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Recently on the show Heavenly Blessings on In-Light Radio Jesus Sananda was the guest. The subject that Jesus wanted to discuss was how we must learn to be in the flow of forgiving and forgiveness. Jesus began by pointing out how we continue to hurt ourselves when we cannot forgive. I have decided to give you some of the most important quotes from this transcript and hopefully it will whet your appetite for more. After these quotes from the show you will find a link to the radio show itself and also a link to the entire transcript if you would prefer to read it.

As this is channeled material I have to advise reader discretion.

Quotes from Jesus Sananda

I am tired of seeing you hurt; I am tired of seeing this pattern that only damages your own sweet self.

When you are in the flow of constant forgiving, you are in the flow of alignment with love for yourself, for others, for All. I cannot emphasize this enough. But this does not mean you are condoning; this does not mean you are giving permission; this does not mean that you have given permission to continue abuse – of course not……

The Mother and Father, the One, do not turn this faucet off and on. There is nothing – no crime, no behaviour, no misstep, however big or however small – that is not brought to infinite mercy and compassion…..

Jesus: It is past time, so stop interrupting the flow. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. You are not giving allowance to bad behaviour; you are not giving permission to be injured; you are not saying it is alright to commit war, mayhem, murder – none of that has divine permission. Those are old human behaviours based on abuse of power, abuse of control, of limiting…

That is why, when the human beings taught you that you have the right – the right! – to forgive or not forgive, it was a very subtle form of mass manipulation: “You have the power,” and in fact it took your power away. So call the bluff and be in the infinite flow…

Be of compassion – most certainly be of compassion – to understand whether it is an individual or a collective or a multitude or a structure or a system that is in absolute disarray. Understand what is going on, stand back, send the energy, send the course-correction, but do not halt the flow.

You know… they have quoted me in many and various ways and said that I forgave those who crucified me, who tortured me… who really embarrassed me! But I didn’t. I keyed into the divine forgiveness. When I said, “Father, forgive them,” I aligned myself in that infinite forgiving that it didn’t matter what was happening – I was free.

Link to the audio of this show;


“Transcript ~ Jesus: Being In Infinite Forgiving & Forgiveness, Heavenly Blessings, October 25, 2016,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://inlightuniversal.com/heavenly-blessings-jesus-on-forgiveness/

Therese Zumi

Posted on PFC 30th November 2016 at 0816 AM CET

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  1. Yes. Unconditionally. We make the mistake to think that the low energy that feels strong is our power, but it’s the power that blocks everything inside.
    Once you start forgiving and go on with that, will give you wings, and space for the new.

  2. I feel like these are disempowering messages
    I am all for foregiveness, especially those blackmailed or tricked into dark service

    but only after they stop, or we stop them
    there is no need for suffering. EVER. PERIOD.


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