Is the coming solar flash event orchestrated, to further control us?

Spring is officially here and the equinox energies have shaken us all up from our winter sleeps. Banks are failing, Trump might get arrested, war talk between Russia and the UK. Things are certainly moving into a crescendo. Personally, for me, these past few days have shifted things into a higher gear as well. This has mostly to do with the information I’ve been taking in about the coming solar flash event from an extraordinary YT channel called Archaix, by Jason Breshears.

Jason Breshears from Archaix

Jason is an extremely thorough researcher on the historic chronology of humanity. He’s an ex-convict that has spent more than 20 years in prison and used most of that time reading books to study old-world history. He had a special connection with the Book Tree, a metaphysical bookstore in San Diego, which is how he obtained the books during his time.

These are the kind of old books that are not redacted and edited, basically the only source for reliable information if you know how to find them. There’s a lot one can learn If you have the luxury of time to read this kind of material for more than 20 years. His channel is all about summarising this obtained knowledge in his videos. Without any dilution of misinformation that’s caused by the internet. It’s truly magnificent.

There’s soo much information in there that I wouldn’t know where to start. But I want to contribute by sharing this information as far and wide as possible. Because I’ve learned this week that time is possibly running out relatively soon due to a coming false solar flash event.

The Coming Internet Reset

333rd Archaix Video! Deciphering Hollywood’s Subliminal Embeds on the Coming New Carrington Event

In these two videos, Jason is explaining that a potential Carrington-type of solar flash event is about to happen in September this year. But unlike Cobra stating that this is a natural solar flair event, as a part of our ascension process, Jason explains this will be an orchestrated event as part of a plan to wipe the internet. An attempt by the elites to delete all information that threatens their control. Which the elite deem necessary to counter the rapid awakening process that is currently unfolding.

The Carrington Event was a large solar storm that took place at the beginning of September 1859. Back then we weren’t as dependent on our electronic technology as we are now. We would experience great societal chaos if such an event were to happen now.

After they wiped the internet, and things will restore after a few weeks of chaos, only the current big tech companies will have magically saved some of their servers and they will be able to completely control the flow of information from then on.

The Simulacrum

Like I said before, Jason’s intel is way too extensive to cover in a short article. I highly suggest that you do your own digging into his content. But I’ll try to explain concisely why I deem his intel trustworthy.

Jason explains that our reality is based on a simulation. That we’re caught in an infinite loop of simulation cycles that periodically gets re-set on a fixed interval. This is what’s called the Phoenix cycles. Each reset is experienced as a cataclysm that completely wipes out civilisation, around the time that we become too advanced and start to understand what’s going on exactly.

He has studied the mathematical construct behind this simulation through the old calendric systems of ancient civilisations. Whom also figured out what was happening exactly. Based on understanding the way these simulation cycles repeat, one can do prophecies about what’s going to happen in the future. In a similar fashion Nostradamus was able to.

Although I don’t think his method is perfect yet, the things Jason has been right about in the past are interesting. But for this solar event prophecy, he complements his method with the subliminal messaging that is done through our media in Hollywood. Making it credible enough for me to start acting on this information.

I wanted to get this message out as fast as I could so I’ll stop here for now. But I do intend to synthesise more of Jason’s intel in articles here. So keep an eye out.

Continue the Talk about the coming solar flash event

You can attend the Ascension Connection Call on 23 March 2023 to continue the talk.

Next to his videos on the false Carrington Event, I recommended these two interviews with Jason that give a very good summary of all of his intel as a starting point:

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