The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not

Oct. 4th 2017 The whirlwind of energy matters and all that matters not.

By Devon SeaMoor – PFC member
There are many ways to work with energy, beneficial to each in his or her own choice of a technique. I’m not saying that this technique, offered by Untwine is wrong. Experience is proof of if it works for you or not. There’s value in creating a channel where we can let go of energy, to the center of Gaia and the centre of the Universe, as above, so below. I’ll present a method as a suggestion. See if it works for you, okay? I’m probably presenting this method in 2 or more comments here, for I’ve noticed that the amount of space, available for a comment is smaller than it used to be. At any rate, I’ll see how it goes. For clarity, it’s advised to read this comment (or the 2 or more comments) from beginning to end. Thank you!

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“Clearing” to Encourage Other Light-workers

I AM ____________________________.  (say your full name)

I AM ONLY __________________________  (say your full name)

I AM NO ONE BUT _______________________(say your full name)

I AM infinite consciousness.  I am now aware of the mind control matrix and manipulation that I have been under and I will      NO LONGER be tricked into badmouthing or fighting with other light workers.  We are different but our goal is planetary liberation and Soul Liberation.  Light Workers, Healers, Researchers all have a piece of the puzzle.   I have a mission different than you.  I will NO LONGER be tricked by the energies around me into badmouthing and back-biting other light workers.

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“Banishing” or . . . How to become an Advanced Human Soul, Part 2


By Danell  Glade, Oct 2, 2016  –


or How to become an Advanced Human Soul, Part 2 

We are going to go over some basic understanding of the human energy system.  This will not be a complete overview but a great place to start. We are more than a physical body that can experience beyond the 5 senses.

If you could “see” your energy body, it could look like these examples below.  The yellow “egg” shape is your energy field (Aura).  It doesn’t stop like in the picture but continues on in a more subtle form (& it can connect to the ONE field).  It can vary in color and colors means something.  The 7 colored “dots” represent your main chakra system going up your spine and extending out in the front and back of you.  Chakra means spinning wheels of energy (keeps you physically alive).  You want to eventually move to unified chakra’s that look different than these pictures, but for now we will work within the chakra system.  If your Aura and chakra’s are not healthy, you can not progress physically, energetically or spiritually (higher self).

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