Unwise and unnecessary: Opioids for wisdom teeth extractions

By Ronnie Cohen A few days before extracting my teenager’s wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon wrote him a prescription for painkillers. My son filled it but never felt a need for anything stronger than ibuprofen. Three years later, I found an unopened bottle of Percocet — an opioid — in the back of a bathroom … Read moreUnwise and unnecessary: Opioids for wisdom teeth extractions

Whistleblower in the Drug Industry

This short video gives an example of how drug companies operate. The second video is on Dr. John Rengen Virapen’s bestselling book: Side Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma-Insider Yes, doctors-to-be are given scholarships and other perks to orient them to the world of prescription drugs. They are educated in universities that are supported by … Read moreWhistleblower in the Drug Industry