Cobra ~ Isis Astara: Energy Weapon Attack Report & Situation Update ~ 3rd February 2018

Saturday, February 3, 2018 Situation Update Isis Astara, my beloved soulmate, has left the physical plane. She was often brutally attacked with directed energy weapons and the attack on January 25th was one attack too many. We could not protect her, her heart could not make it. The Resistance could not intervene directly otherwise toplet … Read more

Isis Astara – Goddess Call

TZ here; Untwine from Recreating Balance has some very important words to share with us at this time . Let us all do our utmost to follow the advice here: I have also found myself in a situation with a loved one who is very close to me being critically ill. I would be grateful … Read more

Urgent Request from Cobra ~ Time Sensitive ~ Monday, January 29, 2018

Isis Astara has left the physical plane. Please visualize immediately her safe passage through plasma plane into the Light to higher etheric and astral planes by surrounding her in white and pink Light and Love and protection. Visualize her being safely guided to contact with her spiritual guides. Posted by Cobra at 7:03 AM Jan … Read more