Cobra / Prepare for Change: September Interview

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NOTE: The Prepare for Change Interviews are fully vetted and approved by Cobra,
which is not generally true of others which do not submit their transcripts to him.
For this reason we have the PFC Interviews listed separately.

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Dispelling the myths about Debt “forgiveness”’m not a financial expert and please consider this opinion article as mere entertainment because it’s NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE whatsoever.

Don’t take any of this for granted and do, as always, your own research.

People have been misled about Debt <<Forgiveness>> propaganda in alternative media

I needed to help dismantle this false hope messiah rhetoric, even if it risks going against the more or less coherent narrative in alt media since a few years back.

I felt guided to write this article as a way to dispel some myths that are somehow becoming “beliefs” among the supposedly more awaken people on this planet.

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