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or How to become an Advanced Human Soul, Part 2 

We are going to go over some basic understanding of the human energy system.  This will not be a complete overview but a great place to start. We are more than a physical body that can experience beyond the 5 senses.

If you could “see” your energy body, it could look like these examples below.  The yellow “egg” shape is your energy field (Aura).  It doesn’t stop like in the picture but continues on in a more subtle form (& it can connect to the ONE field).  It can vary in color and colors means something.  The 7 colored “dots” represent your main chakra system going up your spine and extending out in the front and back of you.  Chakra means spinning wheels of energy (keeps you physically alive).  You want to eventually move to unified chakra’s that look different than these pictures, but for now we will work within the chakra system.  If your Aura and chakra’s are not healthy, you can not progress physically, energetically or spiritually (higher self).



Without knowing, most energy fields (Aura’s) look unhealthy & broken and for a variety of reasons.  Some of the reasons are:  abuse, addictions, past life issues, illness, scalar weapons & negative energy technologies, DNA manipulations, energetic (astral & etheric) ‘hoodlums’ etc.  We have been kept in ignorance and ignorant of what to do to correct this.  We are going to learn a few ways to help.


page-9-aura1 images 6098640_f520images

And then there is ‘hoodlum’ interference and other astral/energetic disturbances in our energy fields:

images images photoimages full1325764113



We will also look at our specific layers (part of the Aura) or energetic/spiritual bodies that we have.  You have all heard the term “higher self”, “inner self” or “God-self”  – we’ll look at that.  These bodies of ours are not just “out there” in space, they are within our heart and soul.  It’s not just “out there”, it is us here.  It’s hard to use 2 dimension drawings for our multi-dimensional selves.  Here’s a few artists examples which may or may not be totally correct, but we’ll start here:


imagestumblr_m451s1zrf71qapkzh screen-shot-2011-02-10-at-6-50-15-pm-275x300


Every culture has their own words for the different energy bodies, so don’t get too concerned with what they are each called.   Some of the pictures have ‘names’ to the levels.  I like body/mind/spirit, or Physical, Astral, Mental, Plasma, Radiant, Portal and Avatar Body.  Remember they do not necessarily go higher up in the sky as much as within – it’s a way of showing you we are more than just this body.  This is not a complete list.


images imagesplanes


These various ‘higher’ bodies interact in ways that most of us are not even aware of.  I won’t go into specifics here.  Just think; Inter dimensional or Cosmic, etc.

We want to get our physical body and energy bodies healthy, free of chaos and control and aligned with our higher self, which will align us with our intuition, our soul, our soul purpose and Cosmic frequencies.  We also want to make sure our “feet” are grounded to the earth and center of the earth, our heart is connected to our higher heart and galactic heart and our “head” is connected to our Higher self and Galactic Central Sun.

(much like Sunday’s meditation video



These bodies must come into alignment in order to integrate 

Cosmic frequencies.  

When you are aligned with these Cosmic frequencies, 

you can operate in the 

Human Matrix but be informed by the Cosmic Awareness (grid).  

This is our main GOAL right now.  

When we get to experience THAT,  

we are ‘out of reach’ of hoodlums for one major thing 

and we access more light and more Cosmic.  

How can we get to Cosmic?

Put on your ruby slippers (you’ve had the power all along my dear), buckle up that seat belt and keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.  We’re going to . . . Banish (clear), among other things like being . . . Cosmic.


imagesimages  redslippersbuckle-up-300x300

Going through this information and clearing is not a one time fix.  We are barely scratching the surface.  You will need to do some of these activities and clearings more than once and sometimes more than once a day.  As our energy is first of all repaired it can be fragile until it’s strengthened.  People around you will still try to engage with you the way they always have and you need to keep your energy clean.  Sometimes astral attacks happen more often when you start to . . . Banish (fyi).  There are links with additional information throughout this article and at the end.  There will be a part 3.  This is where you will need to do some personal work.  Get off your couch.  Step away from your addictions (or overcome them).  Take action.

You have to meet the Cosmic frequencies half way.

The goal is to get your energy field repaired, strengthened, cleared and 

aligned to your soul and life affirming and evolving sources.


This article continues where this last one left off.  There is also a very basic clearing within this linked (Part 1) article:

                  Key elements:

  • Awareness that we humans are being manipulated and we are 
  • ‘allowing’ our spirits to be sucked out of our Soul
  • Maintain your inner connection with YOU/SOUL
  • Go beyond the pineal gland (higher pineal)
  • Stay clean with your energy and your INTENT
  • Codes coming from the Galactic Central Sun are for our benefit
  • Say “NO” to the FEAR plan
  • Take care of your physical body
  • Take care of your brain
  • Choose to be HUMAN
  • Say No to A.I.
  • List of actions to take

How to begin and what to DO:

1 – Clear your Space

2 – Prayer

3 – Grounding/Connecting

4 – Declarations

5 – Clearing (Banishing)

6 – Affirmations

Now we are going to focus more on our energetic bodies and what to do.  There are “Energy Healers” that are available for sessions all around the world.  They can be invaluable at times, and other times they cause more problems so use intuition if you go that route.  Ultimately You need to Be your own Powerful Light Force.  (tough love, I know).

I will be using the word Soul Friends or Deva’s (healers).   These are the positive beings (positive energies) who do have your best interest in mind (not manipulated/false light/deceptions).  Soul Friends can be Ascended Masters, Christ, Archangels, Builders, Sphere Beings. etc.  Some of those words have been charged and sometimes negatively charged so I’m not going to use those words except Soul Friends and Deva’s (Deva is a kingdom of pure healers).   The same goes for the “bad guys” (Satan, Archons, etheric parasites, entities, demons, etc) – who I will term hoodlums most of the time.


1 – Clear your space 

Here are some physical things you can do in your “space”;  (home, car, work, etc)

before, after and during your ‘Banishing’s’:

After your space is ‘clear’:

2 – Prayer w/Power 

Start with some type of prayer and say it out loud and with power –  i.e.:  . . . . . I am calling forth the Deva’s and Soul Friends to come and assist me please.  I ask Deva’s and Soul Friends to assisted me in the clearing of any frequencies that are of a negative nature anywhere in my physical or energetic bodies, blood and SOUL and to liberate me from any bondage, spells, curses, hypnotic trances, negative contracts from any past agreements, past life or energetic imprints etc. etc.  Help to raise me above the apathy and the program of being an ineffective victim.  Remove the ignorance and amnesia. Help me to find myself, release more of my light and awaken within my heart and Soul. (You can also add to this basic prayer).  Do not close your prayer.

3 – Grounding/Connecting  

Focus (imagine) about 8 inches above your head.  There is a ball that has descending energy coming down like a shower above you.  A shower of grace flowing down your head, face, torso, arms.  This energy is energetically washing and clearing your physical body and energy field (Aura).  Deva’s are energy healers assisting.  This energy is going down through your stomach, hips, legs, knees and to your feet.

Affirm that you (imagine in your light body) have strong healthy roots coming out of the bottom of your feet.  Those roots are able to go through shoes, floors, buildings, dirt, rocks, minerals, water, caves, crystals & gems.  At the crystal layer pause to absorb codes that come from our sun and from the Galactic Central Sun.  Continue down through the lava layers and to the iron core of the earth.  Wrap your roots around the iron core.  Since roots absorb – absorb the iron, minerals and galactic codes while you bring your awareness up your roots – up through the warm earthy lava.  The Lava has a way of burning off dross, negative things as it comes up your roots to the earth’s mantle level and into your physical body and Aura.  Have those minerals, Iron and lava from the center of the earth and your light body travel upwards to your feet, ankles, knees and legs.  At the same time it’s filling your aura with the minerals and Iron, healing lava and Galactic codes.  Bring this healing and grounding energy up your spine – clearing and balancing all of your chakra system.  Bring it up to the hips, stomach, chest, neck and through the brain and head.  Now take that energy out the top of the head connecting to your higher self, up past our sun, solar system, past the outer galaxy and past our solar system and connecting to the Galactic Center Sun.  Pause while you feel the energies connecting you to the earth and to the Central Sun.   Feel your heart open and connecting to the Galactic Heart.

4 – 5  Declarations/contracts

“A contract is a business-like, and very “un-enlightened”, way for two or more entities to freely and openly

hand over consent for any act, thereby circumventing the punishment for depriving another living being

of it’s free will.  These same off worlders created the current religious and legal systems we use today,

and then used these contractual systems disguised as Religion and Government, to trick the consent out

of the people for everything they wanted to do to them with the aid of black occult magic and mind control,

hovering around “deceptive contracts””!

(State with power these declarations and use your full given name in the following blanks) 

I AM INFINITE AWARENESS, otherwise known as the human: ______________________________

I AM ONLY INFINITE AWARENESS, otherwise known as the human: _______________________

I AM NO ONE BUT INFINITE AWARENESS, otherwise known as the human: _____________________________________

I Inhabit this HUMAN body and my own energetic bodies this date of

____________________(today’s date)____ and onward.

I choose to be Infinite Awareness in this HUMAN form.

I AM INFINITE AWARENESS, otherwise known as ________________

and declare that I AM the original and declare any other version or copy:


This mind/body/spirit known as _________________ is the embodiment of LIGHT and INFINITE AWARENESS.  I AM a sovereign being. No one, no entity, physical and non-physical can lay claim to this body/mind/spirit, Soul, DNA or blood.  I govern this body and All my energetic bodies in all dimensions, planes, and parallel lives under Natural Law, the Galactic Codex, the Law of One, The One True Law.  All contracts made by me in this life, in-between lives, other lives,  parallels and dimensions, life systems etc. that were done with black magic under deceit or duress, I am deliberately declaring my non-consent to any and all of these negative contracts, manipulations and agreements etc.  I also declare the permanent and on-going release of any and all plasma scalar waves and weapons, implants, nanites, A.I.(Artificial Intelligence), cords and hooks, mind control grids, Infrasound, signals, or anything whatsoever that deceives me into agreeing consciously or unconsciously to any type of negativity or hoodlum control over me and my free will.  They are declared NULL and VOID and hold no power over me.  I Release all Victim energy, all feelings of being lost or lonely and anything else named or un-named that is keeping me from evolving in mind/body/spirit and soul.

(Feel free to add your own specific declarations.)

6 – Affirmations

It is wise for you to always recognize and thank the higher forces for the assistance and

manifestations that you achieve.  Tap lightly on the top of your

head as you say these affirmations or hold your right hand with all tips of your fingers

pointing together – pointing in the middle of your forehead and

feel these affirmations ‘enter’ your 3rd eye.  It’s also helpful to blink “in”

as you say these affirmations.

Thank you Deva’s and Soul Friends:

– I HAVE POWER AND DOMINION over me.  I Choose Free Will.

– I AM awakening from the programming and the deceptions and into my own light, higher self and I AM PRESENCE.

– I AM choosing to evolve from an earth based human to a Galactic Human Citizen and INFINITE AWARENESS.

– I AM choosing to raise my vibrations and connect further with divine DNA and Cosmic Awareness in the Cosmic Grid.

– I AM strengthening my connection to my higher self and to my soul.

– I AM Healing my fractured Soul

– I AM downloading new software from the Cosmic Awareness

– My Heart is open and connected to the Galactic Heart

– I AM bringing more of my own light – out to myself and to the world.

Thank you

– I AM more conscious about my words, thoughts and actions and they align with Cosmic Awareness

– I AM compassion and forgiveness

– I AM being genetically and spiritually activated to expand into higher awareness

– I AM joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

– I AM taking action for the Victory of the Light.

(Feel free to add your own affirmations.)

Thank you, Thank you, Be It So with every breath I breathe.  (Close with your own prayer).

Zip UP & Ground yourself  (see Donna Eden links)


 5 or 11 Min energy lift by Donna Eden  11 min version -Donna Eden   5 min energy lift – Donna Eden

 References – additional links

Galactic Codex   Cobra’s blog and in particular:          from Cobra’s blog – figure 8        from Cobra’s blog

(Also, on the right hand column of Cobra’s blog, towards the bottom is a “search” window where you can type in words and do your own search.)  untwine    untwine         excellent            contract revocation                                                              Andrew Bartzis contract revocation       MKUltra                         Good site                 Etheric Liberation           Archon portal     (clearing owning your energy field)          Sword of Archangel Michael         good info                           archangel Michael (channeled)   11 min version – Donna Eden   5 min energy lift – Donna Eden

by Danell Glade,

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  1. Thank you for this information. I never felt before attacked in any way until now. For some reason, I feel sleepy all day and I am sleeping most of my time. I wake up, have breakfast and i need to go back to bed. I get up again, try to work and feel tired and I need to go back to sleep. For the last 15 days I lost control, I cannot work at all and I am feel extremely tired all the time. So, besides other prayers that I have (which the sleepiness does not let me do it many times) I am adding this work to all. Again, thank you so much. This is the answer to my prayer.

  2. Really should be on the main page so no one misses this post – so correlates with what i have observed in life as to work out wtf is wrong with people….(experience and insight before literature – supporting litrature always attracted to me post the event – never the other way around – why so i was not creating this as i worked out years before the responsibility of the creation power i weilded in my life alone – but well i was bored and wanted to have a girlfriend and well life provided me that and all that came with it – an opportunity to work out wtf… single always heaven…and it all makes sense as to why some fell in love for protection – this nicely summarizes 6 years of adventure – a nice way of putting it) and this article pretty much covers the lot – auric brushing – well that explains that – why i could never shed some light to anyone till they auric brushed – crying children or kids missbehaving teaching them to auric brush or doing it for them – stops it…..

  3. With all these valuable explanations and suggestions, it’s valuable to always remember that energy is in a constant flow and flux, meaning that no part of our energy field or aura is in a constant fixed position. It’s the awareness of being exposed to alien forces and other people’s vibrations that is the main key to finding access to self-regulation and decisions in how to be sovereign in all of that turmoil and upheaval.

    It’s never about doing the right thing as in choosing when feeling judged, inside or outside. It’s about taking a step that makes you feel good about yourself. And energized. A step even, towards doing the right thing, trying things out and paying attention, discern and adjust. Being creative in freedom of choice each moment.

    That in itself is a life-force-sustaining attitude and its the fuel for our vitality. To me, this is what’s called Mastery. It’s not about being a Master in high spiritual realms, in a far off realm. It’s about Mastery of our condition at present, flawed as it may be, with scars and bruises. To be at peace with it, as in “let it be true” while taking the next step, making waves or ripples. Waiting for a Master to save us from our denial of inner mastery is futile.

    We’ve got to find it in ourselves to live through this transformation, while being at peace or being at war, with ourselves and the world around us. To end that war asks us to see ourselves for who we truly are and be compassionate about it, with an active and alert stance. Never in complacency, each day looking at one’s life with fresh eyes. That’s what stops us from going into a fight with ourselves, depleting our energy and making us feel sick or wanting to stop existing due to the overwhelm of current events. Healthy boundaries are important for children and adults both, when learning about our energy system is involved, I think.

    A man who provides sensible lectures online, in YouTube videos, about the energy system and our awareness of it, is Manly P. Hall. He’s one of the old esoteric schooling with diligence and in touch with practical experience in real life. He has passed on but his voice is saved:

  4. Thank you for putting all this information together . It is extensive and understandable. Way to help us gain our own power back through these steps.


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