New Cobra Interview for December with Rob


The new Cobra Interview for December with Rob is now up in transcript only.  Below are the first two paragraphs of the interview, with the rest linked below it.



Rob –  And here we are again with our emissary of light, Cobra.  I want to thank you for coming here again to the Victory of Light radio show.  I know it’s always a pleasure to share with you the planetary situation update and what’s going on.  Welcome, Cobra.

COBRA –  Thank you for your invitation.  It’s always a pleasure to do those interviews.

Rob – Yes, it’s been quite a scene.  It seems as though after the last interview we had the Paris and then we talked about it and now we have, of course, the San Bernardino false flag shootings and it seems to be having the desired effect.  There have been attacks on Muslims and various things of this nature.  Can you address a little bit to the mindset of how people can overcome this type of negativity and what we can do to heal this situation?

COBRA – OK.  It is important to understand that those false flag attacks have one single purpose: to keep people involved and enmeshed in this situation, to have the images of this and thought forms of this rolling in their mind, to have their focus on this.  It’s actually very effective through the use of the mass media.  They kill a few people or they stage a killing of a few people and this image and this message gets distributed to the mass media and very effectively lowers the vibrational frequency of the people and very effectually draws the people away from constructive action.  The only remedy to this is drop this from your awareness.  Just let it go.  There are more important things that are happening that have much more influence on the planetary situation and instead of focusing on those false flag attacks, it is much more important to focus on the goal of the planetary liberation and what you can do to assist in that process.

To read more go to the page below and scroll down about a third of the page past the the images of the new Treasury Reserve Notes:


16 thoughts on “New Cobra Interview for December with Rob

  1. OPEN LETTER TO OUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY – please read, spread, re-post, make viral, all over the web

    Beloved Elohim, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Family, Light Resistance Movement, Brothers and Sisters from Inner Earth.

    This is an outcry, a solicitation, a plea and hopefully a wake-up call from your suffering ground crew. Please do not let another Christmas, and especially not another year, pass with tangible or at least visible SIGNS for everybody with eyes to see, that the heralded Golden Age is not just letters and voices in channelings, books etc., and experiences during meditations, but is REAL as in a pat of the 3D perception reality.

    This *might* still not be the “perfect”, “divine” time as per your high definitions for open landings, the financial reset, broad disclosure, the pouring of all the new technologies, let alone the blue planetary ascension pulse from the galactic core.. but from all the blogs and forums you would need to be blind not so perceive that SO many of us feel that the road has become too long, feel left alone, forgotten, abandoned, and are losing our breath..

    PLEASE, for our, heaven’s and God’s sake, GRANT your serving ground crew FINALLY at least ONE unmistakable kind of sign ALL over the planet before the new year has begun.. there are SO many possibilities, which are in your technical powers even still within the current quarantine state, which will rekindle our hope, faith, light, joy, and accelerate what all of us so much long for..

    • signs and projections in the sky (images of Jesus, Buddha etc, spiritual symbols like the Flower of Life, OM, Yin-Yang, the Tibetan Knot, space ships)
    • accompanied by beautiful celestial sounds (“angelic choir”)
    • for many hours all across Gaia

    I know I am not alone when I say that if when Dec. 31 has passed around the planet and we wake up to the same outside world, again, tears will be pouring down the cheeks of many many MANY of us..

    A second note is directed specifically to our Agarthan / Inner Earth siblings. I encourage, urge, *solicit* you not to wait any longer for what will NEVER come – the *perfect* moment when to rise from hiding.. we NEED you here, now. Please overcome your fears – jump into the water and swim, my friends – it is only cold at first. Even if your ships do get shot at, and there might be some losses, PLEASE do it for us – we are worth it. PLEASE rise globally during Dec. 31, and celebrate with us, so we can celebrate with you..

    Re-union can ONLY be celebrated MUTUALLY, and this is so so overdue.

    Please, higher dimensional family, refuel us beyond words but for real this year – we are worth it. If the Agarthan are still to fearful, grant humanity the signs at least. You have your ground-crews’ permission!

    In love, light and joy – sincerely,
    Lee Binder

    PS: now please spread, re-post, make viral, all over the web – thank you(rself)

    • Thank you Lee ~ beautiful. I think that we all agree with you. I believe that many are also receiving signs right now of one kind or another that the force of unconditional Love has already been victorious on this planet. Our Galactic family are not hiding and their ships are easily seen on starry nights traversing the skies – suddenly that seeming star does a zig-zag impossible move off all over the place! Its getting better every day now and we are in a very favorable astrological period right now that promises great things. We simply cannot fail! Victory of the light IS A Given! A reminder too that we let NO seeming chaos of any kind affect us and waylay our VISION of The Event which we should focus on regularly. Just heard a new song by a young Swedish artist ~ Revolution ~ beautiful – he sings lets create a revolution {based on love} and I said to him { in my head} great that you are encouraging young people like this to JOIN the Love revolution that IS and that is changing evetything now at the speed of LOVE! Wishing Lee and everyone else including me an astoundingly ~ wonderful ~ fantastic ~ amazing unbelievable ~ glorious ~ victorious 2016 Love Therese Z

  2. Well Said Lee, we could keep going on and on for years at this rate, change has to happen and really soon, we cannot keep saying humanity is not ready .. the dark must go and now!!

  3. Thank you.
    Cobra, I now understand that it’s all about just ONE thing: we are ONE, where there is no duality, no higher or lower, no better or worse, no more and no less. Just ONENESS. For all and everybody, like for example my beautiful mice:)
    I read a book of Shirley Maclaine ‘The Camino, a journey of the spirit’, in which she describes from chapter 15 her visions of her role in the time of Lemur and Atlantis, and their Oneness in meditation in which souls made contact with maybe the Absolute as you call it, with total perfect love and peace.

    Even God or the Absolute is included in Oneness, not more or less but different.

    She also describes how in those days the androgynous souls, which they were, in physicality were separated in a male and a female body and that that was the beginning of duality and all that comes to it.

    Love and light.

  4. We just received a bottle of the Tachyon water we had ordered from Cobra’s site, The Portal, and it arrived with no label or instructions. How do we know it is authentic, and it would be nice to know exactly how to use it.

  5. On PFC main page is now a video entitled ‘The Event is coming soon’.
    Who is assuming the responsibility of these news?
    This kind of announcement takes a great responsibility. We have to know who is assuming it?
    Is it also in Cobra’s agreement? Nothing is in his latest post
    We need not details about when it will happen, but rather about the responsibility of posting a news like this. Are news coming from RM, or where from? Please more details!
    Kindest regards.

    • The video entitled ‘The Event is coming soon’ which headed the PFC home page was already deleted on Dec 28th 2015.
      Shall the PFC team show the manliness to clarify and to assume responsibility about that post.
      Otherways a lot of confusion and lack of trust will rise up in the Light community.
      As Cobra stated recently, in this supposed late stage of liberation there is no room for mistakes.
      Here, of mistakes that may lead to lack of trust and disinterest.
      Manliness and responsibility is ever necessary to reach a goal, no matter what.
      May PFC staff take in consideration that any posts concerning ‘The Event is coming soon’ need proven authorization from Cobra or RM. You maybe agree it too.
      With kindest regards.

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