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Vaxx manufacturers are arms dealers: government, medical mafia and media are the assassins

Source: https://cairnsnews.org

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  1. And just part #1: as the Truths unroll. magnetic by detail from David M. Along with all the others to whom have given expert and professional key data.
    So many then of such technical medical and "True" scientific masters knowledge also shared in the point blank statements of all given and shared. Yet so many to whom have mysteriously lost life in doing so. One attentive along the way can only realize the in today's times. See to understand all the Paul Revere Types indicating Red Flags all around us. To revealing as well, knowing to what false flag events have taken brother sister away on the lands we all cherish to uphold upon. One could ask "why am I here then"

    Yet by some as a proper term resides, The Truth hurts, The fear from learning of and the fear for not learning of it.
    And still consider the blindly answer is just a toss to the fire licking flame.

    He whom knows the Truth, may the Truth set one Free. "Are we" not all free, are we not free to vote and yet free to cast a redacting vote to "Command" such feature remove from seat before more lives are perished by such rule.
    befitting again, For the Triumph of Evil! is that good men do nothing. or can the once many men now also slip into corruption they unlearned their truth in honor to stand for.
    To what puppet masters and to what puppets are being offered tempting command as to what empty promise luring in by what expectations. Money is only an option yet its so captive in ones hand. Its such the mystery as to why its put into use. Quite the tree of existence is yet now breaking down to the very fiber its made from created again by so Few, easy to see its construct when that word is written yet placed in front of a mirror.

  2. https://expose-news.com/2023/12/04/the-doctor-that-sacrificed-his-career-his-reputation-and-ultimately-his-life/

    Every Vaccine Produces Harm – Dr. Andrew Moulden

    Corona Vax from Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul & Spirit & the Life after Death – Thomas Mayer


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