Sekret Machines: Gods (From Coast to Coast interview with Tom DeLonge)

Arrives March 7th in Bookstores

(Sunday, February 26, 2017.  I have the coast insiders subscription which has a small fee to listen to any of their shows.  Search to see if you can hear this show because it was quite interesting and revealed several times that there will be a major announcement within the next 60-90 day.  I’ve copied the Coast to Coast introduction and the 2 Book’s information.  Books are available at books stores or on Amazon)

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Clint Richardson –

I met Clint a few weeks ago at The Free your Mind Conference in Philadelphia.  Spent some time with him and a few others touring Philadelphia.  Clint is a die-hard at studying the law – constitution – word magic – truth.  I can recommend the details that Clint brings forth about our government, our birth certificates and the large amount of information he has to help us know the truth – and set us free.  Clint puts his information out for free on his web-site: – hours of teaching information.  Here he is interviewing Tami Pepperman  another warrior for the truth.  Study their words and listen carefully.  We have had the “wool” pulled over our eyes.   There are many other youtube video’s and podcasts available.

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