By Sami Jamil Jadallah,

Over the last number of years, successive Israeli governments have increased its targeted assassinations of what they perceived as “Palestinian Terrorists” expanding the use of “terrorists” to any Palestinian whether armed or not armed who resists the 50 years old Israeli military and settlers’ occupation.During last year the Israeli government of Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and Naftali Bennet (Yamina) killed more than 150 Palestinians in continued military raids mostly on Jenin and Nablus. The practice of “targeted assassinations’ of Palestinian resistance fighters continued under the new government of Israel as witnessed with the raid on Jenin that killed 9 Palestinians.

As expected the entire “civilized world” condemned the killing and murder of the 7 Israeli Illegal Settlers in Occupied East Jerusalem while silent on the almost daily killings of Palestinians by both the IDF and the many armed Jewish trespassing land thief’s Settlers. Only Israeli Jews whether military or armed civilians are worthy of sympathy while dead and killed Palestinians are condemned not worthy of any sympathy and the rights to live. The killing of Illegal Settlers in East Jerusalem was deemed “an attack on the civilized world”. What makes the Israeli daily raids on Jenin? An attack on the uncivilized world. Truly fuxed up world.

The ironic thing is that taking up arms and fighting a foreign occupation is accepted throughout history, especially by the French, the Belgium, the Dutch, the Norwegian, the Polish, the Greeks taking up arms against German Nazi Occupation. This is legitimate but taking up armed against the American Occupation of Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan is seen as “terrorism”. Same is true of armed resistance against colonial occupation by France of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia or Italy Occupation of Libya is deemed ‘terrorism”

The question I raise is what is the difference between White Christian Europe taking up armed resistance against Nazi Germany or “colored/non Whites Arabs or Vietnamese taking up armed against White Christian America or Jewish Israel. Someone please try to explain to me why Palestinians or Algerians or Vietnamese are deemed terrorists while the French or the Dutch are deemed freedom fighters?

Over the years, since way before the founding of the Israeli State, Jewish settlers have engaged in “terrorists “activities against Palestinians whether it is bombing of markets, or massacres of villages or bombing of hotels or poisoning of water wells. Or bombing and destroying dozens of civilian airliners in Beirut airport or high jacking civilian airliners in international airspace, Israeli Jewish terrorism surpassed all acts of known terrorism acts.

While there is no definition of “targeted assassinations’ in international law, the Israeli states have committed between 2002-2008 over 387 targeted assassinations of Palestinians outside of Palestine with 153 deemed collateral damage.

What is so interesting is how the Israeli Supreme Court justify the killing of “Palestinian Civilians”. This Israeli Supreme Court ruled on 14 December 2006 justifying the deliberate murder of Palestinians whether by the army or security forces or armed settlers “action taking place in international armed conflicts (Occupation) that “civilians” are “terrorists” though lacking combatant status under International law, yet they are civilians participating directly in hostility losing their immunity as civilians.

With this definition, the Israeli Supreme Court justified the killing of civilians who though not carrying weapons are legitimate target because they are hostile to the Israeli military and settler’s occupation,

The recent appointments of the likes of Bezalel Smotrich (Ukrainian Jew) of “Religious Zionism” as finance minister and the appointment of Itamar Ben Givr, A Kurdish Jew “Jewish Power” as minister of national security does not bid for any calms but an escalation of the conflicts between the Occupied and the Occupier and the killings of both Palestinians and Israeli Jews.

Adding to the conflicts with the Israeli Military and Settler’s Occupation is the Palestinian Leadership of Mahmoud Abbas who over 19 years of a 4 year terms have committed over 100,000 Palestinian Security Forces to aiding and protecting the Israeli Occupation providing intelligence and security cooperation to the Israelis that enables the IDF to target and murder Palestinians deemed hostile to the Israeli Occupation consistent with ruling of the Israeli Supreme Court that all “civilians” are deemed hostile to the Israeli Occupation losing their immunity as “civilians”.

While hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews took to the streets of Israeli protesting the new Israeli government, it is all about the attempts by Bibi Netanyahu to interfere with the existing legal system which in all cases deems Palestinians guilty as charged in the Israeli Jewish legal system. But an Israeli Occupation of over 50 years, expanded settlements, siege of Gaza, demolitions of thousands of homes, administrative detentions lasting for years is not an issue or of concern and the constant criminal siege of Gaza is not worthy of protest.

Final question, without an end to the Israeli Military and Settlers’ Occupations when will the Palestinians have any rights to resist and fight the Occupation whether in armed or unarmed?

Are the Palestinians an exception simply because they are resisting a “Jewish Occupation”? Is it pure racism against the Palestinians and the guilt feeling by the “civilized world “of centuries of Anti-Semitism, Pogroms and of course the systematic murder of six million Jews in the German Holocaust? It is clear that Palestinians and Israeli Jews are an exception to the general rule, one kill and the other die.

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