Jesus ~ Being In Infinite Forgiving & Forgiveness

God has come.

Recently on the show Heavenly Blessings on In-Light Radio Jesus Sananda was the guest. The subject that Jesus wanted to discuss was how we must learn to be in the flow of forgiving and forgiveness. Jesus began by pointing out how we continue to hurt ourselves when we cannot forgive. I have decided to give you some of the most important quotes from this transcript and hopefully it will whet your appetite for more. After these quotes from the show you will find a link to the radio show itself and also a link to the entire transcript if you would prefer to read it.

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Handling Unwanted Emotions


TZ here; I stumbled onto this text last night and found it to be extremely helpful. As this is channelled material I am obliged to ask readers to use discernment. The advice here from Jeshua / Jesus Sananda is brilliant to say the least. In my opinion this is very high quality channelled material. I hope our readers find it helpful.

Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Third Way

I’ve been asked to repost this seminal article by Jesus from 2012. Jesus lays out the two ways we have of generally handling unwanted emotions: by expressing and controlling them and by suppressing and ignoring them. He posits a third way; observing and transcending them.

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