More than 350 people gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona for the first ever “SatanCon” to strategize on how best to promote their satanic agenda.

Discussions included everything from bringing after school satan clubs to schools around the country to advice on raising children in a “satanic household.”

If that’s not depressing enough, once you hear all that what went on during this conference, you’re bound to be horrified.

The situation started when The Satanic Temple wanted to read an invocation before a city council meeting.

The city council shot them down, and the courts stood with the council.

Furious at their inability to speak at the city council meeting, The Satanic Temple acted with vengeance by hosting their first ever “SatanCon” right in Scottsdale, hoping for revenge on the town that denied them a speaking platform.

The “SatanCon” agenda included talks like “How to Bootstrap Your Own Satanic TV Network” and “The History of Satan Across Cultures.”

There were sessions instructing fellow satanists on abortion as a “religious right” – and providing strategies for parents to use when raising their children in a satanic household.

Absolutely horrifying!

Of course, they hosted a session on their latest fixation – the After-School Satan Club.

You see, for years Christians have placed Good News Clubs in schools across the country as an afterschool alternative to the dozens of secular options.

The Satanic Temple hates children learning about Jesus – so they’re determined to counter the work of Christians by introducing a dark alternative.

One school faced massive backlash from parents who discovered that flyers promoting the After School Satan Club were being distributed to elementary school children.

A truly horrendous discovery.

At this very moment, adults are gathered, strategizing how best to push their satanic views onto our children.

The spiritual battle for the souls of our children should bring all of us to our knees in fervent prayer.

As Christians, when we pray, we must remember the promises of God and not lose heart.

Satan may have power on this side of heaven – but Jesus is stronger than darkness – He’s already won the battle!

Thankfully, as this wicked convention took place – Christians all across the world were praying to combat the darkness.

Some even right outside the convention doors.

Fox 10 Phoenix reported:

“We’re out here to let the Satanists know that there’s no place for evil in Arizona. And we’re here to combat that. And we’re here to say that Jesus is Lord,” said a protester, identified only as ‘Marissa.’

Heavenly Father – we surrender our children to you. Oh Lord, please protect their minds from the darkness that surrounds them, and bring messengers of your truth who can show them your ways. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.



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  1. I would rather have anything good to do with any gods and goddesses of the ancient Aryan and Indo-European cosmic system.

    (The Blacks have their cosmic system, and Asians have their cosmic system.)

    • "I would rather have anything good to do with any gods or goddesses…" HUH ?? I can't understand what you're attempting to say. You're using incorrect wording. What are you even saying?

      • I suspect, that the MMR vaccine rendered me autistic along with two of my brothers.

        Anyway, what I mean is, that I have at least a faint interest in the gods and goddesses of the ancient Aryan and Indo-European cosmic system.


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