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Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular books “Deep State” and “Crimes of the Educators,” predicted at the beginning is this year that the Deep State demons will have one crisis after another to keep people confused and afraid.  The latest crisis is the economic and ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.  Newman says expect many more disasters and explains, “All across the country we are seeing very bizarre things happen.  Factories and chemical plants going up in flames, food processing facilities blowing up, airplanes crashing in mysterious ways, and I think we are heading into an era of really serious crisis.  Last summer, I was putting together the wave of crises that the Deep State was preparing for us, and one of the terms I used was ‘polycrisis.’  Then, right before the World Economic Forum meeting this year, they actually put on their website is 2023 the year of the polycrisis?  Of course, it will be the year of the polycrisis.  I think we are prepared and being groomed for cyber-attacks, currency crisis, economic crisis and, of course, Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan.  I think all of this is going to be used for a series of never-ending crises until we are ready to give up our freedoms, give up our national sovereignty and self-government, and move towards this crazy totalitarian, technocratic system they want.”

Newman says it’s not going to be a kind transition for most people.  Newman says, “The thing that is so hard for people to understand is that there are very powerful people that are working together, and they absolutely want to kill you.  That is not speculation.  These people have been openly saying for a century that they believe there are too many people on this planet. . . .  The eugenics movement never died.  Margaret Sanger, the Rockefellers, Dr. Joseph Mengele was funded by the Rockefeller dynasty.  These people are very much still around.  Bill Gates is the perfect example.  His dad was on the board of Planned Parenthood, the largest butcher of unborn babies in America. . . . Bill Gates says openly and frequently that there are too many people on this planet.  He wants to use vaccines and healthcare to reduce the number of people on the planet.”

Newman has a dark warning for America and explains, “Now that they are done with America and we are no longer useful and an obstacle to this global agenda, they need to knock us out.  They may not want to resort to nuclear bombs, but if they did, it would not surprise me. . . .  America is founded on very important ideals, and these are, once again, making a resurgence.  Our self-evident truths that are enshrined in our Constitution, that God created us equally, that God gave us the right to property.  God gave us our right to life.  Government exists to protect these rights.  These are Biblical ideas distilled into a political document. . . . These are ideals that are fundamental to liberty, and as long as the United States exists in its present form . . . . America is a major threat to this agenda.  I don’t think we should put it past them that they would use nuclear bombs against us.  I also think there is a fifth column in Washington that would be more than happy to collaborate.

There is much more in the 35-min interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the book “Deep State” for 3.1.23.

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  1. So the event that you have been blabbering about is just a big lie. This prepare for change is controlled opposition to keep us from acting. We need to be the heroes we are waiting for.

  2. Yes, it may be true alright, that "they" want to kill many of us.
    The one thing we should and better "must" keep in mind, is that we're up against our human collective reckoning.
    Not by an external authority, but by our inner human history book. To each his own.

    Those who believe that the past will repeat itself by slippng in the future through the present time, will have a hard time living for the bright future that will be determined by those who know how to leave the past in the peace of a clear conscience.

    A peace, not won by war or a struggle by means of a fury and judgment within, but won by awakening through the Portal of the Heart, enduring those challenges, now and in the coming months. We're all in this together.????????‍????‍????????‍????‍????‍????????‍????‍????‍????????‍????‍????‍????????‍????????‍????‍????????‍????

    One of the challenges is to stand in the Eye of the Storm, and not resist. Our existence is transforming from density to less density, with a more fluid sense of time. Non linear.

    As some of you may have noticed, the state of one's mind, emotional body, and physical condition is reflected by the outside world faster than ever before. Energy flows where attention goes.

    When it's becoming evident that we all MUST hop on the Hogwart Express for that School of Wizardry ????‍♀️????‍♂️ to start our ascension proces, while staying alive, we'd better make sure to carry a bag of Jelly Slugs, and Hocus Pocus Pops in our pockets.

    And live up to the tasks ahead. And when we die, it shall only be remembered by how we moved through that Portal, entering a new life.

    There's no escape from physical death, for most of us, it's recommended to become good friends.????


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