By David Sorensen,

Dear friends worldwide,

in a previous email I alerted you to the horrific agenda of normalizing pedophilia by teaching little children in schools to masturbate, engage in homosexual practices at school, and learn oral sexual techniques.

Children watch pornography at school and then practice together, as part of their “education”. Boys are encouraged to “do it” with boys, and girls with girls. Children’s books are distributed in schools that tell kids how “exciting” it is to engage in sexual activities… with their teachers!

I have received emails from parents testifying how their kids are indeed being molested at schools, in the USA. The stories are horrifying.

Kids are literally told to masturbate one another, as part of “comprehensive sexual education” pushed by the World Health Organization.

These are no isolated cases – it is happening in schools worldwide. Telling toddlers to masturbate and teaching them sexual techniques (starting from age 4!) is described in several World Health Organization directives for sexual education worldwide

WHO Standards For Sexual Education In Europe, page 40


WHO International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education, page 71


What kind of a sick pervert wants to teach five year old children about different sexual techniques? And why would anyone want to teach 9 year old kids to masturbate?

As I explained in the previous email, they literally tell children that boys should engage in sexual acts with boys, and so should girls with girls. Look again at this school poster. I translated it from Dutch into English for your convenience.


This is full blown homosexuality being pushed into elementary schools, on unsuspecting kids.

Below you see illustrations from the most popular books for little children in the world: Nijntje, or Miffy in English. Translated in 50 languages and with 85 million copies sold. This is from their latest books for toddlers.


Again, the question is: why is this being pushed onto little children worldwide? Even in schools, as part of the mandatory curriculum?

When we look deeper and understand who is behind the WHO and UN, we know they are all deeply involved in pedophilia. The publisher of school material for sexual education in The Netherlands is Rutger, an organization that has been trying to get pedophilia legalized for many years. It is highly alarming that they are the ones who were selected by the government to create this material – an organization that is known to fight for the normalization of pedophilia.

The goal is clear: sexualize little children, as part of a program to make pedophilia mainstream.

The horror this will unleash on humanity is unspeakable. Everyone who knows something, knows that this traumatizes children forever. Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse can confirm this.

Perverted sexuality
devastates humanity

We all know that sexuality is a matter of love, intimacy, safety, and being faithful to one person, that you commit yourself to. Sexuality is a powerful force that can inflict unspeakable damage to humans when expressed wrongly.

A perverted sexuality devastates humanity. People who are addicted to pornography for example, develop social, relational, emotional and spiritual problems.

Instead of love, respect, and intimacy… all they know is a selfish desire to satisfy their own lusts. Sexuality becomes totally disconnected from love, acceptance and intimacy. It leaves you with a deep sense of loneliness, as no love is involved whatsoever. It turns people into predators, as they develop an attitude of considering other people as lust objects, instead of valuable human beings that need to be cherished and protected.

Since the mass distribution of pornography domestic sexual child abuse has exploded, as adults have been terrorized with a perverse form of sexuality, that pushes them to satisfy their lusts by preying on their own children.

Fifty years ago pornography was considered evil, but in recent years it has gone mainstream. The same will happen with pedophilia if we don’t stand up against it.

We must warn humanity

am passionate, and so is my wife, family, and our staff, to take a worldwide stand against this, and create the world’s best resources to inform humanity about this diabolical agenda. What you have seen in these two emails are just a few examples of the mass amount of evidence I have. I am preparing to create an in depth evidence report, that will be translated in dozens of languages.

I ask you boldly to stand with us in a powerful way, and make a generous donation today that will allow us to assign all the needed workers to this project, so we can warn millions – and hopefully billions – worldwide, to protect the children. But we need your help. Donate today. Let’s save the children!

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  1. That is disgusting and outrageous I have sent a copy of that to my niece and told her to tell her daughters to examine everything her children are being taught at school I call that a crime scene and I have asked my great nieces to call a board meeting and get the parents together to say NO!!!! to this. I am very angry to see children who are in the care of these schools being taught this filth. How dare they and shame on them all. I am sickened to the stomach. They have absolutely no right to indoctrinate innocent little children with their deviant ideology. For goodness sake if you have children start acting on this. Get off of the couch ! Unite and take action make an appointment with the Mayor the school board your MP – yes sound out your MP most of them have signed up for the WEF agenda because they are traitorous lowlifes but there are still a few decent ones. If you just sit and allow this you are not protecting your children that is your duty if you do not protect them who will.

  2. I don't doubt there is an agenda in place to do this to society however I would like to point out that having searched extensively I was unable to find any Miffy books containing sexual content as depicted in this article. These are obviously fake images used to sensationalise and as such completely compromise the integrity of the whole article , idiots.

    • That book is written in Dutch and the content is about touching yourself, encouraging readers to do just that. I didn't look for the book yet.


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