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Prepare for Change Volunteers are people from all over the planet who realize that we must take responsibility for ourselves, that the “leadership” of society has been highjacked by a small elite who have directed everything that money can buy toward the accomplishment of their very self-serving goals.

This is why we are a volunteer network using open source technology, for it is only through the dedication of honorable men and women that the ambitions of the self-serving can be deterred. We take pride in building upon one another’s work to create functional solutions for all the people of the planet, and that it is important that all of these efforts will evolve from the foundation of committed PFC members. Take a look at the Programs listed in the form and see if you would like to become involved.

Prepare for Change Volunteer Form

PFC is growing and numerous new functions and programs need an hour a week or more from talented and skilled members to move forward. If you can help, please volunteer! Currently we need volunteers to help our website Content Team to choose and post articles that support our member's work in their communities.This form is submitted to the Membership Desk, Volunteer Section.
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Please visit the Volunteer Projects page to learn more.

105 thoughts on “Volunteer Form”

  1. Hola hermanos me llamo Climent, de Caldetas, pronto sera todo posible, soy se de luz, como vosotros, consciencia pura, un beso

  2. Happy Father’s day to all the dads! To Mine, miss you, I hope puppy is keeping you company..

    Hello everyone, I’m Etressa Skye and I live in Washington state (Everett)

    • Ola, quero ser Voluntária, entre em contato comigo, estou disponível , 24 hrs sempre. Contatos por Cel: 51920007381 Facebook : Nina Lapynski Krynski menser: E-mail: [email protected] quero ajudar e ser proativa. espero anciosa, gratidão

  3. Hi there. This is Vic from Bakersfield, CA. I am so excited that finally I found the place where I belong to!
    They say that just 8,000 people in LOVE, being in action on the same page, can change the DESTINY of the world! I want to say that,first, we can start to help each other. I can help in anyway, just ask.
    I would love to meet open minded-spiritual people. I am focus right now to find out and build the best “quantum devices” to clear the chem trails. Any precise information will be very appreciated.My email is: [email protected] I LOVE you all.

    Vic for Light for the Victory of Light


  4. Namaste, dear 1, this is a.most glorious moment to be awake…I’m needing to go spiritual journey…out side USA. Where one’s self awareness can be channeled, appreciated. I must do something to prepare my spirit, with a sincere a sincere act of selflessness. The coming generations need the help we can offer.

  5. Namaste. This light worker’s ready to. Move to make this world ready. Need help to leave. I feel it’s time to venture out. Serious response only.Need passport, living quarters. Benevolent Rieki masters only reply. Namaste

  6. i live in Boston would relocate to help build community believe this is of great importance ; having trouble connecting i’m still rough around edges but have good heart and honorable and want to be of service if you live in Boston area #is 561-401-6014 please don’t let get pride in way

  7. I am from Venezuela, a country rich in misery for more than 20 years, by a president and his corrupt cupula, we have been harassed until our civil and human rights have been violated, the government has now decided to withdraw in less than 72 hours the only currency We had high denomination as the 100 bolivars badly called strong, we have no medicines, no drinking water, no food, we are at the mercy of the underworld, groups and terrorists and the government represented by narco terrorists like NICOLAS MADURO AND DIOSDADO CABELLO, I am in the disposition to the extent that they need me, I want to take my Venezuelan country to another level of peace, abundance, health and do away with the corrupt government, bankers we need a helping hand, we ask for help and our prayers are heard in everything The world, we are being persecuted and the media have been kidnapped, I am joining this great change TALK WITH YOU FOR FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE! VIVA VENEZUELA, VIVA BOLIVAR OUR LIBERATOR !!!

  8. I live in Pennsylvania , norristown. I would enjoy meeting another who has taken on responsibility to awaken. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son and his father . The three of us are eagerly excited for the big change. I am Caterina Alyce D’ Amore.

    With hugs and kisses,

    Caterina D’ Amore

    • I have been on this path for awhile and pursue extensively to learn all I can. I am very knowledgeable. I help others with what I know. I have many abilities since birth. Your welcome to write.

  9. My name is Jen and I would LOVE to join like-minded individuals that are motivated in promoting love and kindness to all of humanity and this beautiful planet. I am in the Waco/Austin, TX area. Please contact me @ [email protected]

    • I am a person with many abilities and I have alot of knowledge of what’s going on. Welcome to share. Love n light

  10. What a glorious time. Recently had to ward off spiritual and scaler attack, but centered myself and am fine. Words cannot describe the love I have for people now. I live in the Portland Oregon area and want to get others to join me in weekly meditation [email protected] Victory of the light!

    • There are worldwide meditation happening weekly that you can participate in. There was a big one on the 26th and there is one coming up on the 12th.

  11. I am in Pismo Beach California and interested in this noble project, I have volunteered my services. anyone close to my area? would love to network with like minds.

    • I’m in California and it is hard to find like-minded intelligent people to communicate with but I have found a few in other states. I am available for communication

  12. I live and work in Bangkok. I am fluent in Thai and English. I am an interior Architect by training and also have training in Reiki and I also make Medicinal-Herbal Tinctures.

  13. I live in Danville West Virginia please contact me at [email protected] I am the high council member for West Virginia the Knights of change we are a group dedicated to changing the world for the better please if you wish to know more go to facebook.com type in Knights of change and contact the leader of the group

    • Hier gibts die Deutsche Meditation fur Wochentlich zuruckkehrende Meditation am Sonntage 19.00 pm GMT Damit ist London Zeit gemeint. Viel Spazz damit 🙂


  14. Hello, Today there was an announcement from Sheldon Nidle that the funds for humanitarian projects will start being released next week. I asked for more details and funds for prosperity projects will follow. Shortly after these manifest, RV and GCR will take place.

    I have volunteered to help in any way that I can. Are there any plans in place for volunteers?

    • Cobra says this will not happen before the event happens. So no matter what is said I would listen to him. I listened to him today say this. The event can not be missed by any.

  15. Hi! My name is Alessandro Stendardi, i live in Brasil, i can’t send my form so… I’m fluently in Italian and potugues and i understand spanish PLEASE contact me! I’m free for any services. Peace, love and light! Namaste! [email protected]

    • Hi Alessandro!

      I already sent you 2 emails but both were returned with the message “mailbox unavailable”. Please provide an alternative mail box or check what’s wrong with yours!

      Highest frequencies

  16. My earthly origin is Turkish .but i do not live in Turkey (for various reasons )never the less i do not want Turkey does down the history for traitor for human kind if i can do anything to help bring to light back to Turkish people ,just tell me what you need or if you need me ,namaste

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