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COEO Instructions: How to Get Started

Go to

Click ‘Join the Prepare for Change community’ button in the middle of the page.

The website will guide you through a few quick and easy steps until you are logged in to your account on COEO. For those concerned with privacy, you do not need to use your real name or real address or any other private contact information to register, navigate the website and connect with others.

How to Edit Your Personal Profile

Once you are logged into COEO, you will see at the top right corner the name you used to register. If you click on that, you can then ‘Edit Your Information’, ‘Upload a Profile Picture’, ‘Change your Location’, check your ‘Your Timezone’, and change ‘Your Availability’.

How to Find Other People

Once you are logged into COEO, you will see at the top right corner 6 main buttons to navigate the website: ‘Connect’, ‘Community’, ‘Event Support Groups’, ‘Sisterhood of the Rose’, ‘Events’ and ‘Home Site’.

If you click on ‘Connect’, you will see a worldwide map with all PFC users listed as blue pins on the map. You can click on these pins to navigate the website. If you click on a pin with a number on it, it will automatically zoom into the selected area. If you click on a pin with no number on it, you will be able to view a selected individual’s profile, where you will be able to send private messages to them. You can also simply do a search as presented above the map.

How to form a Group

Choose whether you would like to form an Event Support Group or a Sisterhood of the Rose Group. You can create both. Go to the corresponding menu from the top right corner, and simply click on ‘Add local group’ at the top right corner and follow instructions.

Create an Event

Simply go to the ‘Events’ menu on the top right corner and click on ‘Create new event’.

If you tick the box ‘Online/Global Event’, you will be able to create an Event for all members, such as a worldwide meditation.

If you are creating a local Event, do not tick this box and choose your location. All members who are near you will be automatically notified by email of the creation of your Event.

Interact With The Community

You can click on ‘Community’ and share an update with all the members. You will be able to see all updates on this page much like a Facebook newsfeed.

On the right side you will see suggestions of other people to connect with.

If you have any additional question, please send an email to [email protected]

28 thoughts on “Community”

  1. Hello, I tried several times to join COEO and it says I will be sent a validation link but no link comes in my email. I tried 5 times. Thanks

  2. Fratelli della resistenza, ho letto la lettera inviata poco fa da un Italiano come me e condivido pienamente tutto ciò che ha esposto.
    Purtroppo l’Italia è un paese governato da gente avida e corrotta che sta portando la popolazione allo stremo delle sue forze. Ci sono giovani disoccupati mentre i nostri governanti sperperano i soldi che noi Italiani paghiamo di tasse. Non ce la facciamo VERAMENTE PIÙ a sopportare tutto questo, per non parlare poi degli immigrati e dei vaccini che vogliono obbligatoriamente somministrare violando deliberatamente la costituzione. Vi prego da parte mia e da parte di altre migliaia di persone che stanno subendo questi torti inumani di intervenire prima che potete per far sì che in questo meraviglioso paese che è stato violato in tutti i modi possa ritornare la pace, l’Amore, la gioia e la serenità che ogni essere umano,ogni animale e tutto ciò che esiste su Gaia hanno diritto di sperimentare.
    Con Amore e per amore

    google – Brotherhood of Resistance, I read the letter sent by an Italian just like me and fully agree with all that he has exposed.
    Unfortunately Italy is a country governed by avid and corrupt people who are bringing the population to the brunt of its forces. There are young unemployed while our rulers squander the money that we Italians pay for taxes. We can not really do this to endure all this, not to mention immigrants and vaccines who want to donate deliberately violating the constitution. Please, on behalf of me and by other thousands of people who are undergoing these inhuman wrongs to intervene before you can cause this wonderful country that has been violated in all ways to return peace, Love, Joy and serenity that every human being, every animal and everything that exists on Gaia has the right to experience.
    With Love and Love

  3. The community page was down, just before the Liberation Meditation, 14.45 pm, at least it tried hard to connect, but it was going on and off rapidly. Possibly the large number of people logging in and visiting the page were the cause? I managed to join the meditation through Cobra’s Portal, with instructions and pictures. About 15.50 pm this page was accessible again. This may happen more often now, with meditation events and the joining of large numbers. The decision to also have the meditation details etc. on Cobra’s Portal is a smart idea, regarding this issue. Even other sites connected to this one could decide to publish them, to prevent issues with people finding no access to it?

  4. I came up with an anthem for the people of Earth, I would like your thoughts. “One World, Under our Infinite Creator, united in love and peace, with abundance and equality for all.”

  5. The validation of my email address isn’t succesful, it’s going in a loop, repeating the same request to check my email etc. etc.

  6. I cannot find my sisterhood of the rose group here in nz. I cannot find anything at all like befor. the community page is not available anymre on the net. what is going on please?? where has everything gone??

  7. Ahoy! find me on face book too; Kat Lopez, aka: that crazy toaster. lets unite! I’ve been sharing the weekly meditation with friends. Seems like we’re doing good. Lets keep up the good work!

  8. Hello to all, So excited about finding this site. I am Kelly, but my angelics have called me Asha. I live in the Salt Lake area in Utah. Thank you to those who created this site. I’m ready for these sacred changes. Blessings!

    • Hi Kelly, I wrote to you earlier tonight on Casimir’s iPhone. I hope you connect with DaNell. Welcome aboard! The more active you and others can become the faster we can start making positive changes in our world! The single most important thing you can do is the weekly liberation meditations that we do every Sunday (more often if possible). It was scripted by Cobra with the help of the Galactics. It is done at the same time every Sunday all over the world. We want at least 144,000 meditators doing this every week! ~**~

    • That’s kind of tough right now – it seems to be more of an internal spiritual “thing”. Is your heart open and loving? Are your actions consistent with your words. Are you in service to the light? Most talisman, symbols and other objects have been hijacked – so that is our caution. There was an earlier post on re-claiming symbols, but I don’t think we’re quite yet ready collectively – personally, maybe. Cintimani stones could be helpful.

    • You can create your own sigils I have invented and consecrated my own aymbol for freedom. There are so many forms yet to be discovered. Only YOU can empower yourself. Sending love light and blessings!

  9. How I can learn to protect myself and others from unnatural powers of negative archworms (creatures) in a situation when I will be in front of them eye to eye?…. do I have any chance to stop them?… what Cobra will do If He (example) have the same situation can happens?…. please answer my human question….

    • I know Cobra has done a post or two on clearing negative entities. I use 2 simple techniques. I face north, feet shoulder width apart – hold my hands out with my palms up (t) and declare:
      I AM _________(full given name).
      I AM ONLY ______(full given name).
      I AM NO ONE BUT _______(Full given name).
      Imagine a big vacuum sucking off energies that are not YOU. (You may sway backwards until you are done – then you may sway forwards). I do this daily, sometimes several times.

      Another technique: See yourself as inside an egg shell (auric field) You are the yolk. Take an imaginary roller of golden paint and start painting the inside of your egg shell, filling any cracks – below the feet, around back, then front and sides, above your head until all your egg shell is coated with divine golden paint. Imagine cobalt blue glitter that you can “throw” on the inside of your egg – cleaning & clearing that. In your light body go to the outside of your now golden egg and cut or remove any parasitic cords, hooks or entities. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!

      When you stand in front of those “archworms” after painting, and declaring your I AM – imagine a bright white light surrounding you – call in your helpers and divine helpers. YOU ARE SO POWERFUL – KNOW THAT!!! LIVE THAT!!!! BE THAT POWER!!! THAT NO ONE CAN HARM OR INVADE. Energetically/spiritually let them know you will send them to the central sun if they mess with you!!!

      • That was cool I just did it and i went back alright then my back bent back and hands went up, and while i was going back my dog pushed his muzzle against my right leg and also pressured my leg. he did not push me back more like held me there. He stopped just a sec before i went forward 🙂

    • Personally I do one or two things. You can say “let love and light in only” several times, or my favorite, close your eyes, fill it with the most brilliant loving light you can, then project it out. When I did it I actually was a blank inky archon in my mind being forced out of my room. The day before, our dog refused to come into my room for days. I did this, went up and called the dog down, and he ran into my room as happy as ever. Animals are great sensors.

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