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Shoplifting in California may get a lot easier, after the state Senate passed a controversial bill on May 31 that would make it illegal for store employees to confront thieves.

SB 553, authored by Democrat Senator David Cortese (San Jose), requires employers to maintain violent incident logs, provide active shooter and shoplifter training, and to discard policies requiring workers to confront suspected active shoplifters, the Epoch Times reports.

According to Cortese, the bill is intended to “help employers keep employees safe at work.”

The bill, which passed the Senate by a vote of 29 to 8, is pending further review by state Assembly committees.

According to the California Realtors Association (CRA), the bill will apply to all industries – not just retail, if passed. CRA president and CEO Rachel Michelin told Fox2/KTVU that the bill “goes way too far.”

“I think it will open the doors even wider for people to come in and steal from our stores,” she said. — ZeroHedge

Our Take: “The weaponization of vice and sin is a very old and extremely effective weapon of war. It’s designed to destabilize the capacity of individuals to learn the truth, understand it, and follow it, which is a requirement of coordinating social behavior to minimize right violation and maximize wealth creation. All good, fair, lawful, just, and abundant civilizations were founded on truth and cultivating it within the population. All unjust and tyrannical civilizations were founded on lies and shielded society from the truth as a means of control.

In this sense, any social group or civilization is itself predicated on the individual need for survival and thriving that is maximally achievable in group settings. Thus, when an aspect of that social group seeks to steal wealth it does not have the right to use, such individuals, such parasites must be dealt with or the entire basis of the social group is at risk. Even in tyrannical nations, only the elite and those working with them are allowed to be parasites—all others are in competition and must be extinguished.

For the shadow men, the insidious parasites that emerge in every culture to secure for themselves wealth unfairly, weaponizing theft is helpful for revolutionary campaigns designed to destabilize one power structure so another can be raised in its place after a coup has been effected.

What we’re witnessing right now is the intentional erosion of stabilizing culture and values of truth-based freedom, so as to destroy the nation, so it can be conquered by subversive forces later—the communists or socialists. To do this, they need to make society dysfunctional, they need to make it hard to provide for member-citizens, so some portion of the now disgruntled member-citizens rebel and volunteer themselves as revolutionaries.

Does anything come to mind? What about inner-city environments where populations are openly marginalized in relation to labor-for-benefits received, in which the elite in the inner-city enjoy massive portions of collectively-generated wealth, while the lower class barely has enough to survive? These conditions are intentionally designed to manufacture resentment and envy for use by hidden controllers, hence the demoralized and often bitter attitude of those within cities of this sort.

Used in a country, the accumulated wealth of the nation is devalued, sold off, or abandoned. Once the revolution is over, and the lower and middle class have been thoroughly destroyed, starved, and demoralized, the ultra-wealthy parasites that orchestrated the conquest swoop in to gobble up the spoils. Case in point: China’s post cultural revolution, where the now thoroughly demoralized people are all too happy to be cogs in the machines of the industry for a pittance.

California is one of many places where this subversive campaign is being used with great effect. Eventually, the problem-reaction-solution campaign will identify the target, which is any segment of the population that is aligned with truth, morality, and principles of true prosperity, such as the rule of law.

If the target population reacts with callous indifference, then this will fuel the revolutionary attitude. If too much compassion is the response, then the vice-prone and sin-filled minds of the revolutionaries will take this as weakness and justification to steal.

A delicate balance between making a stand against immorality while issuing compassion to those who see reason is essential, similar to what we’ve seen with effective charity campaigns in the past, where religious figures like Jesus were able to provide for the disenfranchised without radicalization and in such a way that receiving such support mobilized a desire to embody spiritual values, the very values that keep a civilization free, just, and abundant.” — Justin Deschamps

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