If this doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will. A high-level government official (this person has been alone in the room with US Presidents and Israeli Prime Ministers) has given us very detailed and actionable intelligence on child torture facilities located across the US, the UK and elsewhere. It includes the names and addresses of the torturers, the names of the tortured children and the exact location of the torture centers.

The first PDF file contains the names of 540 children who are still being tortured daily. The second one contains the names of 400 children who were tortured to death. If you find your missing child’s name on the list, we promise we will leave no stone unturned to either rescue or get justice for your child. This is possible because the files contain the names and home addresses of 456 “adrenochrome harvesters,” the euphemism they use for child torturers.

The full PDF files can be downloaded below.

Military Detention Minors Adrenochrome List 040820202


Here is a typical entry:

Name: Anthony Christen

Birthday: 01.11.2009

Age: 12

Custody months: 25

Adrenachrome quality: A++

Custody Location: ARNG

Daily quota: 11

Origin: Mexico

Inmate ID: 16091209-4349

The children being tortured at these facilities are from Canada, the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

This is actionable intelligence. Please print out copies of these files to make sure they cannot be erased digitally. If you are in law enforcement or the military, take the file to your commanding officer and demand that they take it up the chain of command for immediate action. If you are an ordinary citizen, take the file to your local law enforcement and ask that they look into this. Many of the children are still alive and can be saved. If you encounter someone in the chain of command who tries to stop any action, arrest them for obstruction of justice. If they resist arrest, use necessary force.

The Khazarian Mafia controls us by controlling the top ranks. However, they only control a tiny percentage of people. That means bottom-up pressure can remove this human pus in the same way as squeezing a pimple does. That is what pursuing this case can accomplish. We must all do our part.

Here in Japan, I will go to the local Tokyo government office to arrest an official by the name of Kenjiro Ogi. Ogi threatened to freeze my bank accounts and seize my money unless I paid for vaccines that have been proven to be toxic. I have video evidence of this. In a sign Ogi has high-level backing, the original recording I had was deleted remotely from my iPhone. Fortunately, I made a copy. So what will do is go and make a citizen’s arrest of Ogi at his office. I will ask for the police to come and arrest him for being part of an organized crime gang engaged in mass murder. If the police refuse to take action, I will explain to them that since he is part of a group that is actively trying to kill me, my family and my friends, I am legally entitled to charge him with murder.

The idea of going after Ogi is that it will flush out his boss Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko. That in turn will flush out her handler, the fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel. That in turn will flush out his Rockefeller, Rothschild, Agnelli etc. bosses. By doing this I will force the US military stationed in Japan to make a choice, either be on the side of the people or be on the side of child torturers and mass murderers.

If we all do something similar, we can end this NOW.

The trail will lead to the owners of the Federal Reserve Board. As the chart below shows the US dollar is worth 1/25th of what it was before they stole the control of money from the elected representatives of the people. In other words, they stole 96% of the American people’s wealth via central bank fraud.

Now let us name a high-level child torturer who is a senior official in the current fake Joe Biden administration, This is


John Podesata Rockefeller. These are some of the paintings he displays in his house.

He is now Biden’s “Climate Czar.” This means his job is to bankrupt farmers in order to make sure we are all dependent on food supplies controlled by him and his Khazarian Mafia buddies.


Another child torturer is Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller. Meta CEO Zuckerberg was in the news last week when he apologized to the families of victims who were impacted by child sexual exploitation on Facebook and Instagram.


“Mr. Zuckerberg, you and the companies before us … have blood on your hands. You have a product that’s killing people,” said US Senate Judicial Committee ranking member Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Sen. Ted Cruz then shocked the audience, grilling Zuckerberg over Meta-owned Instagram connecting pedophiles with child sexual exploitation material – with the company even flagging certain content and then letting people continue on to it.


The real question is why does Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller still control Meta since it was American taxpayers who made its existence possible. Also, why hasn’t he been arrested for torturing children to death in order to harvest adrenochrome?

Here is what Zuckerberg himself had to say:

Although many humans find participating in and observing sexual congress to be both pleasurable and fulfilling, I sometimes find it challenging to observe the subsequent removal of adrenochrome from the smaller participants, as illustrated in the photograph below. Ingesting the adrenochrome, however, is as enjoyable a human activity as any I have yet engaged in.
He has tried very hard to eliminate this from the internet but too many of us have hard copies for this to be possible.

By the way, Zuckerberg earned $28 billion last week alone as his families’ private “Federal Reserve” printed money to buy shares in companies they own. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/02/02/mark-zuckerberg-net-worth-28-billion-windfall-after-shares-surge.html

Here is what his uncle John Podesta Rockefeller owns.

Other members of this family control most of the Fortune 500. They didn’t earn this, they stole it.

The question is: why are these people still in power, much less still alive? If we were to follow biblical an eye for an eye justice then their entire extended families should be tortured to death over a period of many months. Since we are more civilized than that, a war crimes tribunal followed by death by hanging is a more appropriate response.

Justice also requires that the Fed families be forced to pay restitution.

The following three charts illustrate how the top 1% are stealing from the bottom 99% to this very day. The last one shows theft by the top 0.1% is even worse.

“The near-zero rate credit was distributed asymmetrically; only the wealthiest few had access to the open spigot of ‘free money,’” explains analyst Charles Hugh Smith. The rest of us were “paying much higher rates of interest than corporations, banks and financiers,” he says.

As Americans get increasingly poorer the government spouts BS to pretend it is not happening. In their latest jobs report, for example, they pretended everyone’s hourly wages rose sharply when it turns out they used the statistical trick of sharply slashing the number of estimated hours everyone was working. Most of the part-time jobs they report, by the way, went to illegal immigrants, not Americans.


The people are reacting by pulling their money out of Fed-controlled banks Last week alone the ongoing bank run led to a domestic deposit flight of $160 billion. The Fed reacted by cooking the books and pretending it was “only” a tiny domestic deposit decline of $458 million. They need to cook the books to avoid bankruptcy. Bankruptcy would be followed by nationalization. This would be great news for average Americans.

A Swiss study shows that 90% of transnational corporations are controlled by 700 individuals. These 700 in turn report to the politburo of the Swiss-based Octagon group. The corporations they control need to be temporarily nationalized before share ownership is given back to the people it was stolen from. In the USA, for example, if you divide the current total market capitalization of $50 trillion by the US population of 331 million you will find that each American is entitled to $151,000. If you do similar math with real estate, each American would receive $212,000 worth of property. In other words, if we had a jubilee tomorrow every man, woman and child would receive $363,000. Similar math can be done for other countries. Remember, this is not socialism, it is returning stolen property to its’ rightful owners. That is what taking America back really means.

As things stand, the theft of the people’s money by central bank fraudsters is leading to a genuine peasant revolt in Europe.

Farmers in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries across Europe are protesting against the KM. They are obstructing major transport networks with tractors and pouring literal bull(and cow)shit on government buildings.


In the video below a Dutch farmer speaks for many when he says: “We are done talking. We’re done with these fake problems created by you politicians. You are trying to destroy farmers all over Europe, but just like the farmers in Brussels today, we will fight back!”

The farmers are upset about high energy prices, regulations designed to bankrupt them and a flood of underpriced, toxin-laden grain from Ukraine, among other things.


This is part of a deliberate KM policy to create a food crisis by putting farmers out of business. The KM control most of the farmland in Ukraine (after forcing out the Ukrainians) via their fronts like BlackRock and Vanguard.

The KM are also systematically destroying food processing facilities. This map shows all the food processing plants that have either caught fire or been destroyed.


The idea is to create a total dictatorship by controlling everyone’s access to food.

As this report was going live, the French government caved into farmers’ demands. The French farmers may have been temporarily bought off but, this is about more than just farmers.

The KM have also, as is now widely known, been spreading bio-weapons to try to force everyone to get digital IDs. The idea is to turn the world into a giant animal farm where the sheeple will have to take DNA-altering vaccines and submit to total control in exchange for access to food. Under this system, people with “low social credit scores” would be killed using toxic vaccines.

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico told Parliament “The previous governments have completely failed COVID-19 and have 24,000 dead people on their hands and have apparently made a huge amount of money on the unnecessary purchase of various medical devices and vaccines.” His government is now holding an official inquiry.

What is true of Slovakia is true of other “rules-based world order” controlled countries. “We have all heard of this rules-based world order. Whose rules? Who are we kidding? The rules-based order is a joke, it is worse than hypocritical, it is criminal,” says 5 Star General Douglas MacGregor.


In Canada for example, crime minister Justin Castrudeau’s net worth in 2020 was $10 million, at the end of 2022 it rose to $352 million. He only earns $351,000 a year. He made his money by forcing Canadian taxpayers to buy toxic vaccines from companies whose shares he owns. This pattern has been repeated all across the world.

By the way, in a sign Canada is fighting back, the government is being forced to compensate Canadians who had their bank accounts frozen or were injured during the Emergencies Act. If you are a victim email: 

[email protected]

Castrudeau is also likely to be charged in the murder of Barry and Honey Sherman. https://presscore.ca/news/analysis-of-evidence-in-the-targeted-killings-of-barry-honey-sherman-concludes-murders-were-politically-motivated/

In England, crime minister Rishi Sunak has just passed his own death sentence by lying under oath in Parliament that the vaccines are safe. This is despite the fact UK medical authorities and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say “COVID-19 vaccines may cause heart inflammation and severe allergic shock,” Here you can watch the BBC admit they use HIV to make the COVID-19 vaccine.


In other words, Sunak broke his oath of office to protect mass murderers. That makes him a war criminal.

The WHO’s terrorist leader Tedros says the totalitarian pandemic treaty is “mission critical” and calls young people to raise their voices “to counter the lies that are undermining the agreement.”

The KM “are really scared, knowing they are backed into a corner as their ship is sinking,” a Mossad source comments.

The rest of the world knows it is game over for the KM. “The current US administration is in its final stretch, and we don’t have much faith in their ability to resolve actual issues.” Lü Xiang, research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences comments, reflecting official Chinese government views.


The attempts by the KM to start World War III with genocide in Gaza as a get-out-of-jail-free card is also failing.

Israeli media outlet Channel 13 is now openly admitting that Israeli officials made up Hamas atrocity propaganda about babies on October 7 being killed en masse, baked in an oven and so on to drum up support for Israel’s war in Gaza.


“World public opinion is witnessing the moral decline and collapse of the West in the Gaza Strip,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kan’ani writes


As proof of this moral decline, look at the Israeli government’s reaction when the International Court of Justice ordered it to: “take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of basic services and urgently needed humanitarian assistance” to the Judeans living in the Gaza strip. Their reaction was to kick out the only people capable of doing this, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) by charging 12 people, or 0.09%% of UNRWA’s employees in Gaza, with terrorism. https://www.voltairenet.org/article220378.html

Another sign of the KM failure in the Middle East can be seen in these news items:

Problem: “The Iraqi parliament made a statement on 31 January calling for the sale of oil in currencies other than the US dollar,” https://thecradle.co/articles/iraqi-parliament-calling-to-ditch-us-dollar-for-oil-trade

Reaction: “Multiple long-range bombers and drones hit 85 targets with 125 bombs over 30 minutes in Iraq and Syria.”


“The area targeted by the American attacks in eastern Syria is the same area where the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the remnants of the terrorist organization Daesh, and this confirms that the United States and its military forces are involved and allied with this organization, and are working to revive it as a field arm for it, whether in Syria or elsewhere in Iraq by all dirty means,” the Syrian Defense Ministry said.


Result: “China Poised To Take Further Control Of Iraq’s Key Southern Oil Assets.” https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/China-Poised-To-Take-Further-Control-Of-Iraqs-Key-Southern-Oil-Assets.html

Oops, opposite of the intended result.


The war in the Ukraine is also now winding down despite EU leaders promising to launder another €50 billion through the Ukraine. If you want to see some real reporting that names specific names and details how Ukrainian “aid” is being laundered by intelligence agencies, please look at the article linked below.


The Ukrainians have now been proven to have used a US Patriot missile to kill 64 of their own servicemen in a failed attempt to discredit Russia. Even the French military agree with this conclusion.



The KM Satanist Victoria Nuland has apparently fled to Kyiv to avoid arrest in the US, CIA sources say. Now Elizabeth Rosenberg, one of the main architects of the US sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine conflict, is leaving the US Treasury Department for the private sector. The rats are abandoning the sinking ship of state.

The other big failure is the attempt to use illegal immigrants to start a civil war. The KM attempt to stage a border caravan as a January 6 patriot trap version 2.0 appears to have only attracted FBI agents provocateurs. The real patriots just responded by doing their jobs and shutting the border from Texas all the way to California.

As this Second Civil War HBO program from 1997 seems to show this plan appears to have been made decades ago.


Elon Musk says Biden wants to get as many illegals in the country as possible to “legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state.”


The result is now Texas and 27 other states are declaring independence from the KM-controlled Fed by issuing currencies backed by gold and silver. They are also seeking to join the international BRICS alliance, Pentagon sources say.

Now KM Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas is about to get impeached for treason.

Another person who is about to get taken down is Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández, the puppet master behind the rubber-masked fake “Pope Francis.” Fernández runs the Vatican’s doctrinal office, historically known as the Inquisition. He has been accused of deviating from tradition and even embracing heresy. This is an example of how the Catholic Church was subverted by Satanists. African and Latin American clergy have revolted against him already. Now a group of 90 Catholic clergymen, scholars and authors have published a joint letter to “all Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church,” urging them to oppose a Vatican document approved by Pope Francis that allows priests to bless same-sex unions for the first time.


Let us see how much longer the fake Joe Biden and the mass murdering Benyamin Netanyahu will be around. If all goes well, they will be gone by March.

Finally, this week, even though it is not related to geopolitics, this video of how cold it is in Canada now is so cool I had to share it.


Source: benjaminfulford.net


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  1. There was No John Podesta Rockefeller. There was/is a John David Podesta. So stop linking things that have No connection just because people share the same initials.
    Anyone desiring to read about John DAVISON Rockefeller Senior & John Davison Rockefeller Junior, American Experience website has a great timeline on these two entrepreneurs/innovators.
    Making up slanderous stories on dead people who cannot defend themselves is shameful. None of the Rockefellers ever owned Chase Bank either, David, the grandson of Senior was a Chairman that began in 1946, then an executive in the 1970's. The family never owned more then 5% of shares. When he died in 2017, the New York Times titled: David Rockefeller, Philanthropist & Head of Chase Manhattan Bank, Dies at 101.Calling it the Rockefellers Bank was a cute joke, that's all.
    Anyone wanting to read a very good Timeline: JP Morgan Chase & Company, History of Our Firm.

  2. you-tubes just posted below Validates statement from Thomas Williams From Truth honor and integrity show the creators of the new blueprint for humanity link below. That Kim Goguen Lost access to the Quantum system and Trust which contains $ Quadtrillions of raw earth Minerals and assets in December 2020 and remains closed due to Kim Goguens dereliction of duty . The alpha system Kim Goguen Talks about is not the quantum system or Trust so Kim Goguen is trying to continue the narrative of perception of control when she has Zero .





  3. Again Unreal Coverage by Benjamin in sharing low level details yet why does the many simply sit back to await what?
    What really can be man-kinds next step to thwart all that is currently and manifesting greater law breaking and corruption. When it comes to your door. Then it shall be too late. After the dust settles of this directive shall will there be any-one left to resurrect order. or less even able to stand up from all that is right. How many ways shall one be presented the evils going on outside the door less marching to your borders even as some position in already infiltrated awaiting sleepers orders to snap to attention and action. what will one do when 10 barrels are facing. 10:1 does not seem fair to any fighting odds. And then there is the innocent 99.99% of all to do.

  4. I hope the actionable evidence will be actioned as that has been known about for some time it is so horrific it turns my stomach. There appears to be more exposure going on but still not nearly enough action on it – hopefully I am wrong about that. it is most important that these people responsible for this anti human agenda are rounded up listened to then shot dead. WE must get rid of the Jesuit Schools and Colleges and ban these people from our countries who hold this malevolent anti human ideology and agenda because they are actioning our genocide this madness must be made to stop with urgent action and more far reaching exposure . Our food supply is our lifeline well done to the farmers I am glad that Scotland was on that list of those fighting back. without food we will all die we do not need to be vegans to protect the planet that is a nonsense we need to get rid of the black nobility globalist Satanists and all the many arms of their system that are working against humanity. The people we see are bad people but they are just fronts for the true enemy we must remove for our survival . I do not wish to spam but I will leave a link again to explain what I mean because this is so multi faceted that we must Know a lot of information to understand it's many names . https://www.humorousmathematics.com/post/the-black-nobility-jesuit-order-founders-of-fascism-freemasonry-illuminati-the-vatican-and-zionism

  5. With less than a minutes research I find the same files about adrenochrome harvesting and missing children mentioned in this article have been available on the internet for at least 3 years ,also discussions of the same, this is old and probably fake (not surprising from Fulford). always research always check before running with anything no matter now triggering.


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