Basic Practical Steps To Prepare For The Event


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  • Save and print important documents to share at the time of the Event. Click here to find them.
  • Join the others in your area and create a group together. We are creating Event Support Groups (ESG) which is the masculine aspect, and Sisterhood of the Rose groups which is the feminine aspect. Many people will most likely be part of both groups. Click here to find the list of groups worldwide and to create your own if needed.
  • Plan food and basic necessities for a few days. Choose what you feel like of course, however here are a few tips: alfalfa and other kinds of sprouts grow in 3 days, lentils and beans are cheap, full of nutrition and keep well. You can grow your own vegetables at home especially with vertical farms (Click here to learn about it). We will also probably need to convert some land into local community gardens, so you can do some research about which places would be suitable for this before and after the Event. There are already several groups doing this. This will most likely be an important part the post-event transition because we will need to transform our food production, since up to now most of it has been managed by the cabal and poisoned.
    You can also consider getting a water bottle with filter included, gas for your car, energy for cooking and heating if your circumstances might require it, as well as anything else you might need in case supplies don’t function properly for a short while.

  • Get some silver and/or gold to provide basic needs in first few days or weeks after the Event. If you have little means, just one silver coin will greatly help in the first few days after the event and doesn’t cost much. If you have greater means, consider helping those around you.

  • Learn how certain meditations and ceremonies can help calm down the energy in your area. Numerous studies have shown the power of meditation on our surroundings, especially when done in groups. There will be lots of energy flying around in the first days and weeks after the event, lots of traumas, emotions and thoughts surfacing. Group meditations done on important points of your local part of the Earth energy grid, can be combined with crystals, sacred geometry and other tools and will greatly help to avoid conflicts and to harmonize the energies in your area.
    Find out the main energetic sites around you, go there and visualize/channel a pillar of briliant white light from the central sun, through the area, down to core of the Earth. Visualize violet flame. Call for the assistance of beings of Light (Angels, Faeries, Dolphins and Whales, Star family, etc). Do any meditation that you are guided to.
    Click here to learn more about this process and how to know where the energy centers are


  • Get informed on the world around you, on what has been happening and what is coming.

    Most important Cobra articles :

    About the Event :

    More ressources :


  • Get to know your neighbors, and who could potentially help. Before the Event, some people might not be receptive or ready to hear about the Event, and to help make it happen, but after the Event it will be a completely different story. We suggest you get to know your neighborhood, city or village, the different groups and personalities, you can get involved or just be an observer. We will need to work together to create a smooth transition. There are already many groups doing good things who can potentially play an important role : yoga and meditation centers, local and organic garden movements, etc. Community solidarity initiatives will likely be needed and will have massive snowball impacts, our whole food and energy productions, educational systems, financial systems, etc, will all have to be restructured to make them become healthy again. Community solidarity and organization will also help people to relax, especially those who might have fears about the transition. The goal is for everybody to be taken care of, physically, mentally and emotionally. Invite different networks to work together despite their apparent differences, they might not have been willing to do that yet, but after the Event many of them will. The more we start before the Event as much as we can, the easier the transition will be after the Event.
  • Take responsibility and create initiatives. When the event happens, there is most likely not gonna be spaceships dropping bags of food, so that we can all instantly go and hang out in a resort in the Bahamas. It will be a gradual process. Prosperity funds will still have to be translated into food, housing, etc, and somebody will have to do it. We’ll have to be healed enough in order to be truly admitted into galactic society. To be liberated means to be a sovereign being. We are all the creator and therefore we need to be able to create ourselves. The obstacles will be removed by our star family, and we will receive a lot of help, yet we still have to be actors or we would not be truly free.

    Community leaders (food and energy supplies leaders for example) might freak out about their business, workers of these companies might refuse to work when they realize they have been slaves all these years, etc. The military has plans in case of emergency to help society be provided with basic needs, and the positive military will probably put this in place. The Resistance Movement knows who the lightworkers are, and they are likely to contact those who are ready to help organize things in our community, to open doors for example to council community centers to organize healing and support meetings, etc. The priority will not be to overload others with intricate stories about galactic wars, but to focus on making sure everybody is taken care of during the transition, so it will be important not to get stuck on belief system differences. It’s important that this liberation happens from the population also, and not only from military and off world groups.

  • Work on yourself to have greater balance and stability. Life in quarantine Earth has been difficult and we have all been having issues. Work on your deep triggers and traumas, do shadow work to integrate and harmonize all aspects of your psyche into the Light of your true self, be fully honest with yourself and others, question all belief systems deeply (all of them have been programmed), learn to say no to all toxic patterns, to let go when something is finished, you can question actions but never people because we are all divine sparks, differenciate between saying no to truly hurtful behavior and judging based on belief system, forgive, etc
  • Energetic protection and harmonization. There are many tools out there. Find crystals which resonate with you. Use sacred geometry, in your house, on your body, etc. Listen to sacred healing sound frequencies. You can find some of the most powerful energy tools available on the planet at this time here :

    Tachyons : These are sub-atomic particles containing the full spectrum of spiritual Light. The veil around this Earth blocks them. Cobra has been contacted physically by Pleiadians who explained him how to make them available on Earth. They are excellent help in protection, connection with your higher self, and harmonization of all aspects of self (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc). You can learn more and get them here :

    Tektites : These are special kinds of stones which are the product of meteorite impacts on Earth. Different types come from different star systems, some of them come from Pleiades, some from Sirius, etc. They are very powerful to transmute duality into Oneness, to help connect us to star systems and star family and to protect, transmute and harmonize. No duality can enter them, they act from their own presence, therefore they can not be programmed and do not need to be cleaned.

    Violet Ray : This device is based on a Tesla coil and can effectively clear negative plasma out of your aura, helps remove entities and other kinds of negative energies. You can get it here :

    Sacred Sounds : Sound is vibration, and therefore a very effective energy tool. Anyone can use it, but there has been a lot of disinformation and harmful frequencies spread around, so use discernment. You can learn more about it, and how to easily use sacred frequencies here :

  • Detach from the world of the matrix and cultivate your gifts outside of it. The whole working/job structure as we know it is gonna be totally transformed. Many aspects of it belong to slavery and will collapse. But we will still need to convert money into housing, food, and all good things. We all have gifts to share with others, we all have a unique purpose and we all have one piece of the puzzle. You can start now to progressively unplug from the matrix system and develop your true gifts in alternative ways. Internet can allow you to share and generate energy exchanges easily. You can start by switching from full-time job to part-time job, developping and sharing your gifts in your free time, start generating income and progressively you will unplug completely. A lot of fear has been implanted in humans about this, but truly there are many opportunities out there, and the more people unplug the more opportunities there will be. The earlier you start the easier your transition will be.



  1. Why is everything so expensive if money is supposed to be the thing we are learning not to base our civilization on? 140 euro for something to wear around the neck? 70 euro for a stone? Seriously?

  2. Hola a todos!!, me siento confundida y asustada a partes iguales. Hace poco, por invitación de mi mejor amiga, inicié este camino de descubrimiento y crecimiento personal usando la meditación, sé que aún estoy en pañales, pero es un camino en el que quiero continuar, ya que he sido testigo del fortalecimiento de mi espíritu y Alma.
    Ahora bien, mi confusión parte porque recibí una carta explicándome de todo esto que se viene y aunque ingresé a la página web y he leído algunos enlaces siento que hay mucho que no sé y que necesito comprender para continuar. Busqué en los grupos locales de Facebook y me encontré con la sorpresa de que en mi país (Chile), no hay un grupo formado. Agradeceré si alguien aquí pueda darme mayor información al respecto. Tengan todos un maravilloso día.

    • Hola Carola. Para poder entender lo que esta pasando y pasara es muy importante leas estos 4 libros en el orden que estan en el siguiente sitio web:

  3. Hi there!! Awesome article, thanks a lot!!
    Does anyone know what is the location of the first picture of Abundant Greenroofs & nature in buildings?

  4. Very difficult for me now, i wish i could be understood by someone in my family, not a chance. This is why i will make some cookies and give to my neighbours and start knowing them. I always have your info which is refreshig, the meditations and Our Creator the best company of all

    • Nilda – You might find some good advice from Jesus / Yeshua in the article that I just posted that Might help in that problem relationship. Love and Happy Easter Therese Z

  5. I work in New York City and recently was contacted by my angels regarding sn EMP Nuclear bomb preparedness event called Operation Gothic Shield. Do we need to worry about a nuclear bomb dropping on our heads in the future? I lived through the nightmare of 9/11. Worried the cabal will try to go out in a bang:(

  6. what ganna happen after this something bad going to happen to us after this peaceful time that is coming

    • We’re gonna enter a completely new level of existence. Good and bad is relative to perspective. But yes, many bad things can happen if people hang on to outdated belief systems… past their expiration date…

      • That answer would suggest the systematic abuse and rape of children was absolutely fine seeing as good and evil are merely perspectives.

  7. On December 28th or 27th we are supposed to receive a huge galactic wave, and this comes from a scientist I follow closely. This is supposed to be so large he was almost in tears in fear it would destroy our atmosphere. I believe myself that this may be the date of The Event. We knew it is coming someday, and Obama warned of unprecedented solar events that could cause widespread damage to our power grid a couple months ago. I believe this may be it my light brothers and sisters. I don’t like setting dates, but everything I have seen recently all seems to point to this as being a significant event. So, if nothing else, get preparations going, warn those who will listen, and above all meditate. I am a Light Warrior, I am very public and have changed a lot of hearts and minds, and have been scaler attacked, attacked via spiritual means, and have had death threats, so I am doing the job I am supposed to, letting them focus on me instead of the Workers, whose meditation is much stronger than mine. They can’t intimidate me, I am not afraid of them, and that makes them even more upset. If killed, I will fight on the ethereal plane, but without a disease riddled body so I will be much stronger. If you only knew what I have been through the past few months. Many are warning me of what I say, telling me they know people who have been killed saying far less. I told them I will die on my feet rather than my knees in subservience to evil rulers. I always pass on the message of hope, and how we are entering the golden age of humanity. This was my job to do, I knew it as soon as I heard the word. I have always fought the bullies picking on others, so when I awoke I knew my job was to be a Light Warrior, and to protect Workers and innocents from evil. Don’t quote me on the date, because dates change, and when the Blue Sphere Alliance allows it, the wave will come through. I actually saw a blue sphere, and it was meant for me to see. One day I watched this cloud. It was brighter than the rest, and there weren’t many. I called for my friend and he watched as the cloud parted, and this blue sphere materialized, then dematerialized. This happened 3 times and looked almost identical to the picture on the screen. Another time I watched this cloud for a second, looked down, then up again, and it was two clouds hundreds of yards apart, looked down, looked up immediately and they joined again. This is a common occurrence now. I asked my Ascended Masters and Guardian Angel what I needed to do, and immediately words came into my head saying “just keep doing what you are doing, go public to change as many hearts and minds as possible,” I believe I have their protection, and even if I don’t, I know death is but a natural step and a birth into a new form of energy. Let’s hope, meditate, and pray that the time has finally come, and the time we have been preparing for. I have printed out the leader’s pamphlet. I love all of you, nameste my light brothers and sisters, victory is close, I can feel it.

    • Is this wave your scientist friend speaks about the same as the pink fluff that David Wilcock speaks of in his Wisdom Teachings?

  8. Question!

    COBRA; please respond to my question.

    In one of your recent interviews, you had mentioned that if the Cabal crosses a certain line they will be exterminated by being sent to the Central Sun.

    You and I know who was and is behind two world wars, mass genocides through HAARP hurricanes, tsunamis , droughts, vaccines, chemtrails, ocean, land, air, food poisoning, world-wide economic hell, continued fueling of present wars and chaos, famine and sickness, unrelenting attempts to cause nuclear WW3, and the their best yet, Cabal’s insane promise to die first before they give up their intervention in our Ascension process.

    Every day, our brothers and sisters are dieing all around the world.

    Every day of delay to remove these earthly excrements off of this planet is painful to watch.

    If we wait for humanity to wake up from a century of calculated and effective spell and brainwashing, then lets give it a few more decades of this hell, since the media and the system is under the Cabal’s control and the masses bewitched in a trance.

    Can you please explain why the Resistance, both “downstairs” and “upstairs” do not think that the line you are talking about has loooooooong been crossed ?????? That the above stated reasons are not enough to be considered as line already crossed ?????

    For love of humanity, this is becoming extremely unbearable and unacceptable from our dear Positive Resistance. Please make me happy and give a good reason, or better yet, tell me they are being “exterminated” NOW.

    I appreciate and await answer directly from Cobra HIMSELF.(please).

    With brotherly love to you and the entire Positive Resistance.


  9. Do you think you should stay inside if this happens or do you think police and stupid people will run around with guns? Will it be mass chaos?

    • Beeks

      Please read this document for further clarification:


      I hope it answers your questions.

      Highest frequencies

  10. I am worried about money. I don’t know how I will pay rent for my house, although I don’t want to stay here anyway. You should take all your money out of the banks and find silver or gold coins? Where do you find them? Food isn’t a problem. Good idea to keep stock food and water. Thanks for the great article!

  11. Hi I just have one request it is can we get the technology for the healing of all diseases asap I only ask for my loving wife has suffered for years with pain and the doctors say that there’s nothing they can do so please all I ask is for a cure for her please thank you peace love and light

  12. No offence intended, but do you have a definite date for this event? Because I’d like to come back to this website on the day after to either profess my belief (because it actually happened) or to remind you that one flew over cuckoo’s nest

  13. News from Michael Salla:

    • Michael Salla was recently interviewed by Rob Potter:

      • News from Michael Salla:

  14. News from Alfred Webre:

    • Alfred Webre interviewed also
      and Rob Potter

  15. Curious if the power is going to stay on during this time or if it’s going to be off line for several days to several weeks?

  16. It’s confusing to hear the Eastern Alliance is planning for the financial Re-set to occur January 1st, 2016. I am depending on the Re-set to be able to buy the supplies needed for the Event, for my family, and optimally to have some extra to help neighbors if needed.

    I understand Cobra to have said the Event and the Re-set will be connected. Is there any information to tell us if we will have the Re-set first, so we can buy our supplies?

    Thank you very much!

    • Unfortunately, it appears to be difficult – if not impossible – to have a financial reset without arrests of the Cabal and a corresponding shutdown of the financial system. Many are struggling to obtain the supplies necessary to get by during what appears to be a two-week ‘disruption’ to normal commerce, because they are already limited financially.

      Keep checking here as well as THE EVENT REFERENCE. There are a few good websites which provide ideas on how to ‘prep’ with limited funds.

      Also, keep in mind that for the most part there will be running water, electricity, internet, heating (natural gas), etc. Hence, the primary supplies are necessities like food, medical supplies, toiletries, and the like. If everyone prepared as much as they can and shared any excess at the time of the EVENT, this would go very smoothly. If you are willing to work amicably with others, it becomes much easier to thrive during a period like this in a group of people – such as your neighbors.

  17. I am confused about the reset. Will the distribution of funds be delosited into our accounts? If so how much and how long will things be closed? I have a credit union not a bank and I live in my van things are in storage. Have some canned food, bottled water, trash bags, blankets, solar radio, batteries. How long will the financial institutions be closed 2 days, two weeks, two months? Need to know.

    • No one can say for sure. The best case scenario is a three day weekend. Everything is waiting in the wings for the GO signal. A longer delay will occur if major damage is done to infrastructure by the outgoing administrators, but two weeks would be a long time even in that case.

    • I am personally planning for a two-week shutdown, but that doesn’t necessarily mean commerce will stop completely. Depending on where you live, some jurisdictions may honor existing cash and coin currency as legal tender. Also, obtaining silver coinage is advisable if you can afford to do so (note – supplies are dwindling as more people awaken).

      Given your situation, one idea would be to stock up on a resource which is compact storage-wise but can be used in barter with other people. There are many such items – but it requires you to have a solid understanding of your local environment.

      Hopefully this is somewhat helpful.

    • Hi all, I have a sense that the event will be more of a shift and that will come in the form of a peace agreement made between the light and dark forces resulting in a halt to the war machine with those funds being redirected towards reconstruction, the event. In such a case the dark surrender and are forgiven and we all work together in peace and harmony with minimum disruptions. We are getting close.

      • Hi Rick!

        Please beware that things will not be that easy. Even if unconditional surrender is achieved the middle management and lower hierarchy minions of the cabal have nowhere else to go.

        Remember, psychopaths are suicidal when put on edge since their appetite for destruction includes them and everything, because for them they are the center of the Universe.

        Also all psychopaths deep down wish to be caught in the end and live for the final showdown. These we deal with in particular are inspired, in their twisted belief system, by a thousand year old prophecy which they believe, and that tells them that after they get caught, face trial and be arrested, their “gods” (which we know now that were nothing more than aliens, from the chimera group and other negative races), would “save” them.

        Anyway if you like my opinion of a realistic scenario, think more in terms of the last days of the third Reich… You know Hitler (or his double) still had a map on a table with a lots of fictional troops that he thought he still had, so as his remaining minions thought, moving the dummy troops along the map and planning the great “counter-attack” that would destroy all enemies…

        This is the kind of people (and their descendants) that we’re dealing with.

        This is why the Weekly Event Meditation and the Sisterhood of The Rose groups are so important, and many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors still fail to grasp that…

        Highest frequencies



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