There are basic important concepts that are not taught in our Schools and Churches. These concepts deal with our ability to navigate through the Cabal conditioning that we were taught as slaves. This was so that we would be good obedient slaves living in the debt-slavery financial system that we just thought was a normal way of life. We are taught to be Obedient and not complain. What book do we read that talks about being Obedient to things other people have said to us? Perhaps the Bible? It’s a common Cabal theme. See the pattern.

To “Them” we are just livestock needing to be fed. If they lower the need for food by culling the herd, then we are not as much of a burden for them. (Covid-19?)

I ask you and all of your friends and neighbors if they think this is true, or is Ron Giles just pontificating again so he can pretend to be on the leading edge of the construct we live under?

It is sad to say that conspiracy theorists have a different way of looking at things that others don’t or won’t see. Why is that true?

Look at this. In 2008 we had a major financial downturn that caused much uplevel in the financial markets. Banks were considered to be too big to fail with the crashing down of society. So, Obama started giving banks billions of dollars; over 700 billion, and the Fed did exactly the same thing for the banks. I reasoned at the time that if he gave that much money to the people, we would heal the bank problems without bailing them out. As it was, it was just a ruse to give the Banksters more funds to continue to do the same dastardly deeds they have done in the past, to keep these crybaby Satanists happy while destroying We The People. Their billions in take-home funds were evidenced in the many reports that showcased these miscreants basking in their Castles while the rest of us barely made it through.

Is it hard to see that the Satanist’s communities stick together and take care of each other while we, the livestock, are just given what’s left?

That is the PAST in our past present and future theme.

The Cabal’s greatest lives are in their past. Is it fair to say that the Cabal types own the PAST and want us to remember it so we will relive the tragedies and recreate them in our future? This is the creation process at work and it is done for those who want to control us, so we just obey because that’s what we do. Does this make you happy?…it doesn’t make me happy either.

What about the Present? Who owns the Present? We do! The Present is ours to create what we want. The past coupled with the present will create the Future. Is that fair to say? Universal law says that is true. Let’s take a look-see.

Creative energy is always in play. The Universe exists to help us create what we want in our future. Do we, as creators, own the Present? Maybe so. We tell the Universe what we want when we focus on “Things.” When we focus on something, we are using our life force energies to create the things we focus on. That is a Natural Universal law. The Universe sees our focus and determines that that is what we want. Unless we take control, there is an auto-pilot that is controlling it for us. We are the Creators, NOT the Universe. We tell the Universe what we want by what we focus on. Can you argue with this concept? If we look to the past, we find that the stuff we focused on BACK THEN, is now being manifested in our present moments. And you say to yourself, I would never create that again, yet you did create it again and perhaps time and time again by what you continuously focused upon while thinking about past things that have an emotional trauma for you.

The beautiful woman gets out of a terrible relationship and goes around telling everyone about her problems with a past relationship. Then she goes to the bar looking for a better mate and finds one that over time is just the same relationship as the one she rejected before. She did everything the Universe needed to help her out with what the Universe believed she wanted. Why? Because that is what she focused on. Does she understand what she did? “Hell no,” she says, “I would never create that type of relationship again.”

Yet until she learns the axiom; That which you focus on, is what is created, she will create and recreate the same problem with a new companion(s).

Why didn’t we learn this by going to church, or going to school? Why didn’t our parents teach us this vital creation process for us to have a decent life? Obedience is a terrible thing if we are taught to be obedient to things outside of us. Why don’t we go within and find out what our Heart wants us to do? Can we learn these things to teach our children what our Parents didn’t know to teach us?

We, Humans, are children of Our Father/Mother God. Yeshua (Jesus) was raised in an Essene Community where he was taught the concepts of the “Rights of the Sepulcher.” This concept included the process of Crucifixion of the Old and the Resurrection to a new way of life.

This way is the higher teachings that Yeshua had to learn to be the Messiah, the King of Kings. Yeshua said, “come follow me, greater things than I have done shall you do.” How do we follow Him in using the Rights of the Sepulcher to find the greater love and life He promised?

In order to follow Yeshua, do we need to subject ourselves to the Crucifixion and the Resurrection that Yeshua went through? I don’t think so, but ours will be the more Spiritual process of dying from the old ways and creating the new as a new way of life. This “Rights of the Sepulcher ” was a Spiritual Initiation that was part of the Essene teachings. An ‘Initiation’ is an event that one goes through that changes their life forever.

It’s hard for us to think that we are anything better than what we think we are. Yet we have been given a calling to be a sacred Humanitarian to bring in the fullness of the Golden Age of Mankind. It is our responsibility to Crucify our old ways (Slave Mentality) and Resurrect ourselves into the newness of life that is waiting for us (Abundance Mentality). This is the “way” that the “Teacher of Righteousness,” (Yeshua) taught that we may become likened to Him. How far in this Initiation process of change have we gone through? If you don’t know about it, how to do it, and that you need to go through it, it doesn’t get done? You can plead innocent and not be guilty, but it is still not done. Being a true Humanitarian and one that receives the needed tools comes after your “Resurrection Initiation” when you have permanently changed your life so you can do God’s work effectively.

Which one of us is not willing to do all that is expected of us to fulfill our callings from God? Which one of us is willing to cleanse ourselves by focusing on the Golden Age of Mankind and letting the old just fade away?

If the Cabal, the Satanists live in our past, is there a way to cleanse ourselves to the point that we disassociate from their 3D playground and use our focus on the things we want from a different venue? We create this in the Present moment, through the things we focus on. If our focus is on things from the past and reliving them in the present, then our creation result is to create those things we don’t want that happened in the past. What if we don’t go to that playground anymore and create a new “Present” playground that we can use to focus on what we want to create? Then our future will be void of the bad things we don’t want to create. Is it really that simple? What can we do to make that change?

We unknowingly have created habits that keep us in the Satanist’s playground. Breaking those habits can give us the newness we desire. But what are they?

Talking about our past problems is normal, but when we focus on the old problems, we recreate them anew. Spending our time on old stuff creates an emotional response. Some of that may be innocent, but it all adds up. Just eliminate those emotional attachments to things we don’t want.

Creating new things like a vision board of things we want, things that make us happy; a home, a car, a trip, an experience of something new, some new clothes, a fudge chocolate Sundae for obtaining a goal, anything that brings you happiness. Set in motion a new set of Commands, anything of a creative nature that takes time to achieve. Being a creative Human Being changes the way of the past as an observer instead of being a participant. Keeping your mind on productive things that bring you, Joy is a great way to use your mental capacities.

The Present is our creative period that can create a future full of abundant things.

My suggestion is to eliminate most if not all our thinking about the past. That’s where the Satanists draw us into their arena and shower us with dark energies. Recognize when this is taking place and just change your thoughts. Don’t participate in remembrance of past emotional trauma. Why should we remember the Holocaust or a bad accident?

The Cabal wants us to remember these things so that we won’t create them again, or so they say. Yet focusing on them makes us create that emotional trauma anew, which is just the opposite of what we want. The Cabal are no dummies. They know exactly what they are doing. The Cabal doesn’t have to create the Holocaust again when they can remind us again and again and we recreate and relive the emotional trauma from the past without having to go through it again. They are genius. So, we just obey the slave masters and recreate the emotional trauma at every moment we are supposed to obey their commands. And we think we are free? Not so, we are duped, not free. We unknowingly play the game every time it is offered. Be vigilant in the present so that we don’t recreate the past trauma in the present moment.

The determination to make these changes in your life is your new calling. The Alliance will help you if you ask. Use the Commands to get the more specific changes you want. This is your time to Crucify all things that hold you back. Your creation ability will sustain you as you attempt to Resurrect yourself in the newness of your coming life. You will be given all the help you need, BUT you are the only one who can make the commitment to change the way of your old self (Crucifixion) and join in with the new changes that are taking place (Resurrection).

I send my love and appreciation for all you are and all you can do to fulfill your sacred Calling as a Humanitarian. Now it is time to start living like the Humanitarian that will be given the tools to accomplish what you came here to do. Only our highest and best creations will ensure our success. Creating from the past will destroy your ability to be fully present in the future. Be the creator you are and create from your heart center.

The Alliance is rounding up the team. They will recognize you by your willingness to fully qualify for all that you are to receive. I hope we all make it.

Blessings to us all in our Crucifixion and Resurrection Initiation.

Source: Ron

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  1. Not the Torah, it doesn't tell us to do that, maybe what the christians call the NT writings says that but not the Jewish Torah. The NT writings are false and fake anyway. The Torah is good and correct and the instruction for life from the Creator of the Universe.

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  3. Keeping your mind on productive things that bring you, Joy is a great way to use your mental capacities. I just had a coffee and 2 all butter short bred biscuits that brought me joy


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