Delete Facebook? Or, Here’s How To Clean Up Those Spying Facebook Apps

The Ultimate Spy Master: Facebook It’s time to check the apps that have access to track your data.  Follow these steps below and you’ll suddenly discover a trove of applications that have access to different types of data.  What is most concerning to me–and it might be quite concerning to you, too– is that for … Read more

Users Discover ‘Horrifying’ Truth About Facebook as Feds Launch Probe

(CD) — As the fallout from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal continued on Monday with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) announcement that it is conducting a long-overdue probe into the tech giant’s privacy practices, many Facebook users are only now discovering the astonishing and in some cases downright “creepy” reach of the platform’s data-mining operations, which form the foundation of its business model. … Read more

Gold is now the latest bank price fixing scandal As if there weren’t enough reasons to cast a jaundiced eye on the banking system, Bloomberg reports that several international banks are now accused of manipulating a key benchmark, known as the gold fix, in the $20 trillion gold market. The charges of fixing gold prices in London are being leveled at Barclays, Deutsche Bank, ScotiaMocatta (the … Read more