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  1. Cobra, thank you very much. What happens between the East and the West is key in the progressive healing of negative influence in the world today. The first one that reportedly connected the two hemispheres was Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler.
    Can you tell us something about Marco Polo in that incarnation and in general and if he had a positive role through the centuries?

  2. Hi Cobra,

    If our thoughtforms are being manipulated by the cabal/illuminati thru the astral plane to control how we behave in our physical reality, affecting our decisions and course of actions, then, humanity’s free will has and is being infiltrated!

    The Light forces has been very precautious not to interfere with humanity’s free will and yet the lost ones have not done the same. Humanity have not consented in the latter’s form of control of our astral plane yet, they exploit it without us being aware of their intent/influence.

    If humanity’s free will is already being manipulated in the astral/plasma/etheric planes without our consent, as most of humanity is only aware/conscious of our physical existence, I believe that it is only proper for the Light forces to intervene without waiting for humanity to call for help.

    Inspite of that, I, in oneness with all of humanity and all of Gaia together with all of her kingdoms and elementals, implore the Light Forces to intervene NOW!

    • Any miscreations then as a result of the misqualified/discordant energies infused by the dark in humanity’s thoughtforms should automatically be transmuted by the Light forces, as we are unconscious of such actions by the lost ones.

      • Lumiere, you are totally brilliant. I have been pondering and considering this same logic for some time now. Thank you for broaching the subject. Namaste …….- J.T.

  3. Not a question — I want to report that two pages on the Cobra Interview FAQ aren’t working.

    Under LIFE there’s the page “Crossing Over: Death” and under STAR RACES – BEINGS the page “Pleiadians: Aldeboran’s”.

  4. Dear Cobra, I have a question of Greek mythology.
    Is Aeneas ascended master?
    Borgo di Pratica di mare is very important for dark nobility?

    Thank you for all you do.
    Victory of the Light!

  5. Dear Cobra!
    I have two more questions.
    Has a positive effect a ganesha mantras?
    Who is Azrael? Is he an archangel? In what dimension does it exist?
    Thank you for your replay!

  6. Dear Cobra!
    In the charismatic christian church, these people speak never learned languages and infilling with the energy of a holy spirit. Where they come from these languages? Who is the entity who is called a holy spirit?
    Is the larimar stone really coming from atlantis?
    Thank you for your Replay!

  7. After viewing the link for “EARTH EX” , wondering about update or clarification on the suggested / probable lenght of time we should be prepared for electrical power outages resulting from the Light pulse to Earth grid at the time of the event.

  8. There is an episode of History Channel about Bohemian Grove where a team try to infiltrate the place. It looks like it is just a parody and there is Alex Jones talking about his infiltration on Bohemian Club on 2000 and his videotape that everybody knows. Was the episode of History Channel just a disinformation to divert people of searching about what really happens on the Bohemian?

  9. Hello Cobra, I believe you said it was fine for people to dabble in cryptocurrencies, but in one of your recent interviews you say cryptos such as Bitcoin will not be the basis of the new financial system Does that mean cryptocurrencies will become worthless or will they have some smaller role to play after the Event? Thank you.

    • Dont worry. Bitcoin would not be worthless. Its so precious as gold and silver. Digital blockchain currencies based on Chinese quantum satellites will be introduced very soon as base for all world transactions, and 40 past transactions tracked. Before Event we could make a big profit on coins, then after Event we will be rich even without them.

  10. We have a Global Financial Reset after the event, could Cobra briefly explain how the new Financial System Works? Many people are curious about it.

    • Maybe Ryan will explain. NESARA, humanitarian funds for people who reads operation discosure, for others will be slow currency growth on the Forex and other markets. Debt forgiveness and 1000-6000$ monthly for all the people.

  11. Hi Cobra,
    In a former interview you mentioned that the true purpose for the rfid chips in credit cards is to monitor us to make sure that we are not contacted by positive ETs. Can you please explain further? How do rfid chips accomplish this? Thank you.

  12. Akashic records record everything that happened in the universe, wouldn’t the intel of the light forces be accessed by the dark forces?
    On the other hand, why wouldn’t the light force get intel about the large octopus, those bombs from the Akashi record earlier?

  13. Hi Cobra,
    You’ve mentioned in past interviews that mortgages will be forgiven as part of the currency reset. So, how does this affect those of us who did not irresponsibly get ourselves into mortgage debt that we couldn’t pay off and thus may not own a home? Will people who foolishly got themselves into too much mortgage debt be rewarded with a free home while those of us who didn’t be penalized for using common sense? How will that work?

  14. COBRA, could you briefly comment about the Black Sky event that EarthEx is planning on doing on the 23 of August. Just 2 days after the Total Solar Eclipse? Is it a drill or a rehearsal or is there something to do with Black Sun worshippers?

  15. How much of accuracy there is in the Baba Vanga`s prophecies? It seems that she was a gifted prophet and she must be the only one who saw humanity arising and falling again in the same trap that is happening to us. Was she seeing an old timeline? Are we really going to ascend and fall again in the future?

  16. There is in the Galactic Codex the phrase that people will have all the knowledge they NEED about the Universe and themselves after I think of the Event. This means that the knowledge will still be controlled and compartmentalized for all people? Will people have different pieces of information and knowledge according to their status and evolutionary path?

  17. Hello Cobra . My question is about the current situation in Brazil, is Kabbalah influencing these events? Can you tell us the names of the helpers of the light and the dark servants who are on the news?

  18. People will feel or see visions, prophetic dreams, they will remember their past lives or feel some energies that they never felt one or two weeks before the Event? All will feel or just some people?

  19. Questions for Cobra:
    Is it true that part of the reason of the Vietnam war was, that through wormholes and
    stargates in Vietnam were entering Insectoid ET’s (Trogs) which were fought of succesfully
    by the american milltary ? Were these Trogs also the reason that the people that inhabited
    Angkor Wat left (killed) overnight without leaving any trace?

  20. Could Cobra please define and clarify the relationship between “enlightenment”, “ascension”, “I am Presence”? A little bit confusing.

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  22. Cobra,
    There are many across the planet infected with Morgellon’s. The symptoms of lesions all over the body are painful and agonizing. Still many, many more are infected and have not yet manifested the symptoms. While the news of the dissolution of the Cabal is indeed great news, there are light workers who need assistance now, this moment. Many of us have not as yet risen to the status of ascended masters and a little assistance, common sense and some real method of clearing our bodies of these self replicating fibers would really be appreciated. So for a moment let go of plasma weapons and focus your energies on a solution to healing our light workers so we may be around to witness the Event.

  23. Hi Cobra, just wondering, does ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response) have anything to do with our chakras/kundalini/energetic body at all? Thanks for answering in advance and all!

  24. 1. does the central sun give birth to planets?
    2. you had mentioned before the night sky will change after the event. why?

    • The night sky will change because the Veil will be gone which blocks tachyon light. As long as the Veil is intact only, photonic light can readily come through. Since it takes time for photons to travel through space (unlike tachyons which travel instantly) we are currently seeing outer space as it was a LONG time ago based on how long it has taken the photons to travel to earth.

  25. 2 questions for monthly COBRA interview:

    Q:It is said that George Soros swore to eliminate the usage of paper currencies at banks. Is it likely before the Event that circulation/usage of paper currency stops in a everyday real economy?

    Q2 : How does East Alliance regard the financial warfare such as biometric payment, chip implantation, cashless economy with malign intent, etc., waged by the dark side? And what is East Alliance’s counter-strategy against it?

  26. Cobra, My question is in regards to the role that the galactic central sun Logos of the Andromeda galaxy plays in the Liberation of Earth. If my understanding is correct, the Archons are from the Andromeda Galaxy. If so then does not the central sun Logos of the Andromeda galaxy have some responsibility for its wayward children invading our Milky Way galaxy and Earth. After all, the responsibility of the Archons rest with the Andromeda galaxy Logos, so shouldn’t this Logos be helping out with this little problem we have with it’s vagrant children?

  27. Cobra you mentioned that duality is a program, so that means that the A.I and darkness are the same thing? Also what is beyond the light and dark since there is a field that is bigger that this where this both things can exist, i think it is what i call the Void or nothingness.

  28. After the Event people will have the same memories of this world happenings or we are going to start anew? How about the Cabal? Will be remember what they did or will they forget to continue their evolutionary process?

  29. IF WE NEED MORE PEOPLE FOR THE AUGUST MEDITATIONS, can you please make a webpage we can share with our friends & family who are unawakened yet would eagerly agree to join in based on the ultimate end goal?

    • … sorry need to add this to my question: I meant can we get a separate webpage that does not link to any of the hidden truths that are not part of mainstream culture and ultimately lose those who have cognitive disonance yet ultimately want the same brighter future!

  30. Cobra,

    Q1: It has been stated that Archangel Zadkiel is the keeper of the Violet Fire of Transmutation, that Archangel Metatron is the keeper of the White Fire of AN. Who is the keeper of the Electric Fire of Redemption you have mentioned before? Also, is their a golden and or red fire of the Galactic Central Sun?

    Q2: What is the occult name for the Galactic Central Sun?

  31. Cobra and Corey, Corey has spoken of the “Elixir of Isis” as being a thick amber liquid that Karee offered him, and that she drank (but he did not) prior to the mind-meld experience she and Corey had. I know Corey has stated it was made from a flower only found in their underground domains.

    My question is to both Corey and Cobra, do you have any intel on this particular elixir? Is this something that has beneficial health effects, should surface humans seek to obtain it or is this even possible? Also, is this different from what Cobra has termed the “Elixir of Life” in his post on physical immortality/youth? Is this the same or similar to what Cobra has mentioned called the “Pleadian elixir?”

    The idea of some special potion or “elixir” that would somehow improve physical, emotional, spiritual health has been a seductive idea in human history and even today people seek all kinds of avenues to obtain at the very least extended youthfulness in their lives as the physical body deteriorates and ages so fast. This also leads to the creation of many “snake oil” products that much money and time is wasted upon. Is seeking these kind of “silver bullet” solutions” definitely likely not to be worthwhile? Any comments on that would be great too. Thanks.

  32. I have a question. Cobra – you recently said that we could clear the plasma implant located in our frontal lobe by writing “I am separated from Source. I am one with Source” for 10 minutes every day. My question is – how long should we do this practice? A week, a month, a year? Thanks

    • separate from source, one with source
      there’s no I am
      the point is to disassociate from the belief, therefore it might not be a good idea to attach the belief with the expression I am

  33. Would we can ask to prevent any random or for ‘higher purpose’ meeting with soul family or soul group members, twin soul, soul mates, without any express of our desire to meet them, and without to be we explained before, how and why so a meeting might be arranged?.

    Do we have the right to have so a meeting in only a previous full knowledge about, and to have our conscious decision for what and how and in what circumstances to meet them?.

    Excepting the only case we have it already and we understand it, as the case may be.

  34. “EM: Have the Light Forces (even for Ascended Masters, and Source) ever worried that if the Event should be delayed further, they will run the risk of losing some Star Seeds?

    C: They are fully and completely aware of that situation.”
    (Essayenya Mosteenya interview)

    Would you mean here a war like lose or rather a lose due to exposing them too much to anomaly and darkness?

    Are you in fact afraid of finding some or more star seed unredeemable?
    if it is a war like lose, then the LF will clone the star seed at the version it was lost, or even in an improved one…

    so, most likely, there is the other ‘fear of lose’…
    in which star seed are expected to be found as unredeemable…
    and would you exile them in a particular zone of ‘the Andromeda negative part’ of galaxy, or… rather in a ‘galactic imprisonment’… till they either supposedly understand their situation, or you send them to the galactic center?…

    Is this the previsible fate (or lose) of any Star Seeds you are expecting or really are you afraid of??…

  35. On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentering Earth’s atmosphere, killing the following seven crew members :

    Rick D. Husband
    William C. McCool
    Michael P. Anderson
    Kalpana Chawla
    David M. Brown
    Laurel Clark
    Ilan Ramon

    Cobra, was it really an accident or were they executed by the Chimera group/ Cabal groups ? If so, giving as much details as possible, please tell us what did they know or do that caused them to be executed ?

    • All astronauts are of highest 33th level of freemasonry. For example the 7 people of Challenger crew were alive, and Armstrong on the Moon is fake. We are under quarantine so it is more easily to travel to the Moon on the triangular and other “UFOs” than on the shattle.

  36. Dear Cobra & Corey,

    thank your for contributing your expertise for the awakened part of the Earthlings. I have so many questions, but there are only two which are worth to be clarified before the ascension:

    “How many human beings will ascend and why?” A great part believes everybody will ascend except the hard core cabal. But the long-term ET contactee Simon Parkes is in regard of that very pessimistic, he estimates only a quarter of mankind will ascend. According to Cobra there will be a massive awakening shortly before the event. Human population will awake or ascend exponentially. On the other hand the Blue Avians told Corey a very, very, very pessimistic figure. They even ignored at first the difference between wanderers or incarnates and genuine human beings, so the last but one conference in 2016 of “Contact in the desert” in Sedona left the attendees very desperate. We have to be worth for ascension, that’s for sure, but how much of our efforts will be enough? (50/50 rule of thumb – sto / sts?)

    Thank you for your clarification in advance.

    • You a very superb Lightworker if you are not in the best 25% ))) 50-60% of Ascended is much more truthful(RA: harvesting). 1.5% is of 5D Starseeds. I have all chances to be of that 1.5%, you too. Much people would have grade 4 of 5. They may not ascend, so they need a money and happiness of 3D-4D. By next 5-10 years there will be comletely 4D. Much people would die and born or travel to another planets(biospheres-ships) and vice versa. My warranty ))

  37. Q: There’s a twitter account called “Victoryofthelight @ KibBitzLaw” that has been making waves on several forums, talking about upcoming events, intel etc.

    They’ve been making all sorts of claims including that they are “in contact with the same pleiadian woman as Cobra.”

    Is Cobra aware of the VOTL twitter? Are they an ally? Disinfo?

  38. Cobra… what do the recent 07/26/17 passed sanctions on Russia from the US “House” tell you about Donald Trump… and his administration around him?

  39. Dear Resistance Movement. I am writing to give my take on why awakened earth citizens are atacking Corey, in response to your statement published on COBRA’S blog. As a ranking member of the Resistance Movement will not be on the show, the first part of my letter will be rhetorical:

    From my perspective, one of the most primary and fundamental reasons for dissent amongst the community is the severe lack of tangible evidence for Corey’s claims – besides the testimony of a few individuals who allegedly served for years deep within the Cabal’s ranks, and have themselves admitted to being manipulated to the point of having their memories modified and their bodies implanted while serving within the Cabal’s military.

    You seem to be expecting citizens, fresh from awakening to the realisation they’ve been lied to their whole lives, to buy into the story that talking blue birds have arrived in thousands of spherical ships the size of planets to help free mankind from being enslaved by 13ft talking reptiles that eat children…
    Meanwhile, it’s becoming more and more clear to these people that every aspect of their lives has been engineered to deceive and control them.

    When heavyweights in the community start pointing out such basic drawbacks in Corey’s story such as the fact there is not one single Instagram or Snapchat video of Corey kicking back with the blue birds or photos of his vacations inside the earth – which might I add, had been deemed filled with lava by mainstream science – who do you think the public are going to side with?

    If I was able to use telekinesis or was having regular meetings off-planet with blue birds, lion people or giant preying mantis like Corey Goode and Simon Parkes, the very FIRST thing I would do is excitedly record some video evidence to share with my disbelieving friends. Can you give a justification for why, in this age of revelation, every one of these so called whistleblowers says it is “not necessary” to provide this physical evidence?? Why, in this age of disclosure, has not one single piece of solid evidence to validate these outlandish, game-changing claims been uploaded online..?

    Surely withholding valuable evidence feels the same to these citizens as what the Cabal are already doing to them? Is it so hard to understand why people might be pissed off?
    These kinds of unverifiable claims wouldn’t stand up in a court of law on our planet – and considering how well the Cabal have done to destroy our connection with our higher selves and compromise our ability to discern the truth, is it any wonder people are attacking Corey?

    I have also included 2 questions for Corey and COBRA; please read and answer one at a time.

    1. Corey. You have been asked endlessly by your skeptics to return from your encounters with physical evidence. When will you be uploading some videos? If you won’t, I can not continue to defend you online.

    2. COBRA. I believe you recently stated in an interview that Corey was not age-regressed after serving 20 years in space, because time-travel doesn’t work like that. If this never happened, it puts a huge hole in Corey’s narrative as without having gone through the “20-and-back”, all of Corey’s testimonies come into question.
    Could both of you please talk this over?

  40. What will be of those people who had to develop their psychic ability and did not developed after the Event? Will they be encouraged and helped to develop their psychic abilities? Will they have to live other lifetimes to develop and refine their mediumship and paranormality?

  41. Question for Corey and Cobra:

    Corey speaks widely about karma and releasing karma.

    Cobra learnt us that karma is an arcohonic invention to keep us enslaved, so we have not to believe anything related to it.

    Can you now draw a common point of view and a conclusion for us as well?

  42. Bashar projects first contact 2025-2030 because we would not be able to take the presence of a conciousness evolved as much as theirs. What’s your take on this? Do you believe that some channellers are unknowingly MKUltra victims who only believe their are channelling ETs?

  43. Cobra,

    Do you have any information about Neil Keenan’s Healing Computers and if so, can you tell us what you know about them, i.e., safety and effectiveness, etc?

  44. What caused the light show (official story: ball lightening) over Bergamo, Italy recently? Witnessed and recorded by A. Bersani.

  45. Cobra, please briefly describe any contracts that exist between the light and dark forces that are still being honored and upheld by the light forces.

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