Goddess energy is very strong. It is the strongest energy in the entire Universe. One Woman who is capable of transmitting that energy can stop a war. We now need to get into pure love, receptivity, compassion and move away and beyond the games of personality, manipulation, and denial.

Why is this Goddess energy now crucial to the planetary liberation?

The Cabal have done everything in their power to suppress the Goddess energy. Old civilisations were very connected to the Goddess. They did not know war. Archaeological evidence shows no weapons existed. This is our collective memory of paradise. The first weapons were brought to Earth with the first Archon Invasion. When we remove Archons from power on our planet we can return to our natural state of paradise again.

As the Archons are removed and this is now happening slowly but surely it will be a very natural state to embrace the Goddess. It will become paradise again.

When you have Goddess energy in every human being- it manifests as perfect living, love, balance etc. When we have Goddess energy within us again, we shall have abundance. People will not have to work so hard because they will be balanced. We will not work from 9 to 5. Our workday will be about 3 to 4 hours. The rest of our time will be taken up by play, experience, creativity and joy, and higher abilities will take up the rest of our days.

Goddess Vortex

Goddess energy is Angelic Presence, goes through our bodies and anchors in the physical plane. You will be able to feel that Goddess Vortex in your body. This energy dissolves the matrix. Archons are allergic to Goddess energy. This is why the Catholic Church was suppressing women. The non-physical Archons are very allergic to this. Every time any woman channels that Goddess energy, thousands of reptiles are removed forever.

One of the negative programs introduced by the Archons separates sex with the Heart. This increase’s our separation from the Heart. This creates unbalanced energy. Someone at Laguna Beach asked Cobra about Tantric sex and he said that Tantric sex unifies the sexual energy with the energy of the Heart. People need to integrate their sexuality, allow it and experience it. Men need to integrate their heart. When both do this they can meet in sexual energy and in the heart.

Goddess energy is as crucial to men as to women. When a man learns to integrate Goddess energy he becomes more balanced in his masculinity. This increase’s his Manliness and does in no way make him more “Womanly”. What it does is give him balance between his male and female aspects. Both sexes need balance now between our male and female aspects.

The Goddess energy is finally returning to our planet. We need all the Goddess energy of every kind we can get to heal all of us at this time. Every couple who now unite in true love will increase the Love vibration of our planet Gaia greatly. What we need is TRUE LOVE not pretend Love Relationships. If you are in a relationship of convenience – well it might be convenient, but it does not add to the positive energy of the whole.

Stop fooling yourself and others – be yourself – be your true self – live your truth – that’s what we all need now, more and more people living their truth, and not living the life they think the world expects of them.

We women should invite the Goddesses of old to join with us in our daily life. When you dance alone to your favourite music ask for a Goddess to join you and stay in your heart and support you in your daily life. There are so many Goddesses’ willing to join with us at these times. You can ask Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Athena, Isis or Artemis {Diana}. And do not forget that a man is also strengthened by inviting Goddess energy to unite with him.

Thank you to Cobra and Isis for this information.


Written By Therese Zumi Sumner in 12/01/2013


12th february 2016 at 1757 PM CET


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful article and great picture! In Glastonbury, a nearby village in the UK, where the famous Tor is present, at a powerful crossing of ley lines, last week Monday a new Goddess House is opened, with many rooms, each dedicated to a different Goddess. There’s a lot of Goddesses walking around in that village, imagined ones and real ones, all shades of imagination and colour, mainly big size. It’s nice to be present in that energy, at times. One of my favorite books is “Women who run with Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She’s a woman of many skills, a shaman too. This book describes archetypes of several phases in being a woman, allowing a space for inno-sense, naivety, wildness, madness and the ability to destroy. A space for Sleeping Beauty, Kali and Baba Juga, all woven into stories which show the nature of these archetypes. It takes a strong woman to show the door out to shadowy beings of evil intentions. I believe they need to be shown that door, before they CAN leave. Being offered an alternative where they’re relatively safe, so to speak.

  2. Why there is gender for Energy? Also why there is a human image for this energy? The true energy is neither masculine nor faminine. Gender is for human and animal.

  3. Hi. I would only comment that the reptiles should not be singled out for removal, as they fulfill needed functions in this Terran biosphere. It is rather the REPTILIANS that need to leave. Lizards, snakes, turtles, and alligators are good guys, whereas the reptilians and their minions the cabal members and agents are the ones that need to be arrested and brought to true justice.


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