Malawi Orphanage Project

Introduction to the Malawi Orphanage Project!


I have been communicating with two gentlemen in Malawi since 2015. They are both non-denominational Christian ministers.

It was early in 2016 when Keyason told me that they were in a severe drought, at that point, for over a year and a half. He said that people were dying and that they were supporting an orphanage that contained 444 orphans. As there are very few jobs in Malawi, he was worried about how they were going to keep the orphans alive. There is a farm on the Maoni Orphanage grounds were they are used to growing their own food but, with the drought, seeds were not germinating and producing the needed food.

I was horrified at the thought of this. How could the world ignore people that are starving? I told my local Prepare for Change group about this situation and that day we collected about $200. The next day I sent this money to them to help feed the orphans. That was the beginning of the “Feed Malawi Project”. Well, I am not feeding the whole country of Malawi. I am not even feeding the whole village which comprises about 3500 people.

The needs there are great and much more than just food. This is just a first step. If the people are not kept alive than the 444 orphans will die also. It is my current mission to keep this village alive. They are Malawi’s future. If we can keep them fed, they will have a chance to break out of the poverty cycle.

I am told that Malawi is a beautiful country with mountains, lakes, plateaus and valleys. Keyason and Enock have a traveling ministry where they go form village to village encouraging and up lifting the people. I once asked if they take food to these other villages and they said that they would like to, but never have the money to do so. Think how hard it must be to impart a message of hope when people don’t even have food to eat. This is too sad for words. I am taking a first step to help them change this.

I would like to partner with individuals and companies that could help grow this “Feed Malawi Project”. For anyone reading this site with ideas on growing this project, please email

When the prosperity funds are received, Malawi will be the first recipient of these funds. We will create a model community that can be copied in other parts of Africa. These Malawians are to see a day when all people and animals will be fed. They will be able to live a life where they can share their skills and gifts with all and in a sense, pay it forward.

have told them about Ubuntu. They have been learning about this concept that started with Michael Tellinger in South Africa. I am telling them about anything and everything that might help to give them a fair chance at a better life. They are skilled learners and they value education. My contacts both write to me in English. Their native language is Chichewa.

I invite you to look at this page frequently as it will be updated. Get to know the people that your donations will be helping. I encourage your donations to help these people. My roommate, Buzz, (who passed in April) always told me that they are joyful, happy people even though they have no Earthly goods of any value. We really could learn a lot from them. My wish for you and Malawi is ongoing happiness. What better internal feeling can there be than to help our fellow men, women and children.

Victory to the Light!

Love, light & blessings always,
Lynn ~**~ (Angel Eyes)

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