In the days of the Romans, they burned rabbis at the stake.  During the Spanish Inquisition they broke them on the rack. The Nazis sent our rabbis to death camps.

elisha yered
Elisha Yered, Judeo-terrorist

Today, apparently Israeli settlers are returning the favor.  They are routinely spitting on priests walking the streets of the Old City. During religious processions they block the path of worshipers, shouting curses and insults.  A few months ago, an American Orthodox Jew entered a church and toppled priceless icon statues breaking them.  Israeli police have done nothing to stop it.  Because the police minister is Itamar Ben Gvir, who himself is one of them.

One of the best known of these thugs is Elisha Yered, who was arrested as an accessory to the murder of Palestinian, Qosai Mit’an.  He hid the gun the murderer used. After leading police to the weapon, he was released and no charges have been filed against him. The murderer, Yechiel Indore, will likely get off with a minimal, if any, jail sentence.

This video offers but one of many such disgusting incidents. Nir Hasson, the Haaretz reporter who filmed it, says these worshipers were met with four Jews who spat on them seven times in a matter of seconds:


Yered tweeted his support for this violence and even offered what he described as validation from Jewish custom and law for it:

Elisha Yered, taunting the Dawabshe family survivors. Three of its members were burned to death–including an 18 month old baby–by a Jewish terror cell,

The translation follows:

This is a good time to remember that the custom of spitting at priests or churches is an ancient Jewish tradition for many years [sic].  In the halacha there is even a special blessing when one sees a church: “who shows mercy to those who go against His will.”  A blessing praising the Holy One who restrains Himself regarding the evil deeds of the idolators, and doesn’t punish them immediately.

Perhaps due to the influence of western tradition we may have forgotten what Christianity is.  But it seems to me that the millions of Diaspora Jews who suffered during the Crusades, the tortures of the Inquisition, the many blood libels and pogroms–they will never be forgotten.

Next he has the chutzpah to quote the founder of religious Zionism Rav Kook, in order to justify his disgusting behavior:

In my youth, I would pass their houses of worship and I sensed the stench of a toilet. Despite the fact that they were very clean and located in a garden among trees.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews spit at Christians in Jerusalem’s Old City

Yered has hopelessly lost his way in his analysis of the sources.  The blessing he cites is actually quite mild and urged restraint and understanding of the “waywardness” of the Church.  There is absolutely no halacha permitting or endorsing any physical attack against Christian clergy.  Spitting is a disgusting custom which has no halachic basis.  No Jew that I know spits at anyone for any reason.  Except these people calling themselves Jews.  I call them impostors. Animals in human form. No offense to animals.

In one thing Yered is correct: Christianity has much to answer for regarding its views and treatment of the Jews.  But the anti-Semitic acts he cites, as horrible as they may be, happened centuries ago; with the exception of the blood libels and pogroms, which were a feature of the late 19th and early 20th century.  To punish a priest and Christian worshiper in the Old City for acts committed 1,000 years ago is borderline insane.

The daily assaults against priests are an escalation of Christophobia which has always been a feature of Judeo-settler thuggery.  We tend to focus on the attacks against Palestinian Muslims, including efforts to destroy Muslim worship and expel them from the land of Israel.  But the Judeo-messianist goal is to rid the land of every faith other than Judaism (or their misbegotten version of it).  To destroy the churches and mosques (including Al Aqsa) and replace them with a rebuilt Temple and synagogues.

I hesitate to use the term “religion” when describing the views of these repellent humans.  But their goal is a religious version of Nazism.  They want to purify the Holy Land of the stench of Christian churches.  Drive the Christians and Muslims out at any cost.  The only thing lacking for this “theology” to become full-fledged Nazism, is a Final Solution. One Likud MK has even endorsed sending Palestinians to death camps.

Israelis commenting in Yered’s thread note that his hateful views–which are only slightly more repugnant than the normative views among settlers–will incite waves of anti-Semitism among Christians and Muslims.  It would be only natural for them to return such hatred in kind.  Without doubt, we can expect acts of Judeo-terrorism to provoke attacks against Israeli and Diaspora Jews.

As cynical as this may sound, this is precisely what settlers want: to provoke a decisive battle between Jews and “heathens” so that the Lord may reign triumphant in his Holy Temple.  The more blood that flows (preferably Palestinian, but Jewish blood too if necessary) the closer they are to the final redemption.  In this, their views are similar to white supremacists, who believe acts of terror against African-Americans will provoke a race war and the ultimate triumph of the white race.

As I’ve written many times here–let no one dare say that these scumbags are outliers. That they don’t represent Israel. They only represent a small percentage of Israelis, while the rest are decent and reasonable.  Elisha Yered is, for all intents and purposes, Israel.  If he wasn’t, he would be in prison, along with the hundreds of other violent, homicidal settlers.  Instead, he is the vanguard of Israeli fascism, which now rules Israel.



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