For you and me. Not so much for power and money-conflicted corporations and politicians who are rather attached to Covid being an endless and mind-numbingly expensive affair. Omicron is explosively transmissive, that is quite true, but it is also incredibly mild compared to past variants of concern. For most people it’s barely a cold, if that. Sniffles, a headache, and some tiredness. True, a very small percentage of people run into trouble with it, but that’s been true of every prior cold and flu in history. It’s just how it works, and setting a new bar that says “our goal for omicron is zero deaths or illness” is simply delusional. Life is a risk. Bad things sometimes happen. We absorb the losses and we move on. Before your country’s leadership uses omicron as an excuse to lock you down further, to destroy your economy even more, and to hamper your ability to live a full and rich life, you should do your best to learn the data and then share it. If necessary resist the imposition of new rules and agitate for the relaxation of old ones. More to the point, omicron doesn’t care if someone is vaccinated or not. It explosively moves through every population it has entered as if three were zero difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In other words, vaccines do nothing to temper the flow of omicron within or across a country. Bottom line: There’s no more reason to lock people down or to enforce vaccine mandates. Covid is over. The data is all coming up roses for omicron. The best we could have possibly hoped for. That’s what the data says. Remember, if the data changes, so will I, but until then, this is where we are.

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  1. Omicron is an excuse for the deaths and illness being caused by the vaccine. It's a tactic.
    I'm seeing Steffen Rowe (Tank) not understanding all the deceptions. He thinks that maybe COVID has cured the flu because we no longer see any deaths from flu or pulmonary disease (lungs) reported. Even he does not know all the conspiracies. All these other deaths are simply being attributed to COVID.
    Well the nano bits in the vaccine are there so we can be monitored electronically, and to receive signals that can stun us like tasers. But these particles have a limited life, so they will keep calling for booster shots.
    COVID creates lung problems. Is that still the case or has that ability phased out? COVID is not non-existent.

  2. When mass vaccination prevents human immune systems to create lasting protection with antibodies, the virus will mutate, showing up as variants without end, finding ways to hold a grip on human immune systems with the help of mRNA vaccines, that will keep that Nightmerry-Go-Round turning. Do you see how immensely clever this attack is designed?
    Living with the velvet cuffs of make-belief plucking the strings of humanity's survival mode.
    The clashes I've experienced with some who are pro-vaccination, are weird, out of proportion.

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