Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews — Part Two

Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Everard Mercurian (1514-1580)

Being children of this world, pompous, cunning, fake, self-seeking, etc., it is certain that they fit religious life very badly and that it is impossible to maintain union with them. If those of this blood are made superiors, they employ almost all their government in external things: they promote genuine mortification and solid virtues very little, and seem to be merchants, seeking first seats and being called rabbis; they are hardly eager to seek perfection that is described in the parts 5 and 6 of the Constitutions; and readily admit others of the same blood who are very unworthy.”
Manuel Rodrigues, Jesuit curia in Rome.

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How turmeric kills cancer and how to optimize curcumin absorption

Tumeric packs a color punch.
Adapted from article by Michael Edwards of Organic Lifestyle Magazine. Article here:

Turmeric is a bright yellow root with a tan skin that is typically used in Middle Eastern, Northern African, and Southeast Asian cuisine. Turmeric is one of the main ingredients in curry spice blends, and it makes a great addition to soups, meats, salads, stir-fry dishes, and more. It’s a versatile herb that enhances the flavor of a great many dishes.

Curcuminoids are the beneficial compounds within turmeric. Specifically, curcumin, one of these specific compounds, is considered to be the most potent, medicinally powerful, cancer-killing component of turmeric. Curcumin helps to detoxify and rejuvenate the liver, reduces negative effects of iron overload (and this is important because iron with sweet wormwood is a powerful cancer killer too), increases antioxidant capacity in the body, regenerates brain cells and improves cognitive function, reduces likelihood of and treats Alzheimer’s, is anti-inflammatory, reduces heart disease risk, reduces depression, and fights premature aging.

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Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews – Part One

Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. and the Occidental Observer with Rights

The Original full text book, 316 pages, is free for download and distribution with proper attribution under commons.

As an editorial note from VT, the read itself is a useful dialog on historical studies of the Jesuits and the Inquisition.  I have known some of the source authors for years.  Gail Evans, now deceased and missed dearly, was our resident expert on this subject.

There are Q and A comment boards at the original site with some value for those with scholarly interest.  Suffice it to say, there is controversy.  The idea of Jewish origins of the Jesuit order and of the assertion that same maintained a contiguous agenda for centuries is well supported.

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Cobra Situation Update

2018 will be a year of many breakthroughs. The Light Forces are creating a powerful unified field throughout the Solar system in the second phase of an important operation that was already mentioned a few times in this blog and is codenamed Mjolnir. The second phase of this operation started on January 3rd and will be completed in early March ( a short delay from the previous estimate of late February ). This is intuitively described in the following article:

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Heroin, Crack, Meth Addiction and Vitamin C !

We don’t usually think of Vitamin C when we think of helping people kick addictive drugs. See what you think after you hear this video.

In this 9+ minute video, Dr. Alex Schauss talks about treating meth, cocaine and heroin addicts with large doses of Vitamin C.    The treatment is effective and low in cost.  A win for everybody?  It could be.

Worth a listen. Click here.

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Nestlé bottles water–and lots of it–from California’s drought-stricken landscape

One of many rivers in California. A lot of rain fell in the 2016-17 winter, but the drought lingers on.          (photo:
Adapted from an article by Jay Syrmopoulos at The Free Thought Project.

Nestlé Corp,  that big, diverse, multinational company, has been taking more than 60 million gallons of water per year from the San Bernardino National Forest, according to California regulators.  The 60 million gallons amounts to billions of gallons of water stolen over the past 68 years — without any valid basis of right to the water.

A two-year investigation by the California State Water Resources Control Board revealed that Nestlé, which sells water under the Arrowhead brand, lacked the proper permits for the vast majority of the water taken.

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Reverse Insulin Resistance With These 8 Foods

Turmeric, Root and Ground — Image by © Steve Lupton/Corbis

Research indicates that you don’t need drugs to control blood sugar.  Food, herbs, and spices are the future of medicine.

Over 80 million Americans have insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.  And you could be on the road to diabetes for 10 years or more and never even know it.  Here’s what happens.

The hormone insulin directs your cells to open up and take in glucose from the blood.  With insulin resistance, your cells become desensitized to insulin.  They ignore the instructions to open up and take in glucose.  Your body keeps producing more insulin to try to get the message heard.  But it doesn’t work.  And your insulin levels rise higher and higher.

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In a bid to assist addicts, rather than lock users in cages, Norway’s parliament voted last week to decriminalize all drugs — citing Portugal and its general success lowering addiction and incarceration rates, getting those who need it into treatment, and drastically reducing crime and other issues related to the illegality of substances for personal use — thus, becoming the first Scandinavian nation to do so.

Four major political parties campaigned in favor of the revolutionary shift in policy, and a majority vote in Storting, Norwegian parliament, brought to fruition their efforts to, as Nicolas Wilkinson, health spokesman for the Socialist Left (SV) party, explained“stop punishing people who struggle, but instead give them help and treatment.”

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Child Marriage And Rape Is Still Legal In Yemen

(FILES) — A file photo taken on April 15, 2008 shows Yemeni child Nojoud Mohammed Ali speaking to the press following a public hearing regarding her arranged marriage at a court in Sanaa. A Yemeni girl who broke with tribal tradition to obtain a divorce were named on November 10, 2008 among Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year.” More unusually, the magazine also awarded its prize to human rights lawyer Shada Nasser and Nujood Ali. As a 10-year-old bride in Yemen, Ali took the stand in court, aided by Nasser, and was granted a historic divorce. AFP PHOTO/KHALED FAZAA (Photo credit should read KHALED FAZAA/AFP/Getty Images)

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