It was Dr Fauci’s wife who drafted the policy to intimidate vaccine resistors. The newly discovered document comes amid debate over Fauci’s choice to support research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology on “killer” bat coronaviruses.

Anthony Fauci’s wife, who also heads the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center’s Department of Bioethics, wrote an article justifying the morality of firms “pressuring employees to get vaccinated” and “embarrass[ing] vaccine resistors.”


The study, titled “The Ethics of Encouraging Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccination,” (read below) was financed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center and the National Human Genome Research Institute, and included Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, as one of the authors.

The report was published in March 2022 in response to efforts by the White House and Democratic Party legislators across the country to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for federal and state employees.

Grady’s paper focuses on the “ethics of encouragement strategies aimed at overcoming vaccine reluctance (which can be due to resistance, hesitance, misinformation, or inertia) to facilitate voluntary employee vaccination.”

Grady and her three co-authors explain why it is “ethically acceptable” to “subtly pressure employees to get vaccinated”:

While employment-based vaccine encouragement may raise privacy and autonomy concerns, and though some employers might hesitate to encourage employees to get vaccinated, our analysis suggests ethically acceptable ways to inform, encourage, strongly encourage, incentivize, and even subtly pressure employees to get vaccinated.

The study asserts that vaccine mandates might be “ethically appropriate” if “clear articulation about the consequences of not complying with the policy.”

“In that circumstance, employees have a choice between getting vaccinated or accepting the consequences of a choice to remain unvaccinated,” it explains.

Other strategies listed by Grady for increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates within a company include providing “targeted statistics (such as 75% of the company or unit have been vaccinated) to spur competition or even implicitly embarrass vaccine resistors.”

“There can be social consequences associated with peer communication about vaccination, such as stigma and ostracization of those not vaccinated,” the paper asserts.


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  1. Who do these entities think they are? The righteous of the world will be the world's death. They are so full of themselves and their rightness that they must find it hard to see beyond themselves. I believe what they suffer from is called arrogance. This type is not only offensive to others but also deadly. Just as they believe only the righteous should survive, but the rest of us need to be eradicated. Deuteronomy:
    The meek shall inherit the earth," and when they do, they will proceed to govern it.

  2. When we have a known PSYCHOPATH, Dr. Fauci (read “The Real Anthony Fauci" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr). married to the head of a SO-CALLED bioethics department who pushes for UNETHICAL coercion ("The Policy To Intimidate Vaccine Resistors") it is EVIDENT that we live in a psychopathic cult peddled as a free open democratic society —

  3. These jerks do not intimidate me.
    Ive only had about 6 vaccines my entire life.
    Ive never taken a flu vaccine and Im 56.
    We had only a few vaccines in the late 1960s and I have my original vaccine card from childhood.
    Our son is not fully vaccinated and didnt receive any boosters at middle school age.
    New parents are vaccinated their children exponentially compared to past generations.
    I hear it may be 60 vaccines by age 18.
    Why would any parent assume this is normal and OK?
    How can one body survive 60 vaccines in 18 years, especially when its developing .
    Wake up Parents before its too late to save your child.


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