Long COVID is the vaccine!

GUTLESS and corrupt Australian “health authorities” and politicians, aided and abetted by mainstream media, are employing a slimy story to cover up the embarrassing reality of side effects, including a high excess death rate, from mass vaccination with mRNA vaccines.

The cover-up story involves “long Covid”, a condition originally observed during the plandemic, when people suffered extended or repeated periods of “Covid/influenza/cold” symptoms. What was later revealed during that time was that the vaccines were not effective in stopping viral spread and people who got vaccinated frequently came down with the Covid conditions. Others, most notably fit, young athletes who were forced to get shots, died suddenly from heart attacks.

But a year or so on, others like writer and editor Jackie Bos, who featured in a Sydney Morning Herald article, suffered symptoms including breathing difficulties, persistent “brain fog” and memory loss, chest pain, nerve pain, internal tremors, palpitations, dizziness, rashes, fatigue and weight loss. Bos reportedly contracted the virus a year ago, but the article doesn’t tell us if she got vaccinated or not.

The heading of an investigative story that appeared in the Melbourne Age, but which mysteriously failed to mention vaccines, which can cause paralysis.
One of the “long Covid” cases that came out in a government inquiry. The patient had four shots and was assured by his doctor his chances of getting “long Covid” were low.

Those symptoms, not coincidentally, are the same and similar to many of the symptoms recorded as vaccine adverse events, or post-vaccination vaccine reactions. These are mostly neurological reactions caused by the shock that all vaccines cause to the immune system. This shock, if severe enough, can damage the brain and the entire nervous system.

Last year the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) recorded more than 284,000 vaccine adverse events related to Covid-19 vaccinations. That figure does not represent the total of reported vaccine injuries, only those reported and, according to VAERS estimates, reported numbers could be as few as 1 to 10% of actual injuries.

And then the links between vaccines and “long Covid” started to come out in the inquiry. Vaccinated people who were not infected began to show “long Covid” symptoms.

But the media and the Government Services Minister Bill Shorten, who oversees a scheme to compensate people with Covid-19 vaccine injuries, have been pushing the lie that vaccine injuries are rare. Shorten was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald last September as saying that because fewer than 50 compensation payments had been made to people with adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines, they were still “safe”. The lying Shorten even had the gall to use the figures to attack what he called “fringe operators who spread misinformation” about COVID vaccines. But Shorten’s scheme by April this year had only paid compensation to 126 people out of 3051 applications. 562 applications were rejected, most likely because they couldn’t prove “causation”.

But for Ms Bos, whether or not she was vaccinated is a crucial, but missing part of the story. If she wasn’t vaccinated, the medical authorities would probably crow about how a vaccine could have prevented all this. If she was vaccinated, it confirms the serious questions about vaccine efficacy and safety. Very tellingly, the media reporting on “long Covid” carefully steps around this.

Medical authorities are likely well aware they are dealing with vaccine injuries, but to admit that would make them liable since they vigorously pushed the vaccines, repeatedly assuring us they were “safe and effective”. So now the mounting number of injuries are ascribed to “long Covid”, and vaccines as a treatment are barely mentioned, probably because their no-liability emergency status has expired. What is specifically mentioned are “anti-virals” as a possible early-stage treatment.

But it was anti-viral drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin that the same medical authorities denounced as unproven and ineffective during the plandemic hype. We hope these medical authorities are not suggesting the deadly Remdesivir as their preferred “anti viral”.

In a recent interview on the ABC, associate professor Lou Irving of Melbourne said authorities now had a “good understanding of long Covid”, and the WHO has even provided a definition. But these same experts are now shying away from the “get a booster” solution that they were shouting from the rooftops a year or so ago. Why? Because they know damned well the dangers of the mRNA shots.

The response of the Albanese government has been to form a committee to report on “long Covid”. It recommended throwing $50 million into research and “long Covid clinics”. “I think we now recognise that this is a condition that is best managed in the community by GPs and allied health professionals with support from hospital clinics, and that is exactly what this report has recommended,” Irving told the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas. Note his use of the “manage”.

The biggest indicator that something went seriously wrong with the vaccination campaign was the excess death rate, that is, the rate of deaths above the normal death rate, which has soared in Australia and worldwide. In Australia it increased 12 per cent in 2022, or about 20,000 more than the normal rate. “Covid 19” is given as the reason for 10,300 of these, but how many of them were vaccinated escapes mention.

What is admitted by the statisticians is the high level of “ischaemic heart disease” – which leads to heart attacks – and cancer were the biggest contributors, leading to 2020 and 970 excess deaths respectively. But how many of those suffering heart attacks were vaccinated? Again, a big silence.

It has become quite evident now that gutless and compliant medical authorities and governments that pushed the vaccines, mandates and lockdowns, have now very cleverly sidestepped mention of vaccines as having a possible role in any of these “long Covid” symptoms. They simply ignore the numerous studies showing serious problems with mRNA vaccines cited by independent medical experts like American cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough, mRNA vaccine developer Dr Robert Malone and UK heart specialist Dr Aseem Malhotra – among many others.

The Australian mainstream media is happily playing along with this “don’t mention the vaccines” narrative. The Nine News-owned Sydney Morning Herald and The Age of Melbourne, for instance, has devoted a series of “investigative reports” on “long Covid”. One article by their chief science editor Liam Mannix and Angus Thomson failed failed to once mention the word “vaccine”.

What the article did do was describe the sorts of injuries suffered by thousands of people after they received vaccinations long before Covid came on the scene, things like paralysis, brain fog, nausea, fatigue, memory loss, tinitus and disruption of menstruation and erectile function.

It also contradicted the claims by associate professor Irving that authorities now had “good knowledge” of long Covid. This quote from the article is very telling: “The current state-of-the-art in what’s labelled as long COVID is a complete dog’s breakfast,” says Professor Andrew Lloyd, director of the University of NSW fatigue clinic. “As soon as you say that, everything anyone says that follows is also a dog’s breakfast.”

That’s the very sign of a snow job, a cover-up of an issue with confusion or as the Merriam-Webseter Dictionary so concisely puts it: “an intensive effort at persuasion or deception”.



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