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  1. Billionaires are force buying farmland in Vacaville, CA near the Travis Airforce Base. This is zoned agricultural and the farm lands have been owned by families for years. They are even using bullying tactics to get them to sell the land. There have been several wildfires in that area. Like Maui, Paradise and no doubt, other blazed area around the world, they know the land is worth more than the owners paid for it and they want to establish new 15 minute cities with housing for workers… Smart Cities with AI. But the land will need to be redesignated. Just wait, there will likely be another deadly fire in order to make the land unusable for farming after toxic checks are used to put it out.

  2. Way beyond sick and seems WEF .n.clans are all of bullies on Steroids not of this world.

    If they can not bargain bribe pay their stamped price of an item. Can not obtain or "get" by their terms. They shall take rape rob beat kill as cruel they can murder kidnap and few others of imaginative, acid wash all to weaken the souls in question and of the world.
    Of this one particular circumstance of true evil. This type of devastation is all the same 'like' applied thermite to 911. Is nothing but greater destructive energies one can be sure to consider a 52% truth of DEWs being used of some sort. 2nd thought could even be captured re-engineered Alien tech in use. If they can not buy they will do such to set their cruel choice in motion and 1st step of once they had said "Lands space to Build their smart city on [1st prototype]".
    They just started in of that plan skipping one of their necessary steps, regardless anyone to say yeah or neah as too. "Your not doing that here". Well they just did and are and this now spew of content is the no remorse of such levels of true evil. They're safe keeping their own response to say Its mine now!. (land reclamation is how they will do going forward I'd bet).
    The " We'll do as we Wish " and that goes for ever more beyond this now minute of decision to process rest of plan as it now gets implemented. Is there an opposing force of light that sees this all all through to its actual stopping.
    Has the demon all combined evil been let out of pandora's box as well. When they dropped a vial of evil sept11 2019 mark the date of 2001 similar anniversary date. (to which 1st impression seeing the 1st TV view of its happen then as, " They just started WWIII+ by such destruction and murder of US peoples.) Tricked and tricked again.

    Its all a type of mad man made bully tactics dirty as it gets and then some. Repeat of all bad actions only done different with far greater impact to all senses.

  3. Journalist Jim Stone stated at his website ( ):

    "Lahaina was burned by the elite who want to take Maui and convert it into a playground sanctuary. They want the population dead and faked a disaster to accomplish that. Most likely they used a recently deployed weapons platform sent up by NASA on "the largest rocket ever launched", a weapons platform that [had] probably also sparked the fires in Greece, Turkey and Canada. It will be used to fake "climate change" – a well known hoax which they are now blaming the [fires] on. With this weapons platform they'll have no problems eliminating "competition and inconvenience" wherever it is, whether it be a car on the highway that "mysteriously caught fire and immediately exploded, killing everyone", a rebel hideout in the wilderness, or the home of an inconvenient doctor that suddenly simply had an instantaneous fully involved fire in their home that left [no] time for anyone to evacuate."

    He said also, that there's nothing anyone can do about the directed energy weaponry and weather warfare systems.

    However, could mass meditation or anything else prove him wrong regarding the weaponry system that he discussed?

    — Elfriede Lentner,

    • I forgot to mention this, but regarding the term "elite" as used by Jim Stone, I would rather use the term "odious oligarchs" and perhaps "Judeo-Satanic" along with it, and use the term "elite" where appropriate.

      — Elfriede Lentner,


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