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  1. And just a thought to think to consider. These are "wef_elites".
    And this is their level of "vee are da-Future!" mind set to thinking thru to evolve to and with.
    Complete abomination and deepest dark cast of evil, as in that other ink spot, Deepest Dark documentary. Beyond viral sickness of a putrid mind set.
    And so the daily clown show carries on.
    This is beyond shock and awe. Its all vibrational zapping shock and Zero Awe of anything tied to anything of this type of .. words cannot express, and this is how man kind has evolved too and to the what. Nuke the planet and sterilize it. Guess this grows to show, its another faulted outcome. Tap the Restart Button and try once again. Maybe one day a Similar type of mankind can evolve to a more refined state of conduct and know that whom they all see are simply a mirrored reflection. Wonder if man can ever get anything right in the eye's of our Creator(s). Certainly not like this level of thinking conduct!

    • Tim this group of people have never evolved that is the problem and we can all take responsibility by refusing to accept any of this degridation and fighting for the minds of our children by taking control and seeing them off. They are deliberately trying to degrade society and we are not going to allow it. Action needs to be taken do not allow your children to be exposed to the filth and pornography they are being force fed at school. Go in there on mass as parents and insist it be removed and the teachers be removed who are propagating this. I am going to write to the RSPCA and report them for animal abuse animals only have sex for procreating their species they are not to be used as sex toys for these perverted deviants and no that is not what the average man or woman wishes to do. This is 100% unacceptable write to your MP today telling them we want laws made to protect animals and children for these adversaries who are intent on degrading and destroying every thing worth having. We all need to play our part in stopping this. God bless all


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