Remote Viewing (Applying Science to See the Future)

What Exactly is Remote Viewing?    by John Alba

This is a process that is similar to both clairaudience and clairsentience, both of which enable an individual to see images and/or objects that are either in the future, through obstacles, or through magnetic fields, as well as over far distances.

Many people consider remote viewing to be a form of second sight or anomalous cognition. In fact, one of the biggest differences between psychic abilities and remote viewing involves no out of body experiences in terms of traveling to various physical locations while in a spiritual form; however, an individual does have the ability to see a specific object or location.

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Cobra / Prepare for Change: September Interview

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NOTE: The Prepare for Change Interviews are fully vetted and approved by Cobra,
which is not generally true of others which do not submit their transcripts to him.
For this reason we have the PFC Interviews listed separately.

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