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As more and more details of Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell emerge, it’s nothing short of amazing that we hasn’t already ruined his dad’s career. Plus, he’s such a class act – wait until you find out what his laptop password is. It’s a doozy. We ponder the existential question – what the hell are we doing in Ukraine? Is Putin a commie bastard? We have a lively discussion in the Rumble Chat Room! And, the FDA has finally said it – COVID 19 is basically to be treated like the flu (insert face palm here).

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  1. The title of this post is off-key, suggesting that…. "finally" the FDA says…. etc. etc. As if this was the case all along. That's not how it's made known, or is published at all. The suggestion is published that COVID-19 needs to be accepted as another respiratory virus like influenza. That's tendentious. See what's reported here:

    'Top officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wrote Monday that, going forward, Americans will have to accept COVID-19 as another respiratory virus like influenza.

    FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock and the agency’s top vaccine official, Dr Peter Marks, wrote that COVID-19 will be in circulation for the foreseeable future and must be accepted as another common virus in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Like with influenza, this new reality will likely require annual COVID-19 shots to be tailored around the most threatening strains of the virus, the officials wrote".


    Always, it's better to receive the news from the horse's mouth, and not from 2 guys who are having fun on their own terms, discussing topics that are mostly relevant only to the US population, not even going into detail about this statement of the FDA.

    Poor investigation of news-source is my conclusion, as much by these 2 American guys as by Derek, who presents this post. Never be in a hurry please, when it's about reporting, the choice of content on this virtual PFC school board shouldn't comply with the hype of sensational news, where fact-checking is ignored, causing misinterpretation for the sake of what those present in the classroom wish to hear: junkfood for their eyes and ears.

    • Correction: what I meant by "tendentious", is the choice of the title in this post. Suggesting something that isn't factual and true.


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