David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, & Fall of the Cabal

Published on 16 Nov 2017, 41 minute video

David Wilcock interviewed by David Seaman — presented by http://fulcrum.news

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Sisterhood of the Rose Taiwan – Bringing Back the Goddess Dance!

On November 4, many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors participated in a Sisterhood of the Rose gathering, on this full moon night with a northeastern Monsoon in the air.

We didn’t see the moon, but we clearly perceived the goddess’s strength and tender love flowing amongst us all.

We built the campfire next to little crescent bay as a symbol of the Goddess.

We were all together dancing next to the campfire, like angels flying. The ceremony was so powerful and full of Light!

We were all together meditating, doing the Goddess Vortex.

We had so much joy and fun above the warm water…

The night was faint, but the silver wave lit the spark of the moonlit night.

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Have Mass Arrests Truly Started? Radionics Man Ivan Is Back With Special Help For Lightworkers + News

With talk of sealed indictments in DC & Eastern Virginia & violent “protests” being organized by the Cabal in an attempt to stop all this … along with ‘fail-safe’ operations by the White Hats to protect the public during the Mass Arrests … we get into what’s likely to happen, and the order in which it’s likely to happen.

In this exciting episode, we bring back Ivan Anderson with his revelation of how PROPER Grounding through ACTUAL digestion of food….. (through shock, trauma or chronic duress … MOST of us don’t properly digest our food)… which in-turn affects our grounding … thus, our ability to ground our Light into Gaia’s Grids & this world, to help fulfill our soul purpose here… Never-mind actually being able to also:

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Beautiful and Simple Way to Call the Goddess Presence onto Earth through your own Life and Being!

Devi Prayer ♥ Hymn to the Divine Mother Akasha ♥ Music by Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi

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Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat? – by David Wilcock

49 top Saudi officials were arrested and hundreds more have had their bank accounts seized, beginning on November 4th.

Once we understand that these individuals were coordinating ISIS, 9/11 and other “false flag” attacks for the Cabal, the significance of these arrests becomes quite awesome.

The above image is of some of these officials trying to sleep on tiny cots and single blankets under the bright lights of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia.

This is only one of dozens of explosive news stories all suggesting… you guessed it… Something Very Big is Coming, as we forecasted in Parts One and Two.

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Here We Go! … Special Episode of Ground Crew Command For Official Launch of the 144,000 Activation Campaign @ 11/11/17 – 11am MST

It’s time to do it!

 It’s time to throw caution to the wind … fulfill your soul purpose at a much higher level … and transform this world we are here to liberate.

 No more being on the back-foot, both in your personal life or in the collective external world.

 No more of the status-quo tyranny running our lives & deciding the fate of humanity.

 Goddess has commanded the full & unconditional liberation of us all. She has authorized our request for abundance to be unleashed … wonderous suppressed technologies to be released …

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Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH

Stranger Things | Based on a True Story | Montauk Project

Rife Machine Facts, 144k Official Launch Date is 11–11, Phase IV RELEASED [DNA Activation], Cobra Post Analyzed + MUCH More

So much on this week’s episode … at the ‘coincidental’ time when planetary liberation on the physical plane is gathering momentum for the first time.

This week … The Unknown Lightwarrior puts his military analysis hat on too (well, it’s never really off :- ) … to help the many people who’ve missed the profound positive messages, meanings, and ramifications of Cobra’s latest post.

… and above all, what all this means to US in terms of what we need to do to accelerate planetary liberation.

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How to Stop a Bully

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