’m not a financial expert and please consider this opinion article as mere entertainment because it’s NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE whatsoever.

Don’t take any of this for granted and do, as always, your own research.

People have been misled about Debt <<Forgiveness>> propaganda in alternative media

I needed to help dismantle this false hope messiah rhetoric, even if it risks going against the more or less coherent narrative in alt media since a few years back.

I felt guided to write this article as a way to dispel some myths that are somehow becoming “beliefs” among the supposedly more awaken people on this planet.

In reality I’m really tired of all the crappy misinformation, disinformation and sheer lunacy, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not going to get any better unless someone does anything about it.

Either this is intentional as a psy-op to make us <<feel good>> and don’t take any action and just roll over and be passive when the smelly stuff hits the fan, or just some people eager to make money through ad’s getting a few more extra clicks on their blog.

So I hope this inspires at least some people do to some research on the matter, in order to provide the best possible guidance for others when the Event… I mean when the circumstances demand that the most awakened people in this planet are called to lead the changes.

There’s no “Forgiveness”… but there could be some debt >>destruction<<

Part of the problem is that the so called GCR (Global Currency Reset) concept is a flawed one, since the beginning.

In some ways it’s analogue to the “flat Earth” engineered meme (that I hope doesn’t spread any further) from the <<you know who>> usual suspects. I mean just watch the sunrise or sunset. Can’t everybody see we have a Horizon and the natural curve of the Earth? Aren’t spherical shapes the elemental building blocks of matter in this Universe? Common sense here.

The same applies to the so called Financial Reset, or more accurately Redefinition.

The Great Misleading core idea here as I mentioned on a previous article is that this is NOT a currency reset or revaluation.

It’s a Currency Re-denomination. This matters a lot and a ton of erroneous misconceptions and misguidance sprouts precisely from this core misunderstanding.

A Currency Revaluation or Reset  implies that you KEEP old currencies in use, and you just tweak their exchange rates within their peg to the dominant reserve currency (currently still the US dollar).

Spoiler alert: this happens all the time and currencies change their relative value within certain Cabal controlled specific intervals (which they use to profit enormously and feed the “monster” black hole of debt that milks the workforce on this planet).

This is why anything new can’t be called “Revaluation” or simply “Reset”. THAT’S WHAT THEY ALREADY DO ALL THE TIME!

What MAY and probably will happen is that, with the inclusion of the Yuan in the SDR basket since November 30, and since everybody in the occult economy knows the Yuan (as the Russian Ruble also) is a “dormant” currency (i.e. the current rates don’t reflect the real productivity and precious metals holdings of the country) that inclusion is sparking a scramble for tangible assets from Central, retail and investment banks, to back up their reserves. That’s why precious metals paper prices are being suppressed…. So they can buy more “cheap” collateral and don’t go totally bankrupt once the financial redefinition happens.

So the Yuan’s promotion forces all other currencies to back up their value with hard assets, if they want to keep doing trade with the world’s largest exporter. The same applies to the rest of the BRICS nations.

But here is the tricky part. You can try to back up a currency with real assets, but you can’t give it the same name, neither use the same coins or bank notes. That’s why it HAS to be a redenomination .

So where’s the freakin’ Jubilee?

There ain’t one IMHO. But here’s a new concept: there could be some Debt <<Destruction>>.

Queen-JubileePeople have to understand that the “Jubilee” is a religious and mythological origin concept. It’s intention is much like the one of the Architect character in the Matrix movies. The Matrix is programed to reset itself within certain periods of time (70 years in the case of the religious based matrix) and find a <<Messiah>> who will <<release>> the slaves from <<oppression>>.

This happens because if the <<slaves>> are not provided with the given illusion of <<free will>> and control they will have shorter life spans and are much less productive.

There’s a confusion reigning among Lightworkers and Lightwarriors at this point, which results from thousands of years of mind control, programming and implants which are bound create havoc mentally merging the images of <<forgiveness>>  with the concept of “Debt”, “Reset” and “Golden Age”. This is set to intentionally delay the process of liberation triggering passiveness and “expectation” to create “disappointment” and disillusion, and hand over to a third party our unique divine creator power.

This creative power collectively applied is unmatchable hence “they” are so afraid of it.

So this is the deal: if you want a DEBT FORGIVENESS you’ll have to DO IT yourself.

Here are some hints of how things can possibly play out in a Currency Redenomination scenario.

After the bank holidays and NEW currency is announced and usable the remaining banks will be forced to phase out the old currency, over certain and still unknown period of time.

But the credit contracts are in old Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) and Euros, Pounds and Yen’s… so the banks will be forced to “update” the contracts into new currency (the typical average contract always mentions the name of the currency and value in the date it is signed). So they will send you a letter asking you to sign a new deal, based upon the new names of the currencies and exchange rates, which I can only guess, but my inner oracle says they will look like totally outrageous to the common citizen.

This is the core issue and please check with a layer before you take any further action (yes lawyers will continue to exist and my inner oracle also says they will be very busy and working overtime in the next few years).

If you have loans based upon old currency you may complain about a “breach of contract”.

A new contract implies the nullity and makes the previous one void. The minute the bank sents you that letter you have something to hold on to!

But please pay attention to this very important details:

  • if your loan was made to purchase tangible assets you may claim “breach of contract” BUT you MAY or MAY NOT be forced to return the purchased assets to the bank followed by the termination of that specific account and settlement in the NEW CURRENCY. This means you MAY get a small compensation for interest paid in OLD currency, BUT WILL DEPEND on the NEW rates of exchange AFTER the re-denomination, which are only to be known AFTER it happens.
  • the POSSIBILITY of real and TANGIBLE debt forgiveness may come ONLY if you engaged in personal consumption credit, buying services that did not get you a tangible asset. Ex.: you made a loan to pay for college, a trip you made or even a debt you legally obtained and paid another debt. If the bank tries to change the current debt contract to a new one with new currency and rate you may claim a breach of contract also.
  • You may also claim a compensation for interest paid in old currency Vs the same interested calculated with the new rates. If you purchased an asset with credit and you are expected to return that asset to bank after the litigation is settled you may indeed claim a certain amount of money for the interest paid. But this is uncertain because it will surely depend upon the value of the old currency Vs the new. Ex.: you bought a car with a 20.000 dollar loan and you paid plus 5.000 dollar of interest. From those 25.000 dollars you still owe the bank 10.000 dollars. You settle your claim with the bank in which you return your car to them and they close the credit account in exchange. So you make your calculations and come to the conclusion that you’ve already paid $14.000 of the loan but also $1000 of interest to the bank. However the “new treasury reserve notes” come into circulation and the exchange rate for the old FRN’s is, let’s say, 1 TRN to 0.5 FRN’s. So for each FRN you’ve paid in interest you may claim that you paid the equivalent $2000 new TRN. So you MAY or MAY NOT get this compensation. I say this because It will depend much on the pressure exerted upon the banks by the general population and how much control they will have on the political and legal system after the Event.

Moreover, I’m very skeptical that isolated individuals can pull this through by themselves. The Legal and Political systems all over the world are not going to change overnight. The rule of law still will prevail even if it’s biased or protects ruthless interests.

However if you plus 1000 people join a movement to repudiate or settle debt in a legal way you’ll be creating a huge tide much harder to fight by the remnants of our current political system.


The risk of an overnight drastic change and forgiveness of all debt is the total loss of private property and assets.

Give it a thought for a minute. A lot of businesses are corrupt but not all. If you run an honest small business and you work with some kind of credit for your clients or suppliers like payments in advance for example, how would you feel if them told you “you have to pay me more 50% than initially agreed or else you won’t get a dime back – hey don’t blame me the new exchange rates are killing me too”.

So you see throughout all commercial activities agreements and settlements will have to be reached because of the financial redefinition.

Who win’s this time will defined by the amount of pressure the people will pour into the remaining politicians who were brainwashed to their core.

That will define the new regulations and who gets the upper hand this time.

So here’s the interesting part. We may be able to “destroy” some debt and get compensations for all sorts of things but it will not change overnight.

The myths about Debt forgiveness or Financial <<Flat Earth>> equivalent theory are programming meant to slow the progress and reduce our collective abilities to more manageable levels.

This is to say that we should stop looking at the Event through the Messiah syndrome glasses and see it as is: a little help to wake more people up and achieve the critical mass necessary for the huge change we envision.

And of course speculative debt (making a credit now knowingly being aware that it will be forgiven later) will not be tolerated, I’m pretty sure of that.

What will come is a Transition system rather than definite and ultimate solutions. My estimate is that, if all goes well the new financial system will last no longer than 5 to 10 years, at the very best. With the liberalization of currencies and subsequent increase in usage of cryptocurrencies and precious metals backed settlements, we will evolve to a more real asset, or as I like to call it, a calorie based economy in a near future.

In that regard, here’s a big hint of how to possibly manage your resources: a true “quantum” leap in the way we trade can only mean an evolution to a cashless society since we have been using “money“ for a few thousand years.

To have a cashless society means that we have stop thinking about means of exchange and more in terms of Calories, Joules, watts, proteins, enzymes, and usefulness of what we purchase.

This “quantum” mental leap must happen first before we even start thinking about how we’re going to get out of the mess this planet is into right now.

And in reality we just depend on ourselves collectively to get there.

Highest frequencies!

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  1. New thoughts.

    Maybe an interim Event?

    I wondered how it would turn out, brainwashed as we were/are, with more and less important people. Not only by wages, but maybe even more by mentality. F.e. the cleaning part of society, dustmen and cleaners. After they find 100.000 in their bank account we will not see most of them back. Who could blame them.
    That’s enough to oversee the whole of the problem.

    What’s important now?
    – Learn/teach what Truth is. Does everybody need to learn all of the useless lies from the past or is a real new start possible.
    – Learn/teach what freedom is. That that’s not a lifelong laying on the beach, running round in macho cars with bbq’s in the evenings. That there’s responsibility involved in freedom.
    – How to get attention? With money. That 100.000 can be used to smash on our heads so we’re knocked out for the rest of the time (eating popcorn on the couch haha!). Or little by little used as temptations for getting attention. Give everybody so much money that they can stop worrying, pay their bills and have room for new thoughts. Start informing them.

    Maybe also give the money with the demand to spend 50% at least for the benefit of society.
    We are with a lot of awakened ones now. Cobra does not have to do it all on his own and solve all the problems alone anymore if he wants. There must be many many good ideas out there. We could make a beautiful start more together.

  2. Money represents energy, we spend energy to obtain money in the form of work! With a Babylonian debt economy that has stolen not only from almost every single person alive todate, what about all the souls that have left this plane of existence who also have been raped energetically in the form of financial vampires that has filtered up to the elite that then have our power to financially dictate the actual value of said currencies (or simply print it).

    This post is soo uninformed as to the levels of debt imposed on us all, to state they deserve additional energy from us to pay off fraudulent agreements in the first place to conform with legalities is ludicrous in it’s entirety. As soon as it becomes common knowledge as to the extent of the global criminal cabal and all they have done and planned to do to us all, good luck is all can say! Kill the masters! (Game of thrones reference)

  3. Hi all! Thanks for your thoughts!

    They really reflect different perspectives on the issue.

    In my opinion The NESARA or GESARA work as kind of manifesto or “Declaration of Independence” that any awaken being on this planet can use to inspire and be inspired.

    However it reflects too much its USA centric perspective and lacks the necessary transition process details that can be used by any individual to escape the Debt slavery system, on a step by step basis.

    Moreover, it’s political and legal feasibility are constrained by the lack of general awareness by the populace.

    I believe we should all view it as an inspiring document that we can read and inspire others when the “heat is turned on” if you know what I mean.

    Also I’ve come to realize that the positive factions below, above and on the surface of this planet are very much focused on creating major breakthroughs on the political, financial and exopolitical front that can allow for greater awareness of the general population.

    Listening and reading to the several information outlets of the various factions involved in the planetary liberation process so far (Cobra, Sphere Being Alliance, Red Dragon, Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Ect.) I’ve noticed some rather interesting changes in the language & speech lately.

    THese several factions are all concurring to the same idea at this time.

    Judging be those same changes in speech, the Reset and the Event project seemed to have morphed into something a bit different, not the general outcome in the long run of course, but it all seems to be conveying to this same message (using David Wilcock’s words):

    – the several forces operating in the background are “weakening the beast” to the point that it will look like us, the surface population will deal the final blow.

    This is very important to note. These groups operating in the background are subtly disclosing that they won’t finish the job for us.

    And in my opinion it couldn’t be otherwise, if they were really meant to help us.

    What is probably happening in the background is the gradual dismantling of criminal networks all around the globe.

    In financial terms that translates to disrupting the parasitizing entities who depend on life sucking activities to exist.

    There seems to be a belief that when the Event happens all of them will be cleaned up. But we can’t never forget that many people were forced into those criminal networks, others naively thought they would be involved with something beneficial and later found out the true intents of whoever they were working for, but many many of those crime syndicates simply depend on heavily traumatized, bullied or brainwashed people to carry on their activities.

    Those I suspect that won’t be arrested, and even if some are, this networks are so complex and intricate that knowing who is who or who did what will become muddy waters.

    But my point is simple: don’t expect the Event to solve all issues politically, financially or legally. It will be a very exhaustive process and it will only shift gears after the Event when the critical mass of awareness is reached.

    The point of this article is to show that maybe, just maybe the positive factions weren’t portraying realistically the situation, or new intel or players forced them to adjust their strategy.

    Perhaps some higher guidance is in fact intervening because it was in fact a huge contradiction to expect a huge spiritual quantum leap form Mankind delivering all the changes in a plate and while we would remain sit on the couch watching it all on TV while eating popcorn.

    Please don’t misinterpret this proposal as a denial that global collateral accounts or humanitarian funds exist.

    But the reality is that it cannot be served on a plate on your bank account. People cannot be given $100.000 directly all of a sudden because nobody would show up for work the next day and all basic utilities as for the food supply chain would collapse immediately.

    What’s the point of having $100.000 on your account if you can’t find food to buy because no one is selling it or don’t having electricity because nobody is producing it anymore? Common sense again.

    The global collateral accounts are meant to finance the Currencies Re-denominations worldwide under the premise that the new currencies issued will be channeled to fund true grassroots reconstruction projects. Also free energy, housing and advanced transportation will be cheaper because no one will keep debasing currencies like what happens now.

    It’s my understanding that the whole alternative community hasn’t adjusted well to the changes in the messages provided and is way too much passive, not seeking to create enough breaches in the current control matrix.

    What I’ve laid out in my article is that maybe, just maybe positive forces are expecting for us, the people, to deal the final blow ourselves, and will not do it themselves.

    THe change must be internal first, so it can manifest in our external reality after.

    That’s my hole point here. The financial redefinition will not erase all financial problems on this planet in one sweep.

    It is my contention that will instead create numerous loopholes and breaches intentionally for us to exploit and put the final nails on the coffin of the current financial matrix.

    I believe this is intentional and by design.

    Highest frequencies

  4. Above all I keep focused on my very own responsibility and always am grateful for any help. Though responsibility is not always easy and certainly not always nice, it’s the only way. Than accusing others for things I surely wanted to believe is not right. I was the one who believed. As Cobra always says: do your own research. That’s not to walk away from responsibility, that’s to leave us our own. The law of free will.

  5. Hi Steven

    Your comments and the way I understand it thru NESARA LAW causes me to be in agreement with you, too.
    In the big picture, Very few know about NESARA Law (since it was hidden or purposely convoluted to confuse the people ).

    I also have a high end Military source for many many years that confirms NESARA.

    I believe we are still responsible to do the right things in accordance to natural law, not “de facto laws” made by corrupt thugs.

  6. HOLD ON! If Justice is to be served, ALL of the moneys we have been FORCED to pay — income taxes (federal, state, city), property taxes, credit card interest, car loan interest, school loan interest — should be RETURNED to each of us. With the replacement by a National Sales Tax on new purchases to handle limited government costs, and confiscation of Cabal assets, MOST of us should become financially solvent for many years, if not their remaining lifetime. In addition, a rise in seniors benefits and wage rates will produce a very PROSPEROUS society. The above is NOT debt forgiven. It is JUST compensation for a lifetime of being cheated and defrauded of our lifeforce.


  7. i worked all my life with overtime and sometimes two jobs to pay off my debt and only concerned with the existence of my pension plan and annuity and social security. Social security was cut to people who worked for the US government drastically only a few years before we retired. We paid into our pension plans and social security for 25 years and find people who never paid into the system get more payments than those who paid in. Without the continuation of these systems, the average American people could not exist. These systems are actually more important than the debt release system. Many of my friends have big money in banks and still have large mortgages because their tax man says they will pay less doing that way. many corporations do not buy their businesses and have million dollar loans that will be forgiven. I hope we have money left to replenish social security that has been robbed and pension plans that have been hurt with the economy.

  8. The only way out to true freedom is the obsolescence of currency, period. When we trade our value (what we do) directly with each other through a co-op system: EVERYTHING is free to EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. No on “pays” for anything; we all share what we do. Until that is the reality we will still have to deal with corruption and fraud.

  9. these comments are from people who were taught by sites like this that debt forgivness was GOING TO HAPPEN. now were being shown that WE were wrong. something isn’t kosher here. what gives??? it bad enough that we have to wait longer and hear all types of excuses. we are not stupid as a race, maybe gullible sometimes. I think this site needs to give some truth on this matter because just like the commentaters here, I believe just like them that WE WERE told the truth before. I think we are being hustled.

  10. Colaborama,

    Thank you for adressing it. I understand it’s difficult to talk about such issues with no reference in the past. But the way I see it, or at least understand it from Cobra and other sources (incl PFC) all debt will be paid off worldwide by colleteral accounts. Besides when such a thing as mass arrests and the truth about the bankingsysteem comes out clearly. I can not imagine anyone still willing to pay their outstanding debt. Now I do not proclame lawlessness (I studied law myself). But I understood it’s part of the agreements (based on NESARA principles) that debt would be cancelled.
    Because if that doesn’t happen, people will still be in struggle to undo it. While all effort after the event can (and will I assume) be used to do constructive things.

  11. I agree with Steven. Also my very first information about it from Therese on her Veritas website at least suggested total debt remission. Maybe more attention for the fact that it’s very first happening and nobody knew how things would turn out etc. makes it understandable. I have not seen but efforts from all of you in being clear, transparant and informative, so no blames. Just gratitude and respect. A lot happened since that may 2013 message so really good to give an update.
    Dane Arr Q: ‘Soon the dams of opinion will fail and it will all descend upon them with the thunder of Truth, and the crash of Justice.’ So it is.
    Love and light, Maria

    • Maria and Steven

      I thought a lot about before posting this article if this would clash with the existent narrative, in particular from Cobra.

      My view is that there’s no contradiction. It’s only complementary.

      You see Cobra speaks much about the end game scenarios and very little about details and the process.

      This is because it’s very difficult to go into details and forecasts about something that was never tried before in the history of mankind, at such a planetary and sinchronized level at least.

      In the possible scenario I’ve laid out the end game will be essentially the same but the process seems much more realistic and above all empowering.

      Cobra NEVER stated that all debt would end by decree. And this is very much the core issue here.

      Ending a babilonic debt slavery system by decree overnight hardly would get people out of the couch and effectively change their perspective on what money is and how we can evolve to a true cashless society.

      IMHO there has to be some sort of clash and call to action that focuses on questioning the hole concept of money.

      If that’s not included in the “Event” package there’s a high risk of another epic pitfall since we were collectively programmed into messiah syndrome passiveness.

      Highest frequencies

      • I’m afraid I did not even had the right to speak. The article I mentioned is very long and I remember now that I did not read all of it. So I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you.

  12. With all due respect but this contradicts a bit with what Cobra released in his post:

    Clearly stating: ” Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal.”

  13. Nice article. Assuming that the only change we are discussing is a financial one and prosecution of financial crimes is not part of the equation, the only difference will be the restatement of all existing debt in the financial language.

    However, moving to an asset based system cannot be a apples for apples proposition because of the fundamental difference between the basis of currency in the two systems.

    If an individual wants to loan someone money using collateral as the basis of the loan, then the value of the borrowers assets becomes important. If, however, the loan is made on the basis of the borrowers ability to pay (their cash flow) then assets make no difference.

    In the United States the population exists in a trustee status, without actually owning anything: it is all owned by their trust, set-up for them when they were born using their birth certificate. Since 1933, here in the US we are all “corporate persons”, without status as beings or having god given rights. At that time the legal system was rigged to inhibit he use of these ideas in court by having all financial experts (CPAs) and legal experts(lawyers) obtain their license to practice by agreeing this exclusion. They cannot use the Constitution as the basis of any financial argument on pain of loosing their license.

    It is possible for people to use the constitution, but without the aid of these professionals. Doing so they can expect the courts and other agents of the bankruptcy to put barriers in their way continuously, in order to prevent others from thinking this is a good idea.

    My point here is that our current system is based on misinformation and chicanery, the deliberate and intentional effort to fool people into agreeing to conditions intended to cheat them. In all forms of common law this is clearly fraud. It is only through the control of the means of legal argument that it made to appear legal in principle.

    This strategy is at the heart of our global financial system. In every country where the “infection” has spread, the people have had the rights undermined at the highest levels so that they cannot respond to the deliberate institutional deceit that seeks to strip them all rights and wealth. The use of debt-based currency is the key to this swindle and its elimination is the obligation of all informed authorities.

    There may not be a free ride for debtors, but there will be a reckoning for intentional fraud at the highest levels. Today’s debt levels are unsustainable without totally crushing the rights and wealth of 80% of the population. This is understood by the Resistance and this is one reason why the asset based system is being implemented, Mass arrests for fraud and conspiracy is also part of this. How this will play out at the individual level of debt is uncertain. but the revelations of prosecution will fuel a demand for a Real Jubilee.

    Control of the mass media is the only thing holding back the avalanche of anger building on the peaks of human misery surrounding the financial conspirators. Soon the dams of opinion will fail and it will all descend upon them with the thunder of Truth, and the crash of Justice.


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