The EU or Nazi fourth Reich, knows it is checkmated and is trying to negotiate a surrender to Russia, multiple sources confirm. This means the fake Biden regime in the US will also have to surrender or die, the sources promise. “Ukraine is the head of the snake. Once it comes down there is no globalist empire anymore. It is finished,” explains an Australian special forces officer. 

The reason for this defeat is that the Pentagon and the five eyes nations (Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the US) are refusing to fight Russia on behalf of the Nazi EU.

This caused the French military to do an inventory of Nato’s ability to fight Russia minus the Anglo Saxons. They concluded Nato could only hold out for five days against a full-scale Russian attack.

It is also clear this Russian move was planned long ago. That is why Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2021 that Major European political figures have “spoken of the need to create a single space from Lisbon to the Urals. I believe, and I mentioned this, why the Urals? To Vladivostok.”

“Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky knew that war would start on 22 Feb 2022. He knew the exact date a few years back!” an FSB source notes.

Even more intriguing, the Russian coat of arms shows a knight in a white hat trampling a reptilian. Is this just a coincidence or does this mean current events were planned centuries ago?

Whatever the case may be, it is clearly game over for the Khazarian mafia in Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says the Kyiv regime has almost completely lost the ability to manage the administration of the regions and districts of the country.

The FSB and CIA are both saying Khazarian mafia Ukrainian puppet president Volodymyr Zelensky has long since fled to Poland. He has also been promised a rich retirement in Florida. See attached photos of his assets in Costa Rica at Dresner Bank ($1.3 billion) and his $34 million house in Miami, Florida.

As for the Nazi foot soldiers using civilians and human shields in the Ukraine Putin does not expect to reach any agreements with “a gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that are holed up in Kyiv.”

The Russians say the Nazi troops in Ukraine will be treated as criminals and most will be killed outright. It is basically game over.

There is also military activity outside of Ukraine. For example, French intelligence sources say the nation of Moldova located between the Ukraine and Romania has “ceased to exist.”

Swedish intelligence sources say both Finland and Sweden surrendered to Russia last week and promised to stay neutral and stay out of Nato.

The de facto surrender of the rest of Europe to Russia can be seen in many public comments. For example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted in an opinion piece in the New York Times that “This is not a Nato conflict and it will not become one…Russia has an overwhelming force…What happens in Europe will have profound implications worldwide.”

Talk of sanctions against Russia is also pure bluster. That is why German Economy Minister Robert Habeck says his country could not do without Russian oil and warned that “a shortage in supply could threaten social cohesion in Germany.”

To understand what the Russians are thinking, it is good to look back at what their Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin told the Davos gangsters in 2021. He warned that ignoring “systemic socioeconomic problems” was a “dangerous illusion.” He noted “Modern technological giants are de facto competing with states,” and that “global business attempts to replace legal democratic institutions and essentially usurp or restrict the natural right of people to decide for themselves,” had to be stopped. In what amounted to a declaration of war against the KM corporate fascists he concluded “The world cannot continue creating an economy that will only benefit a million people, we must now proceed from stating facts to action,”

The Russian FSB is now negotiating directly with the White Dragon Society about how to replace the post-war Bretton Woods system with something that actually works for the people of the planet. When the FSB told a WDS representative that “81% of all wars from 1945-2001 were started by the US…The US can do all kinds of shit and name it as ‘history’ and not is paying any price for it.” The WDS replied, “The US Corporate government will soon cease to exist and good riddance.”

This sentiment is shared by leaders around the world. For example, to see India’s attitude watch this hilarious 2 minute TV clip.

Since the Pentagon is refusing to fight Russia on behalf of the Nazis who carried out terror attacks like 911 and Fukushima, the KM tried to turn to Turkey for protection. This is what the Turkish official media had to say:

Regardless of what happens, a war between Turkey and Russia must be avoided…If the West brings Russia to its knees, the second step will be to directly turn to Turkey.

The rest of the Muslim world is also shunning the Khazarian mafia-run countries. For example, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan “has struck a deal to import natural gas from Russia – despite outcry over the invasion of Ukraine.”

Saudi Arabia has also broken with the KM and stopped supplying free oil to the KM in exchange for fiat dollars, CIA sources say. That is why gas prices are jumping in the US.

It is the same story in Latin America. For example, Brazil’s Bolsonaro refuses to sanction Russia, says Ukrainians “trusted a comedian with the fate of a nation”

The worldwide disgust with the never-ending evil of the KM means the alliance to remove them is close to final victory, Dragon family sources say.

“Putin has a final move in this chess game. He may nationalize all of Russia. Just as Xi has this plan as a final move. There will not be a nuclear war. A global economic crisis may be necessary to defeat the satanic cabal. If both countries are nationalized it would collapse the global system. A global reboot would be overseen by the alliance” is how a CIA source describes the situation.

The corporate propaganda media is trying to put a brave face on this by pretending their oil, car, tech etc. companies are “withdrawing from Russia” as if they can take the oil wells, factories etc. with them. In fact, they are being confiscated. 

The corporate propagandists also tried to make it seem they could destroy Russia financially by removing it from the SWIFT international bank transfer system. However as MI6 notes “The SWIFT system is essentially a money-laundering system for NATO. It is a legacy system. The BRICS couldn’t care less about SWIFT.”

The same is true about Visa and Mastercard announcing their withdrawal from Russia. The truth is the Russians have already prepared a shift to the Chinese Unionpay payment acceptance network that operates in 180 countries.

“It is time Western nations realized that their complete dominance in the global economy is long gone,” is what the Russian government is saying.

The FSB also notes that Covid vanished from Russia as soon as they shut down the bio-warfare laboratories in Ukraine. The other benefit of their military action there is that most of the world’s spam and e-mail fraud operations have now been shut down. The end of KM money laundering activities in Ukraine is also proving fatal to them, they note.

The loss of both military and economic control has forced the KM to try to negotiate a surrender. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who was arrested recently (“tested positive for Covid and self-isolated”) has agreed to work for the alliance to negotiate a transfer of power away from the KM. That’s why he has been meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on behalf of the KM puppet governments in the United States, France and Germany,” Mossad sources say.

Nonetheless, the KM is desperate and dangerous now and is making multiple attempts to stage a nuclear terror incident. For example, news reports are coming out about a “Cargo Ship Full of Porsches, Volkswagens, Bentleys on Fire in Middle of Atlantic.”

This is what the CIA had to say about the fire:

It was a hit job for sure. The Alliance used a DEW from space. The energy beam hit the engine room and melted everything. There was no way to extinguish the fire. The alliance knew that there was a nuclear device on board the cargo ship that was headed for Rhode Island to be used in a false flag event in the States

The Russian Tass news agency also reported “the nationalist Azov battalion are planning to blow up a reactor at the National Research Center of the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology and accuse the Russian Armed Forces.”

The KM is also still hoping they can assassinate their way out of trouble. That is why Carolina senator Lindsey Graham said Putin should be assassinated in order to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Here is what the CIA had to say about that “Lindsey Graham will very soon be tested positive for Covid a second time. He will self isolate himself at home. (We know that he will be arrested and undergo interrogation by the alliance). If he reappears, he will be wearing the GPS boot. Most likely he will disappear. A cover story will be created. He crossed over the line.” 

Washington DC is also being blockaded by trucks now in a move to put an end to the criminal fake Biden regime. It is just a matter of time now before the plug is pulled on that entire show. Take a look at some of the photos and videos below to see just how out of touch the so-called G7 leadership has become. Note the fake Kamala Harris, the fake Biden, the cross-dressing leaders of Canada, Ukraine, France etc. and you get an idea of how degenerate things have become.




Also, please note these so-called leaders have yet to pay for the fake pandemic and vaccine war crimes. In case you didn’t notice, whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England

There are similar reports of vaccine damage emerging from around the world. That is why the US Senate just voted to end the national emergency over the so-called Covid. They are just the latest in a growing movement to put an end to the entire scamdemic.

In Canada meanwhile, the provincial governments and military etc. are openly disobeying Justin Castro’s attempt to turn Canada into a totalitarian vaccine state. MI6 sources say they have reviewed Justin Castro’s entire history going right back to grade school and have concluded he is a Manchurian candidate and traitor. Do not expect him to be around much longer. You can say the same about Emanuelle Macron and many others. 

Humanity is being liberated and there will be no stopping it.

Finally this week we would like to share this video of an otherworldly UFO. A NASA source involved in project Bluebeam says “I have never seen anything like this. This is not BlueBeam. My best analysis: this is a portal that opened up, showing another world of technology”.

Here is another mysterious phenomenon that was filmed in Russia recently.


In yet another sign these are not normal times, you can see a huge amount of UFOs in a BBC report about the situation in the Ukraine.

Whether it is Bluebeam or something else these events both earthly and otherworldly, clearly sign the planet earth is going through changes of biblical proportions. A new age dawns.




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  1. There is so much nonsense in this article, I don't even know where to begin….. this reads like a conspiracy theorist fan fiction when there isn't much evidence to back most of these claims up.

  2. Since Germany is in negotiations as well, due to they are still an occupied Nation, and technically 'The Third Reich' still exist, does that mean Germany will get back their Territories as well that are occupied by others??
    This is Very important, as the Eastern part is presently occupied by Poland, Czech Republic & Lithuania. All these German Territories Still Belong to The German Empire (also known as Deutsche Reich) according to International Law and admitted by the 'Federal Constitution Court.' (FRG)
    So the Real East Germany consist of areas as Silesia, East Brandenburg and the Sudetenland, occupied by Czech Republic. These areas are Very large Territories Stolen after WW2 by the Communist Bolshevik.
    Will Russia be Hypocrits on this known fact, or will they Comply to 'Moral Law.'

  3. If we want PEACE in Europe, the 'FATE' of Ukraine must be the same as that of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia! Peace on Earth!

  4. interesting article and if you saw this video, you have to know that the good guys won whatever the bad ones try to do

  5. So were supposed to be impressed with Vladimir Putin belonging to Devos, World Economic Forum & speaking with the real "Nazi," Klaus Schwab.
    The World and its information is truly upside down. What we should expect from the Russians who Praise as being some kind of Victors/liberators of WW2 with the Allies, whom Continue to Cover Up the Genocide of not only their own people, but the 'Red Army' involvement with the Genocide of the Rape, Torture & Genocide of the Germans.
    The suffering of the Russians & Germans could have ended in 1941, if it wasn't for the United States, Britain, & Bolshevik Red Army that all came to the rescue. Hidden from history, an early morning attack by a Coalition of 8 Nations, led by Germany June 22nd 1941, ended Stalin's plan to invade Europe 7-10-1941, with the Wallstreet funded Bolshevik/Communist. The 8 Nations along Germany side sends Stalin now into hiding, U.S. now plans for War.
    See Russia what you Celebrate every year on your suppose "Freedom Day" the Celebration of killing your own for another 30 years…
    So lets ask the question, "Who created this fake Nazi movement in Ukraine??

    • From what I understand Putin WAS part of the Devos and WEF but then he betrayed them at some point. Now he works for the alliance.

      • Patrick, That maybe so, but doesn't change the ignorance of the Russian people & what should be obvious about their own history. "Victory Day" really! Like that is something to be proud of.

        • There is much occult history on wars. All staged (real blood) THEATRE: Same crap, same above: Russia VAX, lack info complications, QR, and on top bulk of WEF Cyberpoligon (ATTACK plans) prepared by russians, way on digital currency: Cool Putin (savior cristianity,biolabs, etc) same lie as Trump-Q. Didn,t his spions smell anything worth to be warned to us on plandemic, deadly injeccions? BTW, now partnering gov' cocktail Sputnik Pf Mdrna .
          War needed for… next one : WWIII, famine, chaos… Reset-Slavery


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