Resistance Movement Message



Yesterday’s message via Cobra’s blog to the insider Resistant Movement operators wherever they might be is the following; ~ “Phase 2 imminent.”

Now I have absolutely no clue what this means. But it just FEELS very good!


Therese Zumi

12th February 2016 at 1740 PM CET

7 thoughts on “Resistance Movement Message

  1. CoBra said he wouldn’t give any early warnings. This is likely the next best thing. Let’s visualize Compression Breakthrough!

  2. Compression breakthrough is a very beautiful thought I’ll keep it in mind. Also I have never learn to use face book even after I join and I also have learn that face book is under the scrutiny of the elites and Cabal plus they wouldn’t let me back in even after I join so my time if there is any is much more important.

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